61 BGT Handles

by Quacker

64 C++ enviroment setup in windows

by black and white

66 SAPI4 dll for bgt

by tmstuff000

67 requesting some hints and libraries-Csharp

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68 Problems with Functions in C#

by ironcross32

70 The Worst App in the World

by ironcross32

72 prototype gamelike thing.

by matt1211

73 sound and music looping

by Jaseoffire

74 How can I learn BGT

by brooksfrakerbac

75 helping with bgt

by masroor.rahmani

80 accessible java IDE

by matt1211

83 Downloading accessible_output2

by TJ.Breitenfeldt

86 ConntrollerClient

by targor

87 Java and Screen Readers

by leibylucw

89 sound shooter in C++. A problem

by jonikster ( Pages 1 2 )