2018-07-29 09:43:52

well, first:

Nop, the game don't include ani help about game's style itself, because for know yu-gi-oh, you have a lot of things on the internet, like the official manual, video tutorials, and etc.
It is a good addition to the future add a basic tutorial for explain to the new users the mechanism on the game, but really isn't a priority for now.

About the cards. Nop, I think that you found on redit a talk about tthe ld yu-gi-o mud. This mud, have a giant database, with the majority of the cards, with more than 8000.

It is updated regularlly following updates of other ygoPro scripts and databases.

About the new format...  really? new change of the rules again?

Do you have an article or some text ning this?

WWithout reading about it yet, I think that is a bad idea changing the core of the game again. So, I think that the links are tha good idea, but not with the changes of the battlefield or similarities, but wel.l i have to aread about these news.

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2018-07-29 12:19:46

@sanslash332 : thanks for your answer!
That sounds just amazing. I look forward to discover a world I've been dreaming of for years, and not in a shortened version, but with all its complexity.

Best regard,

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2018-07-30 02:03:00

Barring some useful skill cards from the other decks, most likely the only decks from the speed duel format that will be used are mai's and Ishizu, for the fact they'll probably be archetypes that support each other, rather than a set of random 20 cards.  (Ishizu with gravekeepers, and mai with either harpies or from duel links, her amazonus deck).  As much nostalgia the Yugi and Kiaba decks bring, dear lord their deck building is so garbage.  And for a while, their skills were meh outside of 1, and most likely that'll be the mainly used skill card for each of them.  (Destiny draw would be fun to include in any deck to be honest, just get "any" card from your deck you need).  And oh god the Joey deck is going to be lame as officially, the deck that focused on red-eyes mainly was the super joey deck from duel links, that was something that occurred in events.  Most likely it will be his trash fusion deck with no synergy.  The Pegasus deck probably will not be that awful as relinquished was used at the start of duel links (though will probably be just the best if it's his toon deck with toon kingdom and magic reflector), but most people will end up using the two archetype decks with the best possible skill card from anyone.

    Also, just like duel links seems to be going, all it will take is a few packs before we're complaining about duels ending in 5 seconds than turns lasting 20 minutes.  If you look back in that format, all it took was a few cards to enable ftk's in many formats, or boards that were impossible for a dual link cardpool to break all the time.  (My favorite is stil woodland sprite format.  Just get to the 3 cards to burn your opponent for all their lp at the start of the game).

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2018-09-14 03:52:34

Well, for those of us who hate waiting, after a person disconnects, the duel will end after 10 minutes.

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2018-09-18 08:43:11

thanks @blindndangerous I love err that.
10 minutes so, is a lot of time (showdown only give 1 minute to the disconected player xd) but something is something :3
Thanks to tsp from me tongue

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2018-09-18 22:01:13

hay, where do i get this game, it sounds grate

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2018-09-20 20:50:38

Just check out the initial post on the first page, it should cover everything related to the MUD itself. Information about the soundpack or whatever can be found somewhere in here, maybe the search can help with it...
Best Regards.

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2018-09-24 04:39:33

Sound pack for mush:
https://www.github.com/timtam/yugioh-so … master.zip
Sound pack for VIPMud:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/dvd8nsmx13dpz … p.zip?dl=1

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2019-01-01 03:44:15

Just popping in to say that I found this earlier this month and am having a blast.

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2019-01-01 08:51:28

I need to duel you at some point.  If you've ever wanted to learn, come on in and just ask. We'll be happy to teach.

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2019-06-17 22:43:20

Just updating to say that it seems like the thing gets updates again.
Don't know how it is with the soundpacks however, I do just know the MUSHclient one.
Best Regards.

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2019-06-17 22:51:31

I know that Ziro is updating the VIP one, the mush one is still on the github link.

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2019-06-18 06:29:20

I guess there is no reliable way of getting the Vip one then? No link or whatever?
Best Regards.

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2019-06-18 09:05:48

Here you go. Ziro said he'll update the link once their are new changes. https://www.dropbox.com/s/gtpki23osmvss … 9.zip?dl=1

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