2021-02-11 01:41:05

Oh kay. so in the manamon topic in the new releases room. there's a post. you can go loo at it, i did not rite that.

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2021-02-11 02:18:35

What do you expect to have done about this. If your account was hacked, it is most likely your own fault for providing a weak password.

Is this going to be the new thing? People doing dodgy shit then saying their account got hacked to try to get out of punishment? While that post was not harmful, I can just see this as the new trend. People need to beef up their passwords, and stop pedaling bullshit.

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2021-02-11 03:18:33

I'm pritty sure i got it fixed. i just can't think of any strong password that i would be able to remember. and i don't wanna use a password generater thing, because it will generate passwords like, 12312367asdfasdfjaksldf, or something and how am i supposed to remember that.

Discord, pkpkpkpkpk#8930. yeah it's stupid, but it's a stupid name for a stupid person, so.

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2021-02-11 11:02:33

use a password manager; problom solved

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2021-02-11 13:08:26

I'm gonna vouch for him and say I doubt he'd make up something like this, in fact idk why most people would make up being hacked or breaked into. I mean, if its someone with a history of inflamatary posts then I can understand, but for the most part TOW has been a decent member of the forum, and off of it as well. And yes, I think passwords are to blame, don't go usin your plain passwords on teamtalk that you do everywhere else people, especially not on servers owned by untrustworthy people. I think Conner if you know him showed  us where that gets you.

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2021-02-11 21:19:19 (edited by omer 2021-02-11 21:19:33)

if you use passwords such as trytousethispasswordelswherebitch in a teamtalk server, you'Ll be totaly fine

2021-02-11 21:44:52 (edited by defender 2021-02-11 21:47:03)

You don't even need to remember the passwords, that's the point of a password manager, it fills it in for you in 85% of cases, and for the rest you can just copy it from the manager and paste it into the program.  Just write down your master password in braille or record it on an MP3 player or something (two offline locations at least) and back up your password database in two locations as well (things you can reach without needing a password to get in) so like thumbdrives, your computer hard drive ETC.  You can even use it on your phone with a fingerprint.
1 password and bitwarden seem to be the most popular.

But if you really don't want to do that, I've also heard that if you make a password that's easy to understand for you (like a longish sentence which says something about your life like an experience you had or an obvious truth you know) but to someone else it wouldn't make any sense, that can work.
To make it a little better, misspell parts of the words in a consistent pattern that you use across all your passwords, like always replacing S's with z's, and include punctuation like commas and periods/question marks/exclamation marks where it would fit.
If you read braille and have a way to write it in hardcopy, and no one else would reasonably be able to around you, just write them all down and maybe get a small lockbox.

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2021-02-15 05:33:30

I would say if you need a strong password that you need to remember, just write a bunch of random words that noone will ever remember, but are so ridiculous that they will get stuck in your mind forever.

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2021-04-02 03:52:58

every password i've seen, just like doesn't work. I see things saying that onepass is good, but its not accessible. You an try the website but...

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2021-04-02 11:01:30

Password manager, you mean? OK. Get KeePass. Or Bitwarden. A bunch of blind people use both of those. Then tell us what exactly you find inaccessible, and we'll help you.
Because, please forgive me if I'm wrong, but I get the feeling that "every password [manager] I've seen" does not actually mean all that many.
I also fail to see why you thought it was better to necro this topic than make a new one asking for password manager recommendations. Although to be fair, there are a lot of those as well.

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