2021-02-05 11:59:57

I never use this, it's so luck based.
You may draw a snow flower from the deck but then it may be immediately discarded due to freezing and thus not used.
And if you managed to have snow flower used, you may discard the flowers during the freezing periot.
This is not worth it, I prefer to collect the flowers the normal way, that is, by drawing them from the deck.

Barren Byron used nature overdrive! Barren Byron has dealt 2000000000 damage to marka.
Marka used oblivion dance! Marka's attack and sp. atk rose! Barren byron must recharge!
Marka used hone mind! Marka's sp. atk rose sharply! Barren Byron is still recharging!
Marka's dynamax! Marka used max chaos! Marka has dealt 4863128945 damage to Barren Byron. Barren Byron has been defeated!

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2021-02-05 15:54:27

Nope, isn't luck based, but takes time to get working for sure. What you are supposed to do is add ice simbol, vegetal wintering, then any other grass cards you prefer in your flower deck, but keep it to a minimum. Then, you need about 7 to 10 turns playing ice simbol so you can collect a bunch of ice cards. After playing vegetal wintering, ice simbols will be the only cards you will be discarding, thus strongly increasing your chance of getting at least 2 snow flowers. As you can see however, you have pretty much wasted about 15 turns doing nothing, and only after that you can do something meaningful, so I'm really not all that confident in that deck.

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2021-02-05 16:50:11

does anyone know a use for the hand in the fire card?
that card really looks useless or shared glass
there are few that looks so borring

2021-02-05 16:56:44

Shared glass was slightly more useful about 10 versions ago or so, but with high HP rounds being frequent it lost any value, also with the individual types gaining way more useful things. However, hand in the fire I have no clue honestly, that looks completely useless to me as well.

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2021-02-05 20:52:14

Wel I guess you can use it if you really have nothing and want to just junk them in to exile and making your life easier with natural indemnity. I have a friend who actually make a use out of those, Although I havn't really ask him whats the strategy. K, Now, Its my turn to ask question. Where is the lojic that fighting is super effective against steel? I don't get it.

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2021-02-06 14:36:01

well about the snow flower, for example, by pressing d, I knew that the next card i'll draw is snow flower, so I use vegetle wintering. But when the card is drawn, it was be removed instantly, so, is It a bug?

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2021-02-06 16:55:35

How do I open the quest Battle, in the latest version they do not open.

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2021-02-06 17:04:41

You can't, the battle quest was temporarily disabled, though the beta 73 is still available and you could use it to play, baring in mind you of course won't have any new cards or effects available.
Regarding snow flowering, that depends. If you have let's say, 5 grass cards, and only vegetal wintering as the ice one, and you play it, it will make you junk 5 grass cards, increase your freezing to 5, and thus you will only draw the new ones and junk them right away, thus snow flowering not being triggered, since it must be in your hand by the end of the turn. That's why it's necessary to have ice simbols and play a couple of them, that will give you a solid base of ice cards that will be discarded while you are frozen, thus leaving the grass ones in your hand.

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2021-02-06 18:04:14 (edited by pulseman45 2021-02-06 18:04:48)

Also curious about "hand in the fire". It sounds like a last resort if you get too many "rust" or "weed" cards in the hand, and it's only moderately useful as you would prefer not to have to sacrifice too many useful cards.

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2021-02-06 19:11:28

Nostalgic hand seems better in almost every way except for that nasty passive effect in the discard.

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2021-02-16 09:59:37 (edited by pokeboss 2021-02-16 10:09:33)

Hi all. I was wondering what crazy party's battle mode is based off of. I'm getting pokemon vibes, but not sure since there are cards instead. I'm trying to see if I can  find more  game structure and laur insight surrounding this game mode. Thanks. Also I was wondering what a deck reconstitution is. I'm trying to get eruption to work. Oh and what is the reason for a player to start with less cards in the hand? Thanks again.

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2021-02-16 14:11:19

when your deck is out of cards and you shuffle your deck and discard pyle to create a new deck for your deck. Thats called reconstitution

2021-02-18 01:54:31

well, I'm a newby, not really a newbi, but don't play It often. Anyway, here's my question:
I found some cards like this:
critical dice, you have 0 of 4 in your deck, "fighting" type 6, follows a random number between 1 and 6, the target has a 100 % chance of becoming +1 in critical hit, for about 2 turns, (fighting, dice, random, stat, offensive)
awakening, you have 0 of 4 in your deck, "psychic" type 11, the target has a 100 % chance of becoming -4 in sleep, for about 8 turns, (psychic, support, status, offensive)
In a battle, do you have any use for those 2? because, Who wants their rival gets a critical hit or can't be sleep?

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2021-02-18 17:20:33

You can use these cards with different strategies.

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2021-02-18 17:48:12

And if a card is both support and offensive, then it can be played both on enemies and allies by just using the enter key.
To play an offensive card that isn't support on an ally, hold shift, press enter and release shift when the game asks you to choose a target.
You'll then be able to select your ally and play the card on them.

Barren Byron used nature overdrive! Barren Byron has dealt 2000000000 damage to marka.
Marka used oblivion dance! Marka's attack and sp. atk rose! Barren byron must recharge!
Marka used hone mind! Marka's sp. atk rose sharply! Barren Byron is still recharging!
Marka's dynamax! Marka used max chaos! Marka has dealt 4863128945 damage to Barren Byron. Barren Byron has been defeated!

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2021-02-18 18:34:23

I believe Pragma said it was a mistake with these cards and they should have been support, but regardless, as the previous poster said you can use shift enter to play an offensive card on your teammate.

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2021-02-19 15:49:26

Desert Express is a cool but hard game. I got 19 points and was just one light from getting 20. But I unlocked it. I think this game is luck based.

John Follis

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2021-02-19 18:40:12

Kind of is, because if you don't try your luck you don't have enough time to make it to 20. By playing completely safely, you can usually get above 10 but not finish, though this depends of course how many of them happened to be red as you are getting closer, or even worse, yellow.

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2021-02-20 13:47:13

Yeah. I mean I came so close to losing all my points That would absolutely suck going from 19 to -20. Especially if you were looking to unlocking the game. But I wonder if some other path would have appeared had I got 20 points in that game. Nevertheless, what a cool concept for traffic lights in an audio game.

John Follis

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2021-02-20 13:52:08

i've got 21 or 22 once, could be rong though

2021-02-20 17:21:33

So I've decided to return to crazy party battles for a while, even though I understand people were pissed off at Pragma for nerfing cards or something.
What starting combination is the best, and what are your favorite decks to run in online mode?

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2021-02-20 17:30:48

I need to get back to battles, I was doing okay with a deck built around taking advantage of salt and bloody wounds, but now the rules seem to have changed and my deck doesn't work as well.

I also really wish the board mode got some love. My lady has been getting into crazy party, and we've been playing games together, (although she's really pissed at the turtle races), we've been playing the board mode, and it's a real shame there arent' more types of squares and/or more boards.

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2021-02-22 22:42:16

I suggest removing the "stat", "status", or "manipulation" attributes from the cards listed below and adding the "consumption" attribute instead.

free scream, focus punch, focus kick, massive dice, massive wave, eruption, forced beverage ("manipulation" only), forest symphony, floral shield, floral armor, floral vitality, leaf storm, floral ray, bullet Seed, solar beam, sap stream, wicked explosion, converging dice, mirror throw

These cards can be prevented with either "natural mistrust", "mineral insensitivity", or "metallic insensitivity" cards, even though they do not interfere with the target card, stat, etc. This makes it difficult to add to the deck.

We also suggest removing the "manipulation" attribute from the cards related to capacitors. These cards should be protected with "capacitor protection".

capacitor transfer, capacitor explosion, capacitor disruption, capacitor overload, capacitor overheat

Finally, from the following cards, we suggest removing the "manipulation" attribute as a special case. Deck that requires these cards can be neutralized with just one "natural mistrust".

elixir delivery, elixir explosion, powder explosion

2021-02-23 05:56:46

I agree with all of these suggestions except floral ray. The exponential increases in flowers would probably mean that it would be too op without being able to be blocked by natural mistrust. All of the other cards on the list scale a lot slower.

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2021-02-25 10:58:05

I have a question. I completed all of the battle arenas and even the grand council, but I have a lot of cards missing. Is there a way to add more? Also, I have a recommendation. It would be cool to see the actual damage an attack does, even if the person has little health points left. So even if the person has like 14 points and you do an attack worth 350 damage it would tell you how much it did. Player 1 uses ice beam! Player 2 loses 350 health points and now has 0 points. Or you can bring negatives in to the matter, but I'm sure that would make things complicated codewise. Also, it would be a cool addition if there were a way to junk a card you can use. Say I don't want to junk others because they are useful to me when I level up, but I have to junk a card, and let's say it's the dark card madness. I don't want to use madness, but I have to junk a card because I don't have any others I can use. I know about the request a draw match feature, but that's only once every 2 turns. And it would  be cool if there were more bots you could collect than six. Don't know why they they disabled the battle quest, but maybe they are rewriting it?
  Anyway, thanks for the help.

What audio dramas do you like. I like the leviathan chronicles, we're alive, and our fair city. Check them out!

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