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hello, and welcome to Kenshira Plays. This is, as the title states, a thread where I will share audio demos of mainstream games. Some will probably be lesser known titles, some are known, but done for fun. All are meant to showcase a game's playability. I will not do audiogames, because there's probably enough of those demos. Thus, this thread will primarily be focused on games playable by the sighted and blind alike. Expect to hear games of all erras, from nes to modern gen consoles, and everything in between. I'll even do mobile game demos on occasion, as long as they are not audio games. With each new entry, I will also share a bit about each game, as well as my earliest memories playing them. I will try to update this thread frequently with an audio demo from my vast library of mainstream games. Please feel free to comment with thoughts, questions, suggestions and requests.

For my first game, I present Croixleur sigma. It is abailable on all major platforms, including pc, ps4, vita and switch. I discovered this 3d arena hack n slasher while game hunting over seas. From all that I heard and read, the game soundness playable, so I took a chance and bought it. At first, I thought I had made a mistake because I couldn't seem to find portals, or manage to hit anything, until I looked in the options menu and discovered the auto dash function, which automatically targets enemies. I was, of course, elated to discover that this game was more playable than I could have imagined, because I can think of no other game that has such a simple lock on system. I discovered a way for tracking down portals as well, and even managed to beat the game under 10 minutes, on 1 credit, which is a requirement for some unlockables.

In this demo, I will be playing through the main story with lucresia. Unfortunately I didn't do good enough for the ending, but to demonstrate what to expect should you purchase the game, i'll put up this recording of me playing the vita version. Its about 30 minutes long, and in m4a format. Apologies for the recording quality. The game is fully voiced, but not in english, though the menus are spoken in English. Most of the text doesn't auto scroll, so you can probably ocr on windows, or read with a third party application. .

Croixleur sigma audio demo


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thanks, these demos of you playing mainstream games sound really fun to listen to, and also to maybe find some more games to play.
Just a quick note for players of Croixleur Sigma on PC, the menus are not spoken there at all, I had to use OCR to read them unfortunately. Unless I got the wrong version, which would be unfortunate. I got it from steam and they have only the Croixleur Sigma Deluxe, which also seems to play a little different than the other versions, but since I don't have much experience with the game yet, I can't really explain in what way.
Thanks again for this idea of yours, I'm really looking forward to other playable games on here. big_smile

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2020-08-27 08:35:06

Sure thing.

I can't find any information made to the deluxx edition of the game, so any info on that would be appreciated.

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2020-08-27 09:14:52

Croixleur Sigma Deluxe,  is just re-ported from PS4 to PC again and it is the same as on PS4 with third additional character compared to the Croixleur basic version released years ago.

Also, the Croixleur Sigma Deluxe,  is not working here so I've got my money back and purchased ps4 version instead.

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2020-08-27 10:34:14

Thanks for doing this Kenshira!  The more interest in mainstream games the better IMO.

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2020-08-27 11:08:37

Awesome idea! Can't wait to see what games you can scrounge up.

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2020-08-27 13:18:13

Following this thread with great interest.

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2020-08-27 13:46:18

This is very cool idea, keep it going.

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2020-08-27 13:50:25

Looking forward to this.

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2020-08-27 14:20:45

@4 Thanks for the clarification. I still intend to write an article on the game at some point, and am happy that its a little more well known around here now. Still wonder if we can't get sonified to work with this somehow. If anyone wants to help contribute to the article for croixleur sigma, I could use some information, such as pc controls, and maybe a writeup of option menu.

@Everyone: Glad to see the interest, and thanks for checking this out. I will try to put up a game demo every week. I have over 50 games to showcase, so that should be enough content to keep us going for a while, and it will give me something meaningful to do. This is something I have been pondering for a few days, so I look forward to sharing.

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2020-08-27 15:23:54

I know this is ot but this felt like the best place to say it, @KenshiraTheTrinity, I've sent you a request on Discord, King Cobra there, I wanted to ask you something and that was the best place I could request.

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2020-08-27 16:06:12

Got it and accepted @11.

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2020-08-27 19:25:41

Wow. Thank you so much. You are really an amazing resource regarding to playable mainstream games.
I'll follow this topic with great interest. I'm mostly interested in English voiced games though.

Best regards SLJ.
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2020-08-27 20:05:24

Yeah, I'll definitely try to get some English voiced games in, and to diversify the genres as well.

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2020-08-27 20:29:20

Following. Croixleur Sigma sounds fun. Will pick it up sometime.

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2020-08-28 02:25:16

+1 on this. Following.

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2020-08-28 03:17:41

Thank you guys for the interest. I'm really blown away by the positive reception. I'm still trying to decide what to do next, but we'll know for sure next week.

I noticed some people here said that they weren't too familiar with mainstream games, so it is my hope through this project to increase that exposure. I hope I did, and will do a passable job at presenting these games to you, and that you will find them enjoyable. I also want to generate conversations about these games, so as indicated in the op, feel free to comment  question or whatever I put up. Right now we only have croixleur, but that number will grow as i add more games to this thread and to my library.

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2020-08-28 03:48:55

Any tips on playing defensively? I keep dying especially in dungeon mode and lost all my continues.

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2020-08-28 04:01:25

Haven't unlocked dungeon mode yet myself, but I found it helpful to strategically use my supers and to pick up the outfits. Thats how I was able to veat story on 1 credit with lucrezia.

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2020-08-28 05:30:41

You can hear the attacks so dash a LOT. I think this is everything I can say regarding defensive.

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2020-08-28 19:44:38 (edited by alisson 2020-08-28 19:47:19)

I'm following this post with great interest. I do alot of streams in the tiflojuegos channel on youtube, and I want to do more mainstream games. The channel has got recently sighted subscribers because the last of us part II, so will be very nice to bring more mainstream titles to our streams. Any way. @KenshiraTheTrinity have you considered to open a youtube channel? I think will be better to save the demos and avoid the dropbox limitations of trafic.

Sorry for my english

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2020-08-28 20:52:10

@21 can you upload purely audio files? I don't have or know how to make a decent camera setups right now, and I don't have any good professional mic setup, just whats on my phone. Plus I keep hearing stories of people getting copyrite strikes, and I wanted to aboid it, so decided to keep this relatively small scale in the grand scale of things, but big enough for this community to enjoy. If dropbox becomes a problem, then I can switch to Google drive. Otherwise, suggestions for safe file hosting services that allow for decent bandwidth are welcome.

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2020-08-28 21:09:25

o yea... i see. I don't use a camera on my streams... Only OBS and the game with my voice on the microphone. My room isn't good enough to do streams with a camera, so I only play while i talk with the spectators. Its very fun though.

Sorry for my english

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2020-08-28 21:12:54

Copyright strikes are rare in small channels especially if they are not monetized. YouTube accept every quality. You can convert all your files to MP4 by some websites or applications. I am looking forward for more. Good luck

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2020-08-29 06:29:01

This is kinda what I wanted to do with Dissidia, and I did a few tutorials on it, but that's about as far as I've gotten. I'd *love* to pick up more mainstream games, but I'm not... the fastest learner around here. It took like months to figure out the basics of Dissidia, and playing online has taught me that, yes, the basics is all I learned. Then again, it's hard to follow the numbers and all during battle, so I mean if blind people fought against one another, I'm sure things would be more evenly matched.

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