Hi guys. this is my first pst here in any of the forum threads.
Really excited to try out the game. Sadly, I got a fatal error after running it and hearing it tell me that it was loading. Suggestions?

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Kenshira, can you tell me what system you are using, any other information such as virus checkers, whether anything on your computer is broken or other problems you have with sounds, soundcard issues, Sapi or other voices.  Are you running cheat engine or speed cheat, and do my other games work for you?  If you want to take this info to a private message please go ahead.  All I can say at the moment is that I have had over a hundred downloads in the 3 days this has been out there and you are the first to report an issue.  If I can find a fix I will.

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Just tried this game, and I'm really liking it. The sounds in particular give the game a cool retro feel, which I enjoy.

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Currently using windows xp. AS for your other games Big pig works for me. I have sapi voices installed including mic sam and mary. I'm currently using NVDA. Majority f other audiogames  work for me so I think my soundcard is ok.

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I have recently fixed the bug reported with the broken menu item, and the key repeat bug on the player name input.  Neither of these are worth folks downloading the update but just to let you know.  As mentioned earlier escape also leaves a sub menu to return to the main menu.  One thing I am concerned about is a possible intermittent score posting bug.  Has anyone had an issue of posting a score and not seeing it on the scoreboard, if so please let me know.  cheers.

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Kenshira, would you be willing to try out one of my other programs with sapi support.  Those are the rocky planets, the colour mixer and the bead brains game.  I cannot think that the standard sapi voices you have got are an issue, also I have put a fix in for possible broken sapi anyways.  If you really want to run some tests for me, you could turn off NVDA and see if it runs.  Must also say I have not tested any of my software on XP, for the only reason that none of my testers have XP.  One potential tester did have an issue with a virtual XP run on a Mac, If anyone else still running XP please let me know if this works for you.  And finally,  AudioGamer I have finally recompiled the rocky planets, bead brains and colour mixer with that sapi fix so these should now work on your windows 10 64 bit machine.

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wowe ok! i was going to go through all 31 posts but no way! rockywaters omg! seriously that game is going to be mine! i will take that game every where i go and play it non-stop till i'm tired and have no more energy. omg lol the music is weird but lol what do you expect it's a space invaders game lol some people will probably class that as some odd random song from oh i don't no i'd leave it as some random song as for me i like it. specially when you can change the music. [wow] yeah i look forward to playing to the music specially the different types. seriously though crashmaster you need to be a bit acurate on your shooting but man you did good. i've saved the review on my pen-drive as well as on my computer lol. anyway now it's my turn to download the game for if everyone else can apply shooting ships to relieve themselves lol i don't see why i can't. anyway i've never felt this happy in ages pluss i've never had a good game to play. and can you play ths game online with others? shame if you can't for i'd love to be able to put a test to people see who can get a high score. love you all and keep up the good games for i do not want to miss a single thing.

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I've noticed that the panning on the ships gets more sensitive as they get closer to the ground. While this may be realistic to how the sound would be perceived in a real-world context, it does make targetting harder when ships are higher in the air. Maybe using the same pan step no matter the height would make this easier? Other space invaders games seem to do this.

I also notice a slight lag from the game for keyboard input. The screen reader often responds quicker than the game plays sounds. Not sure if this is due to the sound library used or if there is something else going on. It's not a large issue at all though.

Finally, what are the different colored dragons and how do they differ? I think black are invisible, but not sure about the others. They scare me though. I did make it to the death wave once and thought surely there must be an ending, but I guess there isn't.

Anyway, this is a really fun game!

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