2020-06-26 10:02:13

somebody wake me up when this thing gets uploaded somewhere and there's a link.


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2020-06-26 10:23:03


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2020-06-26 11:00:28

come on, someone find the link i am really excited to try this now loslslslsl

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2020-06-26 11:17:07

Is it only optimize for a specific Windows version or what?

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2020-06-28 03:12:36

What! Is! This! Please, would someone be so kind to tell us what the hell this thing is?

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2020-06-28 17:07:38

@techmaster20, Windows Jen touts to be Windows 10 that is more accessible apparently. It comes packaged as  an MSI that modifies your current installation.
Oh, you were looking for more information? Maybe even a link to test this out? Sorry! You're out'a luck. That's literally all I know.

2020-06-28 18:12:42 (edited by serrebi 2020-06-28 18:15:49)

I get the feeling that this is for people who are to lazy to learn about what not to do on Github, since they can't even come up with a website. I'm sure you can accomplish 99% of this thing just using popular projects for tweaking win 10.