2019-04-30 08:30:32

So, the latest version is now also available on beta testing on iOS. If you're interested, you can join the beta program here: https://testflight.apple.com/join/odJtJSmS

Curious to hear what you guys think of it. I'm going to improve it anyway, by making certain non-choices free, like the 'continue' after a fight.

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2019-04-30 08:53:19

In order to resolve the dropping of the wrong weapon issue, unless the current design is intentional, I propose that all dropped weapons be made reclaimable in the condition in which they are dropped.

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2019-05-01 11:06:16

Yes, that would be a good idea. Also great for dungeons, where you can return to the same room and pick up your old weapon. I'll add it to the list smile

I have improved the Undo function so that certain choices are free.
Also, there's a new character! The Ring Bearer, wearing the Ring of Death. It's even harder than Thief, and, to be honest, I haven't been able to complete the game with it. Curious to find out if others can smile

The update is submitted to Android and iOS beta. As always, Android will be live soon, iOS takes a couple of days.

Developer of text-based roguelike Path of Adventure.
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Download from the App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/path-of-ad … 1449457468

2019-05-01 23:12:03

Dear Keeweed,
First of all thank you for the great game. I have been playing it endlessly and a while back wrote a glorify review on the App store.
Furthermore, I recommended the game highly with posts on the two most prominent Greek accessibility forums.
So yes I believe it’s the best game I have played on Ios.
The latest update is very nice, makes the game even better.
Some minor things that I think could be improved:
1.       It kind of bug me that when you drop a weapon you cannot pick it up again. In almost all RPGs you can and besides it won’t heart the game play since you cannot drop cursed weapons anyway.
2.       I was playing a game last night trying to kill a bush and had no weapons left. So I tried to upgrade with an elixor to boost my attack stat but could not. As this is a fight also, why not?
3.       I don’t know about the redo feature because it would look like cheating going back changing your actions. Where would you stop? The resurrection thing is much better nevertheless I fully support getting some more money out of the game since this is a great game.
Again thanks a lot for such a nice game.

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2019-05-02 11:30:18

Hi Apostolos, thanks so much for playing and supporting the game so much! That's really awesome!

About your feedback:
1. Duly noted!
2. Ah, yeah, that's a good point; I'll see if I can change that.
3. Thanks for your feedback about the undo feature. I'm still in doubt about this. You're right about the cheating aspect, but I think that's the same for the resurrection option. In the end I believe that players should make that decision themselves; do I want to cheat, or not? What I think I should do, and what I try to do, is to make clear that you don't have to cheat; you can beat the game without it. But if you want, you can. But that's a difficult message to get across...

Speaking about it: version 4.2 is released on iOS! I'm going to wait with the Android release a bit, to gather some feedback and data about this change.

Developer of text-based roguelike Path of Adventure.
Get it on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta … fadventure
Download from the App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/path-of-ad … 1449457468

2019-05-05 19:26:12

One thing I noticed is the undo feature can be used to identify a mushroom, and keep it in your inventory.
It's a small cheat, but hey, it's there.

I also noticed something else with enchanted weapons. I had an enchanted flyswatter with a +1 speed enchantment. Then I picked up an enchanted Machettie, with a Speed +2.

I figured my speed should be 3, but it was only two, and when I dropped the fly swatter my speed stayed at 2.

Is this intentional, or a bug. I wasn't sure.

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2019-05-06 11:06:43

Yes, there are some cheats with the undo system, but it requires a bit of creativity.

What you describe sounds like a bug. Enchanted weapons should just add up. The only thing that is on purpose is that when you have a cursed weapon, a stat will never drop below 0. So when you improve that stat it might appear to not have changed, but in fact it went up from -1 to 0. I'll investigate the double enchanted weapon scenario.

Developer of text-based roguelike Path of Adventure.
Get it on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta … fadventure
Download from the App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/path-of-ad … 1449457468

2019-05-06 17:30:19 (edited by apostolosm7 2019-05-06 17:30:32)

Dear Keeweed,
Just played a couple of days with the update and here are my observations:
1. I managed to finish it again with all the classes up to mage and I like the more balanced starting equipment. Furthermore I like that the thief has a better chance at surviving the starting period with a better equipment although I am not sure the chances are much better since with thief I never really finished the game and kept dying too much.
2. I found a bug, I had in my inventory 1. healing mushroom 2. Mana mushroom 3. Too healing mushrooms and 4. Too mana mashrooms. The bug was that I didn’t have 3X healing mushrooms and below 3X mana mushrooms.
3. Some thoughts about the undo: First of all I think it will be more profitable than the resurrection so better chance of path of adventure too   . I already spent ten dollars buying undo’s. The only thing that really frustrates me is that you cannot undo a fight. So to go at the beginning of a fight you have to click ten times the undo. It would be much better if possible to have an option undo fight and charge seven undo’s at once. Another thing when you click the undo in the main screen and you go to the undo screen I would propose for the undo move button to be the first thing that you encounter. Now if you swipe right you have to listen to the explanation of the undo’s but even if you use a rottor action to go down by one heading still you are given the choice to buy undo’s first and then you are given the option to undo move which if not placed at the beginning of the page for faster access it should be at least placed immediately below the heading since you will use the button undo move much more than the buy undo buttons. Exploring this idea further I would place the undo move on the main screen at the right of the inventory since hopefully you use it less than the story inventory buttons. Now it is undo move story inventory character I would put the order story inventory undo move character.
4. Many times I feel that it is not worth it opening a tree or investigating a mosquito if I got the main treasure, because the probability of getting something other than ten treasure or one xp is too low. Just my feeling. Don’t know what others think.
Anyway I will continue playing and come back again.
Again thank you very much for a great game.

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2019-05-07 09:19:03

Dear Keeweed,
Another thing that I noticed is that after the update, when you meet the witch queen and she tells you the day of the path, after the number now there is a { and . and therefore voice over reads it as dart. It didn't happened before.
Have a great day guys and galls.

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2019-05-08 07:58:31

Hi Keeweed,  Thank you so much for the new character class. I can't wait to redownload and check it out. I love how responsive you are to the feedback on this forum, and btw, I've since downloaded a few others and dud - you're killing it. The accessibility here is excellent, and now I've had more of a chance to look at what else is out there, I'm that much more impressed. congrats.

I did notice the curse not lowering below 0, which makes them not as bad, which is nice, but I only recently had two weapons with the same stat being enchanted. Glad to hear you're checking it out.

Apostolos, Hang in there. You can beat theif without using undoes at all. I agree that if you have to break open an old willow it's not worth it unless you are still looking for the main treasure, open it if you have a lock pick, or seseme spell, and if you have a marble shield it may be worth it as well. A marble shield can totally block the willow, and with the double durability it's a pretty good option. Remember, this game is really about resource management.

I also wouldn't go casually swimming with those eels either. It would be nice if there was some bait, but you can't always be sure they will go for the monster part instead of the heal potion.

I wrote a guide you might find usefull, but with all the changes I think I need to re do the guide.

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2019-05-08 17:34:19

Hi Apostolos, thanks for all the feedback! Let me go through your points:
1. Glad you like it! Thief is supposed to be positively hard, so don't worry you die a lot.
2. That's indeed a bug. It should order the mushrooms by name. I'll look into it, thanks!
3. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about the undo feature. Unfortunately, it's not yet performing great, money wise. I do see a rise in positive reviews, so I suppose more people play and enjoy the game now that it's free, which is what I wanted. Perhaps as the users increase, the profits will too, but that's to be seen. About rewinding a fight: I understand that's a bit troublesome, but at the same time it's also not really the intention of the undo feature. If you have to undo too many steps, it might be a better idea to accept your fate and restart the game. Still, I like your idea and will consider it. Also, I will have a look at the undo tab and see how I can improve it. About the ordering of the buttons; this is where visual and non-visual interface collide sometimes. Visually, it looks better in the current setup, because the button is shown as an icon. I want to add a screen-reader mode to the game at some point, which should fix these kind of issues, but I'm afraid that won't be very soon.
4. Like Ben described, it depends on your situation, so try to make the best decision based on your current stats and inventory.
5. I'm afraid this is another case of the visual presentation clashing with the voice-over. I changed it recently in a reaction to some feedback, so that the progress is placed between parentheses. Because of how icons are described, the voice-over thinks the text is multiple sentences, thus the weird pronunciation. There's no quick fix for this at the moment; sorry!

Ben, I'm super happy people appreciate the work I put into it; it's a great motivation. About the enchantment weapons bug, I tried to reproduce it by making every weapon enchanted, but in every case it worked like it should. I have no idea what went wrong during your run. Could you let me know when it happens again?
It would be awesome if you could update the guide, or perhaps move it to a wiki or something. I still point people to the guide every now and then.

Developer of text-based roguelike Path of Adventure.
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2019-05-08 19:02:28

Now I want a necromancer class where your stats suck, but you summon monsters to attack and defend for you.

A winner is you!
—Urban Champion

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2019-05-09 16:24:55

Dear Keeweed, thank you for your feedback. As always great explanations. Concerning the thief level, from what I have gathered as useful tactics in the game the consensus is to sell the wealth ring at the first merchant because since you are always in need of cash and the days on the path are not that many. Also from my personal experience doing all the calculations it wasn't really worth it until very late in the game. And as I told you I kept dying a lot on this level. I was wondering what are the experiences of others??? Maybe changing it to give you double or triple the treasure every fourth kill would be better? Food for thought. P.S. Will update the post on the Greek low vision forums since now the game is free.
Dear Mitch, we love the idea. The mechanics will need to change though in my humble opinion.

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2019-05-12 16:06:01

Dear Apostolos, I disagree somewhat about your plan for the ring of wealth. I always sell it at the last merchant, He'll pay you more than the first merchant. Keeping your treasure high is a good way to maximize the ring of wealth. I try to keep 100 to gain 5 or more each day, some days I've made 10 or more and this really adds up. Assuming you can make on average 5 per day, that's about 250 by the end of the path. Your strategy might work for just getting through, but try for a high score, my current high score is 450 for theif.

My suggestion is that you may not be fleeing as often as you should. Armored worms actually pose a significant threat to most theifs depending on the weapon you have. To get through theif you might need to run away a little more than before.

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2019-05-12 16:09:53

@ Keeweed,  I'm still waiting on that new release, I can't wait to try out the ring bearer. I suspect every elixir will go towards life. the last update just showed up automatically in test flight, but I'm not sure if this one will or not. Can you let us know when it is definitely available.

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2019-05-13 03:40:03

I am stuck on the level with the troll.

If this post was helpful, amusing or what have you, why not thumb it up?

2019-05-13 08:04:40

Ugh, the Troll, OK you'll need a jellify spell, or an attack mushroom, or perhaps a goblin spike collar and a monster slayer. Or you can take him out in one hit with the basalisk fang if you get one, although I try to save the fang for the sorcerer.

The first thing you'll need to do is knock down defense with jellify, if you don't have jellify, but have a love spell and an attack mushroom, you could eat the mushroom, love the enemy down to 0 defense and then punch it to death, you'll need a base attack of at least 2 whether you get it through elixirs, grow mushrooms, enchanted weapons, the goblin collar, or a knuckle duster.
I guess you could eat 2 attack mushrooms if you had an attack of 1 but it seems like a waste to eat them both, I'd try to save one for later.

If you don't have the jellify spell a monster slayer should be enough to take out the troll, but you'll want a good shield, and maybe a smoke bomb, and heal potion wouldn't hurt.

A lot depends on what you get from the game by that point, remember to save your critical items like mushrooms and smoke bombs for these kind of battles, smoke bombs are great to avoid a gargoyle or werewolf, but don't waste it on a blob, just take the hit.

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2019-05-13 11:47:18 (edited by Keeweed 2019-05-13 11:50:25)

New update released on iOS: 4.3! This one adds more functionality to the undo feature, by allowing you to undo an entire day. That means a complete battle, a river swim, shopping spree, or whatever. Also, the amount of undos in the bundles is increased. And the undo tab is reordered, so that the buttons that matter are higher up. Thank you guys for suggesting all this. I hope you find it useful. Also, I fixed the bug mentioned by Apostolos.

@Apostolos, I think selling your ring early on isn't the best tactic. The idea is that you gain a lot of treasure, allowing you to buy whatever you need at the merchants. Maybe not so much at the first merchant, but more so in the ones that follow. Thanks for spreading the word on the Greek forums, I appreciate that!

@Ben, that's weird, 4.2 is out for a week now. I suspect then that test flight users are not updated to versions released on production... That's strange, to put it mildly, but I'll go and release the latest version to test flight as well. Edit: I expired the 4.0 build for test flight, could you verify that you're now receiving the 4.3 version? You can check this at the bottom of the credits. Thanks!

Developer of text-based roguelike Path of Adventure.
Get it on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta … fadventure
Download from the App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/path-of-ad … 1449457468

2019-05-13 16:28:36

Dear Keeweed, First of all speaking I assume on behalf of all of us thanks for taking our suggestions seriously and implementing them. This is what gives us fuel to offer you even more suggestions :-) The more undos for our Euros is very nice too. As for the ring of wealth, I won't sell it to see what happens.
@Benf I rarely escape (I am Greek and therefore might have some Spartan blood, ha ha) but I guess it doesn't work that well so I will try fleeing much more.
Have a great week guys.

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2019-05-13 16:37:34

When can we expect the android update?

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2019-05-14 09:24:07

Dear Keeweed, I found another bug. Yesterday night during battle I managed to kill myself by eating a mushroom that would cost me 8 life and 8 life was all I had. The option wasn't deemed as in previous versions. Furthermore thanks for improving the undo screen. At the end of the screen there is a second choices heading that says choices but there is nothing below that since now all the buttons are placed further up.

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2019-05-14 11:43:17

@Apostolos, thanks again for the bug reports, I'll see if I can fix them.

@KenshiraTheTrinity, the update is live on beta, for Android. I'm still waiting with going to production to see how it performs on iOS.

Developer of text-based roguelike Path of Adventure.
Get it on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta … fadventure
Download from the App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/path-of-ad … 1449457468

2019-05-14 14:49:51

Ok thanks. smile

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2019-05-20 12:03:34

Is it my idea or something has changed with voice over on the last release? Before if I remember correctly on the description of the weapons it said something like pitchfork three DASH five or three MINUS five. Now however it says pitchfork three five. On the other hand when the minus is not between two numbers it's been read correctly, on the same description used above it says Speed minus one. Am I dreaming this, or something changed on the new release. Please note that I always use the some punctuation level, so this has nothing to do with it. Now that I used all punctuation I guess is the hyphen that makes voice over to read it differently than before. Probably as Keeweed wrote above it is visual versus not visual staff again. Have a great week guys.

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2019-05-20 15:28:26

Hi Keeweed, I think I need an invitation code, for test flight. could you post it here please

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