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I just released an audio game.
It's a FPS, type survival horror. About 1h30 of game.

Free, PC version available

The website : http://www.toxic.dk-games.com

That first version of the game is fully in french (our langage, of course).
I'm now looking for translators and actors for voice recording in english. (This will require money, I'm thinking of crowfunding for that).



2014-10-16 12:13:09

Hello. Please how can I play this game? When I launch toxic.exe, I must press something, but I  press everithing, but nothing happen. big_smile. thanks.

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2014-10-16 12:14:17

Hello. Please how can I play this game? When I launch toxic.exe, I must press something, but I  press everithing, but nothing happen. big_smile. thanks.

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2014-10-16 12:35:35


Here is the process : Get the zip file, unzip all , then go to the game directory and run "toxic.exe". You should here "Loading game, please wait".

Only for windows.

2014-10-16 12:40:58

You can here the game trailer directly here :


2014-10-16 13:14:37

o, french, I'm learn it

Luis Carlos Gonzáles Moráles, from Panama!

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2014-10-16 13:21:12

hi. the game is really nice I love how you have to use the keyboard and the mouse to interact. the storyline seems very nice from what I've played.
to begin the game you have to press the left click, then you will hear a sound test then press right click to repeat it and left click to go on.

feel free to add me to your Skype. it is valentin.velecico.9
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2014-10-16 13:34:27

big_smile. ok. And I am sorry for double posts. big_smile.

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2014-10-16 14:05:32 (edited by Kristof 2014-10-16 14:18:07)

Yeah good way to learn french guys :-)

Thanks for feedbacks.

During intro, press left button. That's right. Beware of having a perfect stereo, that is complete sound left and complete sound right when the test audio occurs. Some PC have fake stereo that can broke the game experience.

To move character use same control as a classic FPS : Arrows and mouse. (Do not use the keys QZSD, sorry french keyboard layout).

Left mouse button for doing all actions. Long press for aiming, quick press just after for firing.
Right mouse button to ask for help (after hall room)

There are 34 rooms to explore, about 1h30 of game (and 1hours of voice acting).

2014-10-16 14:16:16

maybe who can say what is game control ?

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2014-10-16 14:40:39

yah the keys seemed a bit strange at first but now I realize that they are using the French layout, I don't use that layout personally I prefer the Canadian one. it seems like my stereo is broken because I can't hear if a sound it's in my left or right ear, I hear all sounds in the middle. maybe it's time to change headsets. big_smile

feel free to add me to your Skype. it is valentin.velecico.9
nothing is impossible.

2014-10-16 14:50:03

You can use the arrows of your keyboard (LEFT / RIGHT / UP / DOWN). Same result as QZSD.

If you hear all sounds in the middle, then your headsets is set in "mono" mode. Some headsets have a switch for mono/stereo.

You can also check you windows settings. On my laptop, I had an "omnisound" effect on the sound system that mess up the stereo.

2014-10-16 15:26:23

i thinks
this game very good
i m very wait inglish version

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2014-10-16 15:29:46

The game sounds interesting, but unfortunately my knolidge of French is none existant.

I look forward to playing the game when there is an English translation.

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2014-10-16 16:37:12

Hello, i am DL-ing it right now. If you are interested, I can provide voice acting. Just write to: [email protected]

I can doit freely and I have high quality microphones.

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2014-10-16 16:47:06

I am before strange pit. He says something, but what should I do here? big_smile.

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2014-10-16 17:18:47

Hi Seal.

Thanks for your offer. I can consider it.
A professional US studio ask for 3600$ for doing the job.

What you need to know is that there are 5 voices. 3 actors managed to do the 5 voices. (2 men, 1 woman).

kratos> Where are you exactly ? what do you call a pit ? (something where you can fall into ?)

2014-10-16 18:37:20

Yes. I have killed some zombies or something horryble, big_smile. and I have found strange woman. she say something, and closes the door.

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2014-10-16 18:41:37

Ok, I see.

Here is what your teammate is saying to you

"You are in a ventilation shaft, it is 6meters long. Seems there is an exit on the other end.... but wait, there are two big holes at 2m and 4m. First is on the left, second is on the right. You can go, I'll tell you want you'll reach each hole".

"Tu es au niveau du premier trou, reste sur la droite" ==> "You are reaching first hole, stay on right".

"T'es au niveau du second trou, reste sur ta gauche" ==> "You are near second hole, stay on the left".

then he said "You have gone through both holes, go on till exit on the far end".

Hope this help.

Anyway, congratulation for having gone so far without understanding french.

2014-10-16 21:53:12

Hope this gets translated, seems interesting.

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2014-10-16 22:31:53

I hope also

2014-10-16 23:04:26

and I hope that it is translated into spanish.
But 1st is in english

Luis Carlos Gonzáles Moráles, from Panama!

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2014-10-17 00:12:03

Ok thanks. It will help me. big_smile.

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2014-10-17 02:04:05

I'm stuck in the begining i pick up something that sounds like keys. then your partner moves off to the left, i follow hem but i don't know what to do hear.

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2014-10-17 05:10:29

"Porte" means door, "Clé" means key, and in both of these you need to click the left mouse button when you're by the door.

I'm finding it tough just because I apparently find all first person games that aren't Swamp tough for the same reasons. sad

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