2019-05-03 13:16:31

Oh! That helps me narrow it down.
There is a forum you can post on linked below. It isn't as accessible as this forum though. So you (or anyone else) is welcome to post bugs here as well. I monitor this thread too.

http://starlanes.freeforums.net/board/5 … discussion

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2019-05-03 20:26:52

Yeah, I thoroughly enjoyed six swords and paid for premium. Thanks for making such a goddamn awesome game that has given me countless hours of entertainment. LOL

Hi, and thanks for reading my post. If you liked what I had to say, which I find unlikely, please leave me a thumbs up!
Have a grate day!

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2019-05-08 01:11:06


Yesterday played through one of your new dungeons. It was a sunken foundation dungeon and I wound up having to fight dinosaurs most of the way down.

The depths of the dungeon were a funny epic fail though. I was starting out with ornothelustes (my favorite dinosaurs by the way) and then got to tougher ones as I got down. On the bottom two floors however, I wound up fighting very small groups of bats. This was not giant bats or magic bats, just a couple bats that my nearly level 10 guys took out easily.

I got the key to chapter one of "Red Queen" and I will read it when I get to the right spot. I also found a few more treasure chests that gave me a lot of money,a nd one that exploded but didn't do too much damage considering.

All I would change about the dungeons is that I would like a quick way to leave them once you get to the boss room on the final floor. Trekking back through them can be quite tedious, unless the long walk, with many monsters respawning is part of the point of them but once you'd fully explored the place, it isn't quite as fun heading back to the surface.

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2019-05-08 03:17:34

I'm glad you guys are having fun.

Yeah, I'd like to be more sensible about the monsters. I was trying to get it done quickly and the monsters get populated just like any other feature. I'd like to cycle back and maybe create a special category of dungeon monsters. There's a lot of creatures that don't make sense to have on the surface anyway. And this would be a perfect place for them.

Chests, Pools and Thrones give random payouts on a bell curve. Mostly nothing happens or you get a slightly good or bad things. But there are some really good (and really bad) effects. So look forward (and beware) of them!

I never liked the idea of an exit at the bottom of a dungeon. A lot of this is inspired by Nethack, with its 40 level deep dungeons. You had to spend a lot of time slogging up and down stairs. That being said, Skyrim always had an exit at the the bottom. And I probably could do worse than to copy them. So I've done it. (It was actually pretty easy.) It will be there in the next update.

Thanks for the feedback!

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2019-06-09 18:09:41

hello Joquinta,

you said you were going to fix the issue with the portals and vortexes. I went through one again and it dropped me in "salt Water Depths" and there is nowhere I can go. Can you send me back and work a little more on making those vorteces not do that?

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2019-06-12 02:27:38

forgot to tell you who I am.

I'm the partnership of federalist fighters.

And also, is Six Thieves still on the way?

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2019-06-12 23:36:36

Hey.  Is it possible to connect all your other games to telnet?  Just curious but to me it's easier to use that way.

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