2019-01-13 11:25:47

In beta 34 and before, you used to buy things with coins, but they've become useless now that the gems have been introduced.

Download Crazy Party's remade English translation right now from:
https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_GXp … 3ZTR3JIOTg

2019-01-14 15:55:50

I am trying to beat the game in the space world where you have to go through doors and dodge bombs and stuff like that but from time to time some Kind of security System Comes on which makes it vgery difficult to hear the sounds (sorry that I don't know the game's name, but I play with the german translation so I don't know the english name).
Can you give me hints to beat this game anyway?

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2019-01-14 16:28:04 (edited by UltraLeetJ 2019-01-15 12:58:08)

oh yeah, in English is called oil installation. It unlocks a world. I would not have really tips for it... except that the heel in the water hates when you first do down, then right, then up, then left, then down and so on. The electric current is skipped by bouncing over it, though make sure you are not too far right or left of the field. There is a button that lets you disable the annoying sound usually at the beginning of every new section.
I have unlocked pretty much every game now

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