2012-08-11 13:24:09

hmm, I think i need to update my list because of all the new releases ...
1: alter aeon. Tons and tons of content, fun people, clans, etc
2 swamp: Zombies again, plus the new gambling games are fun
3. bk2: so much hidden content! So much replayability!
4 3-d velocity, just recently got back into this one. I love it too.
5 night of parasite: deep exploration, fast-paced shooter, and strategical resource management ... it's all here!
6 tactical battle: tactics ... battles ...
7 the road to rage: Need I say more
8 sound rts: I am a player thrasher and no mistake
9 super mario  bros: So hard, yet you just want to keep playing!
10 technoshock: If only there were more puzzles like this in games!

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2012-08-11 14:07:40

You might want to change that first one, sinse as I said, I wasn't counting muds as audio games, there's another top 10 muds or brouser games topic elsewhere on the forum.

Revising the top 10 is probably a good idea though, though I'll probably wait until I've played a few more of the newer releases like road to rage before I do that.

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2012-08-11 17:29:39 (edited by CAE_Jones 2012-08-11 17:31:55)

Most mainstream games release at anywhere from $40 to $80, depending on how popular it is projected to be.
The prices usually drop with popularity. The average game from a few years ago will go for between $10 and $25, or less if it was just that! unpopular. If a game keeps its popularity up for an unusual amount of time, the price might stay higher (for instance, Marvel Vs Capcom 2 stayed up above $40, used, years after its release).
Commercial audio games seem to fall between $10 and $40, but by the nature of the audio games market, price changes don't seem to be as common (and, well, since they're mostly downloads, there isn't a used games market, something which has come under a lot of criticism in mainstream gaming as of late from both customers and publishers (mostly publishers)).

Entombed is effectively the biggest audio RPG available, so the price makes plenty of sense from what I can tell.
Airic the Cleric is more in the $15 range, which also makes sense given that it's based on a much older style of game and is smaller in scope.
Most of the major commercial titles seem to fall between those two, and from what I can tell that also makes sense.

... Hahaha. Now I'm imagining an audiogames reseller company specifically for providing an online store for selling commercial games from various developers in one place. Which... would need a lot more gimmicks to be profitable and not drive away customers. (Especially since the audiogames.net database already does the link-gathering.)

[edit] Hahaha, I didn't notice the next page when I started typing the post. Was replying to the mention of the price of Entombed.[/edit]

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2012-08-11 22:47:18

You can check the different prices out on my game price page, updated last year, the prices are in US dollars.

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2012-08-12 16:12:45

I'll also add Cae that audio games probably shouldn't be judged against mainstream game prices anyway, sinse the developemental budgit, mentality of the developers and above all lust for prophits are totally different.

From what I've gathered audio games are around average for indi games sold for download on the net, which seem to range from $5 to $40 not counting various sorts of downloadable content and upgrades.

I don't think it's precisely easy to put an exact price on games though, especially given wwhat work has gone into them, though certainly in the past there have been games that I didn't buy because I didn't feel they were quite worth it, ---- super deakout is a prime example, sinse while I enjoyed the demo, I didn't feel 25 usd was a fair price for an endless action arcade game, not given comparable games like troopanum 2 with it's multiple difficulty settings, missions and modes that were available at the time.

Then of course with audio games there are! undoubtedly games that are priced along the same lines as access tech, ie, gouging as much dosh out of the customer as possible because they are "accessible" *cough azabat! *cough, though thankfully sinse the most well known games are produced by developers who are more interested in quality, playable games than in providing amusement for the poor pathetic blind people, there are less of these now.

This is also aside from the hole subscription, download or perchice of game equipment in various accessible muds and brouser games, which usually is far more variable, and also affected by how necessary such donations or subscriptions are to progress in the game.

For instance, in core exiles you can pretty much spend as much or as litle as you want on various in game items, but none of it is actually crucial to your progress and given enough time you can still access the entire game, where as a game like torn city has a straight out subscription.

Others combine these and have both, so that you can buy subscription time for full access to the game, and also! spend more money on boosters or bennifits if you want.

Bennifits and boosters can range in price depending upon how much you want to spend, subscriptions however tend to be at most 5 usd a month, and usually less, though I have come across some games that cost more, Gothador for instance had a range of subscription options, with basic 5 usd giving you just bare access but no bennifits, and further subscriptions offering you increasing bonuses right up to a whacking 40 usd a month!

With our dreaming and singing, Ceaseless and sorrowless we! The glory about us clinging Of the glorious futures we see,
Our souls with high music ringing; O men! It must ever be
That we dwell in our dreaming and singing, A little apart from ye. (Arthur O'Shaughnessy 1873.)

2012-08-12 18:40:30


I have the dragonslayer version. I was not aware that an updated version had been released, let alone rewritten, since Dragonslayer's version was out way before BGT existed. Your version of Mario can be played *exclusively* with a braille display, no sound necessary? Did I understand that bit of your post correctly? If so, that sounds way too tedious and difficult to even bother, unless you just want to marry braille. Haha.

I will definitely grab your version. I'm assuming your version is in the DB. As for Pipe 2, you should definitely give it a try, unless you don't like fast-action games that can be potentially frustrating, so much so that sometimes you just have to leave and go do something else for a while. I'm like that as well concerning titles. I love to skim through things so titles definitely have to grab my interest before I investigate further. ...one last thing...that game set to be released on the 20th sounds awesome!


Ah, damn! I remember reading that in the documentation but promptly forgot about it. That is a little strange, though. Most games have a start screen where you select difficulty, character or what-have-you, then actual gameplay starts, so why not do this in castaways? Is this a programming limitation, or just a little twist you threw in to confuse people? LOL.


Thanks for the DB sorting tip! Just what I needed!

As for Entombed, I should have been more clear. I have no problem paying for games, especially not entombed because it is massive and so random, but part of the reason I bought it was that I expected updates to be released. The game does have a lot of replay value...for people other than me. I beat it twice. It took so much time, frustration etc. that after those two times, I do not want to play it again! LOL. That is an excellent price for a game of this caliber, though. To further illustrate this, I must add that I have put around $50 into Alter Aeon (not all at once of course) and even though I hardly ever play anymore, I don't consider the money wasted because I can keep everything I've gotten with actual cash no matter how long I am logged off for, except for my year of storage locker time, but I can always get that back if I decide to play full-time again.

Yay! Before my dad died, he was training to get his pilot's license. This was just after Windows ME came out, to give you an idea of how long ago this was. He was using a flight simulator, and my 11-year-old or so self thought that was just the coolest thing! I was of course very sad that, even with the better vision I had then, I could do next to nothing with the graphical simulator. The price on this one might be kind of hefty, I would expect, but I'll go check. I might be pleasantly surprised.

As for Road to Rage, it's a glorified Quake. No thank you! Who can like a game where, as soon as you connect, you just die and spawn, die and spawn, die and spawn. Boring! I do understand this is early beta, so I'll wait to play until I see more content. Although it still reminds me of not only Quake, but another mainstream online Multi-player FPS called simply, Guns. You just run around these graphical maps killing or being killed.

My opinions are my own. I try not to state them as facts and if I'm not sure about something, I do whatever research I can. I feel everyone should consider doing the same.

2012-08-12 19:38:52

Well Kg, i'll reserve judgement on road to rage myself, though pvp is less my thing personally. With entombed, while I agree there are balancing issues with the game, it is part of the point that it is not intended to be easily beatable, and that also your tactical abilities matter. While it's alwyas good to have a break, I have had a lot of fun with entombed and I likely will in the future updates or not, indeed I believe part of the reason there have been no updates is that Jason has stated that he would like to make another game with a more solid foundation adding some of the most requested entombed features, for instance more emphasis on defense as well as offense, a better balance betwene magic and melee, more part played in the game with the environment etc, though sinse he also has a full time job and three children (the last of which is very young), we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

As for dragonslayer marrio, well while dragonslayer had potential had the developer continued to work, I don't really view that as a properly finished game, indeed if it was submitted now I don't think it would count as complete enough to get a page in the db, Cae's version however is a good deal more playable and complete and has actual mechanics rather than working on button tapping.

You might enjoy Zero site if your looking for a flight sim. It costs 19 usd, and has many random elements so is very replayable. While not an exact flight sim in terms of realism, it is lots of fun and highly playable with full 3D flight, take off and landings, just don't expect to do well first off sinse it's a game that takes practice. Recently released there is also the zero sight expantion, extended operations for another 10 usd. This is not quite a sequal, sinse you need the original, but does give you an additional 8 maps to play on, adds 8 more missions, and some extra weapons and maneuvers. Go check the db for details.

In the flight sim catagory there is also 3D velocity. This is a very detailed game, with a distinct james bond like story with audio cut scenes, missions and voice acting. It costs more than zero site being priced at 40 usd, but has far more in terms of sounds, complexity and indeed a propper ongoing plot (even featuring voice acting from yours truly).

With castaways, the reason for needing to press space to start is simple. The entire game runs on a clock in real time. Your people will work, the goblins get closer, your people will get hungry and need food etc. Spacebar will stop the clock so you can review your population and the map, assign jobs, start building projects etc. that is why you need to hit space to start, indeed you might want to review the map before beginning.

Hope that answers your questions.

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2012-08-12 19:44:24 (edited by TalonTheDragon 2012-08-12 19:50:55)

There will not be much content.

With the few gamemodes I already have, this being death match where it is just what you said, team death match where you run around in teams, last man standing where you try to be the one that survives till the end, and capture the flag where you and your team try to get the flag and bring it to your own base, that's about as much as there will be in Road To Rage I, as that is exactly what it was intended to be.
I keep telling everyone this game is nothing special but no one listens to me!

However, it seems to be better now that I included a bigger map in the game, so you do at least get some time to get things to defend yourself...

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2012-08-12 20:19:49 (edited by KG4RDF 2012-08-12 20:24:22)


I do agree that Entombed does have some balance issues, most notable of which, to me, is that magic seems to be far more powerful and able to get you further in the game than Melee combat, but still fun. I hope Jason gets time to work again soon, but kids are understandably time-consuming. big_smile

3D Velocity...I think I'll wait a bit. I fear if I play the demo, I shall not resist the temptation to purchase it! I've still got a birthday present to get for a very awesome person...LOL. I've got a lot of gaming to do!


It's cool. I have read many of your other posts as you know, and you seem very dedicated to coding and fixing things, and you've probably already got a second RTR in the works, so I'll keep my fingers walking me here!


My opinions are my own. I try not to state them as facts and if I'm not sure about something, I do whatever research I can. I feel everyone should consider doing the same.

2012-08-12 20:30:02

Heh ... i don't actually have a second RTR in the works, but I have one in my head.
I might rename it, but it will be an FPS ... However I will probably need some money to get this one going, as I want to pay for voice actors ... Since it will have a story. And I don't want to use TTS, it would ruin the quality.

And then again it depends on the person. If you're not into shooting other dudes, and fast action games, then RTR is definitely not for you.

I like to fix things quickly because I can't stand something I do being incomplete or broken, and then either get lots of complaints or even reviews made with that broken version. It makes me feel bad. tongue

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2012-08-12 21:18:32

KG4RDF, Dark just about summed up the reason Castaways begins paused.  In a game like that, every second of the game running is important, especially early on as you get things started.  If the game began in an unpaused state, the very first thing 99.9% of the players would do is scramble to pause it anyway, so it seemed like the best way to handle it.

Unlike some other games, Castaways lets you do anything you want while the game is paused.  You can place buildings, tear them down, reassign people to jobs, upgrade units, review your resources, and review the map all while the clock is frozen in place.  This lets you carefully plan your actions without your people slowly starving to death while you think.

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2012-08-12 21:19:54

Fast action yes, shooting other doods, ---- less so but I'll give the game a try before making my opinion.

@kg, I think because Jason began entombed and added stuff progressively rather than going by an actual plan, he feels that he could do a better job working from scratch on another rpg, possibly quite literally entombed Ii, though of course it also depends upon what time he has. I am looking forward to seeing what he does next though.

Zero sight has various games modes and additions that help it to be quicker to play, indeed the expantion has random missions that you can go on and do quickly, so if your looking for a shorter game than tdv you might considder that. Personally i think both have their strengths.

With our dreaming and singing, Ceaseless and sorrowless we! The glory about us clinging Of the glorious futures we see,
Our souls with high music ringing; O men! It must ever be
That we dwell in our dreaming and singing, A little apart from ye. (Arthur O'Shaughnessy 1873.)

2012-08-13 00:08:17

On Mario: Technically it can be played with braille and no sound, but I haven't yet been crazy enough to try it with the sound off, hahaha. The idea of adding braille display support to a BGT game came up in some thread somewhere, so I decided to throw it in at that point... and liked how it turned out enough that I can't shut up about it. smile
(The braille support in Sengoku Jidai is far less useful, I'm afraid. To the extent that the next update will probably include two extra panes to try to help viewing nort/south, though my tests make that seem less useful than it was supposed to be. sad )

I haven't been following the RTR thread closely enough to have any idea what version we're on anymore, but a bigger map does sound like an improvement. smile

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2012-08-16 13:58:55

I always thought a D&D style game would be great with the GMA engine. My only problem with Entombed actually is the fact that the battles have to be turn-based rather than real-time to cope with all the characters.

But my top 10:
1. Swamp. This would actually fill all 10 slots if I had my way. I've always loved zombies and having a game which is so detailed and revolutionary, and also satisfies my need for fast-action emersive environment games, totally rocks. All the guns, collaborative play and cool monsters are splendid. I don't expect anything to top this in a long time.
2. GMA Tank Commander. This was my go-to fast action game before Swamp and TRTR came along. I have a particular fixation about tanks so this particular simulator appeals to me immensely. Also of course there's the awesomeness of artillery and missiles.
3. Entombed. I find the gameplay a little laborious at times, especially on the larger lower floors. Even so, a D&D style game with proper sound effects and a whole party of adventurers is a wonderful thing to have available as a blind gamer with a roleplaying addiction.
4. Shades of Doom. This was the first real(ish) time FPS I was aware of and it changed my experience and attitude towards gaming. I never dreamed I'd get to play games like those my sighted friends spent their lives in front of and this gave me new hope. Random monsters are good as well and the guns sound good. The maps are fairly small and easy to remember though and the game has definitely been outpaced by newer offerings. Come on David Greenwood: give us something else!
5. Technoshock. I agree with a previous poster that this one's a bit laggy. I love the weapons though (especially that the rocket launcher lets you shoot holes through walls), and the interactive features of the game (obstacles and the like) make it an excellent challenge. Dying when a door closes on you seems a bit harsh but it's all good fun. I've never actually sat down and finished this game because of how slowly it runs. I certainly intend to though.
6. Sound RTS. A strategy game with prettty good sounds and all sorts of entertaining units is a welcome addition to the accessible games arsenal. I like how it's continued to develop as well. I just wish I knew enough about computers to edit my own maps.
7. Top Speed 3. This was the first (and since I stopped looking afterwards the only) driving game I found which had handling ability and sounds that I felt were realistic enough. I was gutted to lose all the other maps and cars there were for older versions but some of their engine sounds weren't all that good so it's no hardship to play with the 6 main vehicles.
8. The Road to Rage. This is unfortunately further down my list than I'd like. I love that it's PVP and the guns are fun. I enjoy playing offline as well to hone my skills. The problem is that my computer is pretty ancient so it just can't run the game on line well enough to make it worth playing. If I could get the full satisfaction of the game it would likely rocket up the list. It does have rather limited replayability in some respects since all you can do is shoot stuff until you die and then start again.
9. Time of Conflict. I love this modern strategy game. I find it rather less intuitive than Sound RTS though and I genuinely do believe that the enemy win way more "fights" than I do. It's a bit of a grind of a game and I lose interest and abandon games for a while. I think the planes, tanks and ships are excellent though and would never give up on it all together.
10. 3D Vilocity. It seems a shame to put this so low on the list since it works excellently as the only flight simulator I could manage. It has a very steep learning curve though and the computer reacts much faster than I ever can. For those reasons I found it frustrating and I haven't actually returned to it and given it the attension it deserves since then. It probably doesn't help that I used a keyboard rather than a proper flight controler.

So there you go. A needlessly wordy addition but I've wanted to do a list like this for quite some time now and needed to get it off my chest.

I've not heard of some of the games you mensioned since I dip in and out of accessible computer games as my tabletop wargaming and roleplaying commitments allow. I alsy freaking love MUDs and they take up quite a lot of my time at present.

World of War and Cast Aways sound like fun games so I might have to have a go at them. I was also disappointed that I couldn't get Audio Quake to work properly (although it was maybe 6 or 7 years ago that I tried).

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2012-08-16 14:27:13

world of war is similar in many ways to judgement day, though slightly expanded and being japanese, sinse part of the reason for the games' developement was apparently that jd wouldn't run on japanese windows and the developer really wanted a similar game, though it does have some different weapons and units and a very challenging boss.

For me, while I agree entombed has it's problems, i'd love to see another turn based rpg. A real time one in audio could also be fun, but whether you could mess around enough with objects, allies, enemies, different spells, weapons and effects etc and represent them all in a real time way that would make sense to the player I'm not sure, it'd be fun to find out though.

Technoshock I didn't personally enjoy, sinse without some of the scanning features that the gma engine had it just felt frustrating, especially given the very high difficulty of the game and it's puzzles. that's why thus far I've only got to story 2, and that was quite a struggle, but after being slaughtered by those flying fireballs I sort of gave up. 

If you like tdv, you should try zero site. I found the combat rather easier, but equally it doesn't have the story or the highly realistic eleements, though it's still got fairly detailed gameplay in it's own fashion. I particularly enjoy it for the extra mission options in the expantion and the fact you can just stick it on and blow things up big_smile.

Castaways is my personal favourite audio stratogy yet, because of the detail, the indirect control, and above all the fact that gameplay is dynamic. You can't just feed your population by building farms, you have to actually go through production, hazarding bad crops, deseases etc on the way. Likewise, if you want troops and armor, you need to mine, smelt, and smith the metal, occasionally having to change up jobs for other reasons. This for me made castaways a far more fun game to play than any audio stratogy we've seen yet, ---- though I do know david greenwood is working on a massive update to time of conflict so we'll have to see.

As to topspeed, well racing has never really been my thing, so I can't comment there. i don't know why, but other than rail racer, racing games have just never appealed to me at all, which is why, though I can applaud the work that playing in the dark did with the top speed games, i've never really got in to playing them myself.

With our dreaming and singing, Ceaseless and sorrowless we! The glory about us clinging Of the glorious futures we see,
Our souls with high music ringing; O men! It must ever be
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2012-08-16 14:51:10

Racing and FPS never really appealed to me either, but Swamp and Top Speed 3 are somehow still awesome. smile

"If you want utopia but reality gives you Lovecraft, you don't give up, you carve your utopia out of the corpses of dead gods."

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2012-08-16 21:39:13

I usually don't play the same games for more than a few months before going on to other titles, so I have a fair few games I enjoy playing. I wouldn't pay too much attention to the order in which these games come up, because it might change a bit depending on what I feel like playing at a time. I may also have forgotten a few here, but we'll see.
1 Entombed is a great turn-based game for sure. Most of the issues that the beta versions had are now gone, resulting in a game that's very fun to play. Trying out the different job combinations is very interesting too. The installer is a bit obscure sometimes. I actually don't agree with melee being weaker than magic, but it might depend how many trade coins you invest in buying some good stuff in the bazaar... And as the popularity of a game decreases, so does the amount of good items you can purchase there, unfortunately.
2 Top Speed 3 is a lot of fun to play, particularly against other people online, although skill does play a very important role, some people are almost guaranteed to come in last all the time. I also enjoy building custom tracks for it.
3 AudioQuake, particularly in combination with the JediQuake mod, because I enjoy PVP and there's a lot of weapons to choose from, almost all of which can be effective.
4 Castaways, because it's a strategy game with a lot of depth. Very realistic too. I like the fact you have to harvest resources, which can be transformed into other resources, which can be made into something useful.
5 Road to Rage, because I'm quite sure it'll be better than Audioquake when all the features are in and the bugs are gone. Great guns, and once again PVP, which in this case I prefer over single player. At least when you get slaughtered in PVP you make someone happy, whereas AI zombies will just stand around waiting for the next corpse to munch on.
6 Judgment day, because it has a lot of content without being overly difficult to play. Hooray, that rhymes!
7 Super Egg Hunt, because it is a prime example of the fact that a game doesn't have to be complex to be enjoyable.
8 SoundRTS, which is quite interesting to play with the new units and the ability to customize your own, however when two huge armies fight each other the game slows down to the point where it makes playing and controlling your units quite difficult to say the least.
9 Treasure Mania, mainly for the excellent sound effects, but also because it has a lot of different things and obstacles to interact with.
10 Perilous Hearts, even if it's only a demo, but I'm absolutely certain the full game will reach my list, because the demo already was excellent and had great sounds. Unless, of course, it was collectively decided that this should not be put on the list yet because it's not complete, in which case I should probably have read the entire topic rather than the first and last few posts. But since I can't think of anything else, I'll leave it there.

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2012-08-16 22:07:32

Making lists like this is very hard for me. I don't actually say this one is better than that one. Either I love the game and play it a lot, or I don't.
Thus, the numbers in front of the game just count from 1 to 10, but don't mean that the lower or higher the number, the more I play the game.
1. Swamp: I love first person games. And therewith shooters. And this is one excellent game. Actually, it kind of inspired RTR, and without Aprone I would have never ever been able to code it. big_smile
2. AudioQuake: Using a mainstream game as it's backbone, this makes it one of the more awesome games to play. Fully 3D, and very fast paced, it's what I want. Although I'm not the best player of all. big_smile
3. Technoshock: Awesome game. Although be it that the sounds are rather low quality, I'm sure they're meant to be. With all the puzzles and challenges you have to get passed, it was one of the longest and most challenging game I ever played. I love that game!
4. Shades Of Doom: Not the longest game I played, but definitely nice. Although I do question it's price, especially where FPS games are going these days.
5. GMA Tank Commander: Awesome. Quite challenging too, and the sounds weren't bad either~
6. Monkey Business: A rather funny little game, but it's puzzles also make it worthwhile. Plus, although some of the sounds aren't that awesome, it's audio engine makes for nice 3D effects. Same for TechnoShock and SOD.
7. Perilous Hearts: Only seen the demo, but I'm guessing it will become more awesome as it is already. As a bonus, the sounds are amazing.
8. BK II: Even though I don't quite know what I'm doing in there, in terms of the actual story, it's still fun every once in a while to relief some stress. big_smile And this is perfect for that.
... Umm, my list kinda stops here... This is not everything of course. There are games I'm missing. big_smile

Rather Off-Topic::@Arjan:
On my todo list...
- Ability to make your own weapons
- Ability to sort of script your own game mode, but this is kinda unlikely in the future...
- I was thinking of a way to have voice chat enabled things ... Like you would talk and everyone would hear it from where your actual player was... But this is pretty unlikely too.
- Let the server hoster allow to set up a mode where instead of collecting guns, you have to purchase them for points you get when killing someone.
The rest is stuck in my head... LOL

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2012-08-17 12:18:27

pvp isn't my thing generally in any game, but I'll try rtr when i have time. That being said, i was quite disappointed with audio quake, sinse it seemed apart from the deathmatch not a lot else worked, even the tutorial was unfinished and seemed to cut off half way through.

The audio also seemed slightly imprecise in the game too, which for me in a first person game has never been a good thing, indeedthe chief reason i really have truble with monkey business sinse it's just plane annoying to have a coin or something centered and then walk straight past it because the audio isn't positional. Then again, i freely admit spacial location isn't my best attribute, and without the help in the gma engine such as the object scanner, sonar etc (which were also replicated in swamp), I would be a bit stuck in such games.

Because I never really was into pvp, sound rts just never grabbed my interest entirely. If i am to command an army in a war, I want some vague reason to do so, indeed I've always wanted to see a proper single player campeign mode in sound rts but nobody has built one yet, this again is why I so enjoy castaways, that and the very detailed reactive gameplay that forces you to change your tactics according to the situation, for instance stopping certain activities if many people fall sick or die.

With racing I have no idea why, just the hole racing thing never appealed to me. That being said, I'll try any new racing game just in case it changes my view as in fact rail racer did, though I was less taken with topspeed.

as to super egghunt, while I agree a game doesn't have to be complex to be fun, to me, an arcade game needs a little more to it to hold my interest and make me want to replay it. Bsc did a good job with these, as did the pinball tables, as in fact did treasuremania, but super egghunt just didn't haveenough in the game to make me want to try multiple times, even for a solo arcade game.

That of course however was the old version of the game, not the newer one which Liam is working on now, which I'll have to try.

With our dreaming and singing, Ceaseless and sorrowless we! The glory about us clinging Of the glorious futures we see,
Our souls with high music ringing; O men! It must ever be
That we dwell in our dreaming and singing, A little apart from ye. (Arthur O'Shaughnessy 1873.)

2012-08-17 15:04:16

I've always liked arcade ga,es particularly those from BSC (I dont' know anyone who has beaten my 4444.1 K score on Hunter easy ddificulty) as well as Super Deekot from Dan. Ironically, the ones who call them too simplistic are the ones who can never seem to beat them

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2012-08-17 17:31:03

Yeah, I guess that's why I like SEH, because I can actually get 210 eggs occasionally which comes close to the top scores smile
I also enjoyed super deekout a lot, though I haven't played that for an eternity and a half.
Frankly I don't care about a storyline in games very much, because most of the time it hardly affects the actual gameplay, which is what I care about when I'm... well, playing a game. If I want a story I can just go read a book, although admittedly you won't have any control over the outcome of the story, but gamebooks haven't appealed to me either so for me that isn't necessarily a bad thing.

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2012-08-17 18:38:34

1.  Swamp.
2.  Super Egg Hunt (Can't go wrong with a quick game).
3.  Great Toy Robery.  Again, simple, mindless, fun.
4.  Super Liam.  Well designed, fun story, and first ever side scroller.
5.  Shades of Doom.  First ever game I purchased, also it was so involvedto me at that time that, it's simply got to stay.
6.  VIPMud.  I'd have never started my interest in muds really to a bigger extent without it's ease of scripting.
7.  TRTR.  Good, not great yet.  I think some balancing issues and what not need to happen, but still great fun.
8.  Audioquake.  It was an honest, fun competition once.
9.  Treasure hunt.  I remember spending six hours waiting for that game to download and being facinated that I could blow shit up with a missile launcher.
10. RSGames/playroom.  Both identical, none is better than the other, but they are great time wasters, and hey.  Even fun.

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2012-08-17 19:28:01

I will have to disagree aout RS Gaes vs. the PLayroom. I personalyl like the Playroom better, mainly because the games are not so menu-based. I dont' ave to go to manage properties, or whatever it is called, then choose the property, then choose buy house in the PLayroom to buy a house.

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2012-08-17 23:41:40

I still like blind adrenaline card room for those sorts of things, especially with the tournaments and high level play that happens there, and the detailed rules and stratogies in the games.

Rs client was fun, though the playroom seemed a little more chaotic in it's interface which I wasn't as keen on, but admittedly i didn't spent as much time with it.

As regards storyline arjan, it's not just initial plot I mean, so much as actual atmosphere and reasons for doing what your doing in a progressive manner. Sound rts is a case in point, sinse for me, if I'm actually commanding an army properly I want a little more to do with it than just "beat up the other guy" I would love to see some propper missions with different objectives for the game.

Arcade wise, I wouldn't say arcade games are by their nature too simple, but I will say the simpl, here it, hit it, none judgemental gameplay they have can be a bit much even in the best of them.

that being said, some arcade games are awesome, especially those with many different things going on at once to keep track of, particularly I wrate pipe 2 and the esp pinball games, with hunter and alien outback a close second.

Troop 2 I also enjoy with it's sounds and many different modes and random factors, indeed if you forget the trophies and extra content I think probably alien outback and troopanum 2 I would prefer over jd or world of war due to the larger quantitiy of enemies and modes etc in troop, and the really nice precise targiting and different ship types needed in alien outback.

there is nothing indeed wrong with arcade as a genre or with reactive gameplay, it's just we've seen rather too much of this in audio, particularly with people making bgt games which often have this formular but don't necessarily come out as well as some of the designed from scratch arcade titles from the classic developers.

With our dreaming and singing, Ceaseless and sorrowless we! The glory about us clinging Of the glorious futures we see,
Our souls with high music ringing; O men! It must ever be
That we dwell in our dreaming and singing, A little apart from ye. (Arthur O'Shaughnessy 1873.)

2012-08-18 20:42:09

Well, since BGT is a language that most beginners tend to start with nowadays, it would make sense for them to start with something not to difficult, which tend to be arcade games.
I can certainly agree that there's an almost endless amount of arcade games, some of which have nothing very special about them. But they're not too difficult to code, so why not I say.

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