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The Crazy Team is back!

With Crazy Party, you can play 2 games. The first game is a collection of several mini-games. Travel through various worlds to discover and unlock the mini-games. The second game is a card battle. Defeat the gyms, collect the cards and build your decks. And for both, you can play online!

Crazy Party is originally in French, but it is now available in English.

For more informations and download, you can visit the website : http://pragmapragma.free.fr/crazy-party/


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2016-05-27 20:57:47

i dont can download game
when i m pres download i have mesage
Cannot download this file.

Connection has been closed by server.

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2016-05-27 21:16:08

Wow, excited to try it ouuuuuut.

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2016-05-27 21:39:34

Sounds interesting. I will try it.
Is it possible to translate the game in other languages?

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2016-05-27 22:51:36

Well, I really like it, I mean, is like playing a mario party (with songs included tongue) It would be good if you can do it like the original ones, atleast in the board game, collectings stars, diferents roads, items..., well, just dreaming.
I don't understand how to play batles, anyway it seems to be fun
How is the online? I mean, it says player, player 2, and they play the minigame at the same time? , it would be good  to be able to add characters, with a death sound, jump sound, things like that (yes, I want mod it with mario party character's sounds tongue).
Sorry if I'm saying lots of thing without sense, but I really like mario party games an this was like...
I can help translating it in to spanish

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2016-05-27 23:12:54


This game is great!

I have found a bug.

When you're on the board for battleing, there doesn't seem to be any way of going back to the main menu.

The only way to quit the game is by pressing alt f4.

I'm gone for real :)

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2016-05-28 00:27:28

Hi all,
could someone explain the first level in adventure mode? I have no idea what to do there.



2016-05-28 00:28:24

That weird behavior happens for the adventure mode too.

For the battle thing, some things are not obvious:
Your character has a focused type. You can switch between types. Using an ability of that type levels the type. Just passing turns while that type also levels it and I believe effects on enemies do also (IE the burning caused by fire levels the original user's fire type.) Cards require a level of a certain type to be used. Switching a type changes you to level 1 of that type, therefore you can no longer use higher level abilities until reverting back and leveling that type again. Cards that have no level can be used regardless of the type you currently are.

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2016-05-28 00:36:10

Yeah, a feature that lets you save your progress in a world for example will be good. This game is great, it's the season bomb. As for the first level, it's simple. You just need to complete its games and get good points to unlock the way. You'll find dead ends if you don't complete the games, you won't be able to go on. But which game specificly do you have problem with?

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2016-05-28 00:40:53

I have problems with the first one, where you have to protect a duck. I am often near by the duck but I always lose.


2016-05-28 01:03:03


To protect the duck you must do the following: center the ducks sound in your headphones, when the duck moves away press your right or left arrow to senter the sound again.

I'm gone for real :)

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2016-05-28 01:18:42

Well it shouldn't be 100% centered, when the duck sound's pich is down, that way he's protected.

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2016-05-28 02:23:11

amm, how can I start a batle? I'm in the room, but nothing seems to happen

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2016-05-28 03:35:28

Thanks for the games! I'll download them soon

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2016-05-28 03:43:34

Please add battle mode online.

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2016-05-28 04:28:19

I'm not sure how to start battles either. I've tried every key listed in the keys section of the website, but nothing happened. I wish it had more puzzles that relied on logic. To me, the minigames are too noisy, it's really hard to concentrate on the task, and the score penalties aren't realistic, based on the amount of coins. For example, I had 11 coins, but I got a -20, and I lost all my coins. I'm unable to battle, and I can't earn coins, so the game doesn't have much to offer. The sound effects and music are great, it feels like I'm listening to my brothers play a game, except this time I'm playing.

Role-play? Simulation? Strategy? Throw it at me! I'm all ears for the games!

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2016-05-28 04:35:33

To start a battle move forward until you hear a ding and hit enter

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2016-05-28 05:12:07

@17 there are some minigames that make you think after, in the circus world
well, I'm geting addicted with this, how many worlds it have? I've unlocked 6 already

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2016-05-28 07:56:19

This game is really awesome! It reminds me of  these old console games  from 90s and 2000s.
I really wished to play something like this, and now it is possible.
Keep up the good work, guys!
I hope to hear more exciting news from you.

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2016-05-28 08:49:43

Wow, wow, wow.
Now I understand completely why you weren't working more in crazymod...
Is because you and your team are working on this amazing job! Well done!

Currently I'm downloading it for test it and enjoy with it, but... All of the features sounds really great.

A little opinion. I think that you have to separate the game, in two completely different games. The card game, have the potential for will be a fully and complete game. The only thing that you have to do, is perfect the card system, add boosterpacks to the game and stuff like this, and you can have a complete card game independently. Respecting the party game... Well, I don't have to says nothing. The game speaks itself. It have a lot of content. With adding some various minygame, the story mode, and some boards with obstacles and bonuses (plus the minygames) you have a complete other game tongue

But well, well. Less talk, and more go! I'll go to play now
¡Thanks for all!

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2016-05-28 09:06:11

can you play against human players on here or just the cpu

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2016-05-28 09:35:32

smoothgunner wrote:

can you play against human players on here or just the cpu

You can play against humans in online mode

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2016-05-28 10:11:29

but i dont find online server

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2016-05-28 10:32:32

Open online mode and make a public server

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2016-05-28 10:58:47

bobbleheadmastr wrote:

Open online mode and make a public server

Well guys, to create a server, make sure your port is redirected. You can try to redirect it from the main menu, or even the online menu. Glad you like it!

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