2020-05-20 16:58:00

Hello everyone. I'm looking to sign up for a prepaid service. I'm looking for something in the $20 range or so. I'm not looking for something like $40 for unlimited or whatever. I'm fine with 3 gb of data or so but can work with 2. I found this app called sweet and it said it could get me a plan for $15 a month with unlimited everything including data. I don't mind if it's like 1 mbps or whatever. I mainly use my phone for streaming radio and accessing gps apps while out and about and  store  music locally when need be so that also saves data for me. I'm on wifi a lot so that is why I want to move away from unlimited data. I pay $100 on tmobile right now but that is for my iPhone 11, taxes and the plan. The plan is $60 and the phone is $31 then the rest is taxes. So as you can see, $60 for phone service is getting old quick. Especially when I have only used 500 mb or so every month for the past 6 months or so. So what do you all use? I'll keep you all posted on this adventure. I may end up bouncing around a few carriers if this sweet service does not work out.
Thank you

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2020-05-20 19:25:30

I would suggest you try ringing up T-Mobile to see what options they may have to lower your bill. Also, check that your phone is unlocked, and confirm that you are not under any sort of contract locking you to T-Mobile service or to a specific plan so that you don't get any nasty surprises down the road.

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2020-05-20 19:28:23

There is Mint Mobile. Not sure exactly what they offer, but I've seen commercials for them on TV

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2020-05-21 16:59:16

If you only use 500 MB, then also consider AT&T's prepaid plans. You can get a $25.00 monthly plan with an add-on package for $5.00 extra that will give you 500 MB a month.

I'm on their $40 a month prepaid plan and I get too much data on it anyway, about 5 GB or so. Plus they don't cut you off, they just throttle you. So yeah $100 is an unnecessary payment; there are far cheaper plans available. Even the 5 GB I don't use but 200 MB a month from it, but I need it for data availability in supported countries like Canada and England.

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2020-05-21 19:35:09

I know there is, Cricket, Straight Talk and Verizon Wireless. I hope these help.

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2020-05-22 17:33:31

Hello. I'm looking into red pocket mobile and looking at going with an AT&T sim and 3 GB of data and unlimited calling and texting for $20 or so a month. Now just to get this phone paid off. It will be so nice not paying $100 just for a phone. I had prepaid back in 2003 but that was way different. I have been looking at prepaid for a year or so. Hoping to do the switch next month but may have to be July. I'll keep you all posted just encase someone is in a similar spot like I am and is overwhelmed by all these different prepaid carriers to go for.

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2020-05-22 19:20:26

A couple others you might check:
US Mobile: build a plan with as much minutes, text and data for potentially under $10 per month, or unlimited for $40.
Mint Mobile: Save money by buying multiple months in a package to get your bill as low as $15/month.
Lastly, If you use Comcast for Internet, you are eligible for Xfinity Mobile, which gives you 1GB of data and unlimited talk/text for $12/month plus local fees.