2019-07-05 00:40:26

I found these dolls, They are labeled A B and C and I feel like they do something as well. Earthen dolls I believe they are called, and that's a bit of a bummer about the shining herbs but oh well.

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2019-07-05 01:14:40

Hello. I have a little problem trying to translate the game into spanish. I just translated the name of the aroma cookies and added the language to test if it work. The language showed up properly, but when I go to the shop to see if it gets translated the game gives an error and closes. I thougt it was because the latin characters ñ and á, so I removed them from the words, changind the language name from español to spanish and aroática to aromatica in the item's name, but the game keep giving error. any ideas why?

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2019-07-05 01:30:21

Unfortunately, you need to avoid using accented characters because the game does not support unicode strings.

I don't speak as good as I write, and I don't listen as good as I speak.

2019-07-05 01:41:27

Yeah, I'm not sure what's up with the dolls and lithographs or whatever. I think they're probably just random things to sell, but who knows?
If they do something, it'd be nice to know.

I feel like this game has a lot of room for expansion, if desired.

I also have a Ciara around the 600-stat range while she's just gotten to Maturity. She's at either A or SS-rank in everything. I've just been training with her conservatively. No items. I'm going to go to the city and see if I can't find me a wheel item or whatever it is. That's really the last thing I wanna try out before I'm done for awhile.

Check out my Manamon text walkthrough at the following link:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/z8ls3rc3f4mkb … n.txt?dl=1

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2019-07-05 05:12:45 (edited by The Imaginatrix 2019-07-05 05:14:04)

Is anyone else having the game freeze on them at random? By freezing, I mean the sounds stuttering for a few seconds and the game not responding until the stuttering stops. Have noticed it in the flag races, and once in the menu. Had an incident happen where I landed in the bios after the game basically crashed in the middle of a flag race, but I'm not entirely sure that's the game's fault. Still don't like the stuttering sounds though, especially after that.

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2019-07-05 08:54:08

Hey people!
Regarding of the game freezeing durring playing for me it was fine though.
I did not faceing such a issue I could say.
It's might be cool if we could exchange the item between friend in the online mode.
So hope this game will be keep develop more and more in a good way for people to play.
I could say I was enjoy a lot to play this game.

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2019-07-05 09:12:47

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that in terms of features, this game is as complete as its gonna get, which is ok with me as it already is a great game. If we ever get a sequel though, it will probably have more than a head to fit into our eyes. ...

I never mentioned this before, but the music really reminds me of n64 music.

Also the readme says that minimum requirement of os is windows 7, but I can confirm that it works on sp.

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2019-07-05 17:48:29

Apart from the weird glitch during flag races at times, I've never had the game crash on me.

I'd love a way to skip contests, or to know who has how many points, or to see a turn order...or all of it, really. Contests bore me, badly, so I often avoid them, as I find flag races and colosseum battles more fun.

I now have that wheel-type monster, whatever it is. All kinds of new moves I'll have to play with. Took awhile to find it, but I got there.

So, does anyone know if the lithograph/letter things found in the ruins do anything? There appears to be five of each, and I'm wondering if having the whole set will do something or if it's just for selling.

Check out my Manamon text walkthrough at the following link:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/z8ls3rc3f4mkb … n.txt?dl=1

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2019-07-05 18:33:36 (edited by Honk 2019-07-05 18:36:00)

Hi all,

I decided to post a (probably) complete list of items with passive bonus affects. I do so because I've played through the game for 20 years before finally getting the last one. I just always missed it somehow.
This is all stuff you find also in contests. Some (or all) of it might be optainable via exploring but I haven't done alot of that yet so not sure. And yeah, of course spoilers ahead:


Fairy pod | A bottle with a flower that gives off a pleasant smell. I am fascinated when I look at it.
I don't know what that does. Does someone?

Wind bell | The sound of gold calms your heart. Reduce fatigue and stress at rest
As stated, find it for increased fatigue/stress regeneration when resting.

Bell of rose | The tone is said to deepen the bond with the master.
Increases friendship development rate I assume.

Cherry tree | Strong cherry blossoms. Become friends with monster during the spring.
One of four seasonal items. Only works in spring and also increases friendship development.

Unmelted ice | It's cool if you leave it by your side. Reduce fatigue and stress during summer
Another seasonal item. Don't get fatigued or stressed out so quickly in summer. This one I've found already by exploring on the mountain.

Chrysanthemum tree | Bonsai that looks like it is made up of trees. Relieve stress during the fall
You know the drill... Seasonal, less stress in fall.

Fireplace stone | Use it in the fireplace. Reduce fatigue and stress during the winter
Last seasonal item. Description is self explanatory. I think I read somewhere that you can find that one on the volcano?

All those items can be won by different turnaents. Always keep an eye out for them as rewards and even take part if the turnament is way below you. The passive affects are worth it.
Small downside: They take away 7 slots in your item storage. I wouldn't ever sell them to make more room though.

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2019-07-05 18:45:51

The accumulated points in contests are displayed on the window, so if you switch tabs you'll see it. Do wish there was another way, though the bleeps, like in pokemon contests, are a good general indicator. The one who goes first is the one who scores highest in the preliminary examination and preseeding round. Sometimes, it is advantageous to not score the highest so as to take advantage of a coming crowd booster, predicting your opponents action and responding accordingly is key to victory when your stats aren't absolutely smashing theres.

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2019-07-05 19:10:18

And yeah, could we try to put together some monster training advice here as well? Its damn hard to get the most out of your short monster lifespan. Especially you Jayde seem to be a quite knowledgeable breeder. What are your tricks so far?

These are my findings as of now, be aware of some major spoilers:


1. Did you know that normal food you have to choose after every week also can improve your monsters stats? Vegetable soup, banana, super cerial... I'm to lazy right now to look up all of them.
I first thought the descriptions are just flavour text but your stats actually raise when you feed the right stuff. I haven't toyed around with it much because I tend to just take Prils recommendations. But on one playthrough I managed to get vegetable soup as recommendation almost every week. On that monster my hp went through the roof.
So either go your own route with feeding your monster or try to balance your actions to match the right Pril prompts. Maybe malnutrition lowers your monsters life span and you don't get any net gains out of the first though.

2. Friendship is really important for really pumped up monsters.
If your friendship counter is below certain threshholds your monster's stat gains are cut by 1/3. So only 7 instead of 10 for miltians e.g. If you want to go beyond 920ish effectively you need the last message "one body". Afaik turnaments decrease friendship. But I haven't really found out a lot about maximizing friendship gains. I assume playing mini-games and gifting won ribbons afterwards as well as feeding turnament medals also improves friendship.
So this is yet another stat we need to balance on our monster for best results.

3. Fusion:
3.1. I'm pretty sure life span doesn't get carried over. I've managed to get one of my monsters up to almost twice the age its parents (and their parents) had. So there is really no reason to pump out really young monsters with awesome stats just breed for fusion. You can get a monster with about 800 in every stat in below 2 years, assuming you have the cash for it.
3.2. Protip: Don't forget to feed a last megaproton to your monster before you fuse it. Its another free 60 stats (or 42 if friendship is low) and the life span reduction doesn't matter at this point.
3.3. Your newly born monster gets some extra stats when you fuse with burning wings or bear claws. Using burning wings you get +10 on all of them, bear claws even give +25.

I think thats it for now. Hopefully you guys can add some more to this.

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2019-07-05 19:27:34

Some tips from me:

1. Start by using weaker training methods, and stick to those. Get your stats up to parity, or roughly. So if you have like 200 reflexes and everything else is at 130, try and build it up.
2. Bear in mind what foods your monster likes. It's okay to give it stuff it doesn't like, but in general, mostly stick to stuff it does like, which will increase happiness and improve policy I believe. This means, also, that your training will be impacted.
Here's a complete list of the stat boosters for food:
Fish Fry: health
Powerful Vegetable Soup: health
Melon: concentration
Fish Bowl: power
Cereal: toughness
Steak (the most expensive one, way down at the bottom): reflexes
Banana: intelligence
Pile of Meat: helps with hunger
Nutrition Drink/Sea Gratin (whatever that is): doesn't taste good but improves fatigue

I...think that's everything.
3. I'm still gonna test this, but I think that it's a good idea to use your training items either in growth period or peak period. And even then, don't go nuts. Also, don't rest while you have one of the vitamins active, or you won't get bonus stats.
4. Try and promote your monster in jumps. So if you have the stats, start at rank d, not e, and try to win out. And then the next time, go to b.
5. Unless you need money, don't go crazy in tournaments/contests/whatever. These appear to shorten your lifespan somehow, and that's actually a crying shame because they're sort of the bread and butter of the game.
6. Don't go searching in the wild till you have at least 500-600 stats. And when you do, for god's sake use the finder; if you don't, you'll probably spend all your time busting walls like I did, and getting nothing. Also, get back to base camp in time, or your monster has a really damn good chance of running away.

Check out my Manamon text walkthrough at the following link:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/z8ls3rc3f4mkb … n.txt?dl=1

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2019-07-05 19:29:55

> 652-653
Certainly, some Unicode characters, such as "accented characters", are not recognized correctly. But the cause of encountering errors is probably different.

The translation dictionary contains strings such as "% s" and "% d". This is called "format string". A string that is expected to be assigned some value by the String.sprintf or String.format function.
Often, format strings are broken when using Google Translate. For example, it may be replaced by "% d" or "% S". This seems to be the main cause of the error.

Remember to repair these format strings when translating.
I think this can be automated, but it may break text, so a visual check may be necessary. For example, automatically correcting "El precio es el 2% del precio original." Converts it to "El precio es el 2 %d el precio original."

2019-07-06 05:44:38

Hey guys!
Very interesting tip though.
I can not let my monster live with me not more than 3 or 4 years.
That's why maybe if some of you guys could share technique more will be great hahaha.

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2019-07-06 12:36:24

To build on jades post, as I have also played this game quite extensively, my guy is like 70 years old, poor old guy.
First Of all, agree with jade all the way, stick to easier methods, I'm still sticking to the top 6, and I train in this order. I train all my stats til they are equal, then I just keep training them up all at once. I do this only using the top 6 training methods, the one the game starts you out with.
As for the actual training, I train until my monsters fatigue, is "Fine", if that takes 15 trains, or only 5, it doesn't matter. Then I will do either a yoga or a stretch, followed by the top 6 again, until my monsters fatigue is fine again, then I rest. Doing this you will get all your stats up really high, I've gotten normal monsters stats up to 300 before I hit peak period, what I mean by a normal monster, is one I haven't fused.
Another thing, listen to thrill, I have found that unless in extreme cases, like if he's messing up my policy too much, or making my monster fat, I will deviate a little, but usually I listen to him, something I noticed is it seems he gives a lot of power vegetable soup which increases health, and he always keeps my health sufficiently above my other statts while maintaining my delicate policy balance and gradually increasing my friendship.
Third, that person wanted to know what fairy pod did, well, it helps with your friendship I believe, and also policy. it's like the opposite of that stone plaque thing in the store, and I would reccommend buying both, those passive items help to keep your monster on a balanced path.
As for training items, never use more then I would say a max of 3, and I'm under the impression you should use them towards the end of your training my self. That means when stat trains start netting you less, like half as much as peak period, then start your use your miltions. Also, if you feel like they did put a dampener on your life span, it might be a good idea to save before using them.
I also would like to make a note that my training method can make your monster fat, I know you would say, hey that's okay feed it a toy powder. Well, here's a little trick to that, take your monster in to a competition, doesn't matter what it is, or if they win, I usually will try to get a cup, which is a competition that isn't ranked usually, something easy, but it doesn't really matter if you win cause it will make you thin, and you will get stats, and money. But usually it takes quite a while for them to show as over weight.

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2019-07-06 16:54:23

I was not quite so impressed with the Monrail monster as I was thinking I'd be. Neat moves, but several of them just aren't that great, and like three of them hurt you every time you use them (because of recoil). So now I've played with each of the hidden three types at least once, and I think I'm just done for awhile.


Did just get to 50 years old, and got a little cutscene. Would be neat if stuff unlocked more with age. I'm also at a point now where I just don't bother with contests anymore. Too slow.

Check out my Manamon text walkthrough at the following link:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/z8ls3rc3f4mkb … n.txt?dl=1

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2019-07-06 17:31:20

Hello. I keep getting this message and I don't know what should I do. I think it's sweet to Pink slime recently. It's pretty cute, but you also need to be strict to get along.

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2019-07-06 17:52:27

You wanna give your monster a few fruit gummies I believe.

I'm the true source of dark evil. Beware.
Have a nice day peeps

2019-07-06 18:03:54

Hmm. I tried but it still shows the same message

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2019-07-06 19:00:00

Train them hard. big_smile I have to rely more on cocktail gummies to keep them from being in Sparta or Super Sparta policies myself because I have bought most of the gym equipment for my farm and use it to jack up my stats. Using the top six weren't getting them high enough fast enough for my liking...

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2019-07-06 19:07:45

My monster got old so I had to switch to an other one :-(. Can I do anything for it or should I just leave it

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2019-07-06 20:22:28

You can combine it at the monster association.
That's about it though.
Note: You can use a monster til its age reaches lasty, then you *must* drop it in the hibernation room.

My tactical battle scripts: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dzsmqv2pgqvu1 … h.zip?dl=1
Currently, one of my favorite games is Trimps.
So I'm the Trimper Trooper!

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2019-07-06 21:07:48

can other monsters live longer or all monsters will die at the same age

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2019-07-06 22:32:42

It's an average of 5 years, so it varies.

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2019-07-06 22:35:56

Ah good to know thanks

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