2015-10-16 16:49:40

Aaron Baker wrote:

Though The Gate has only 10 primary levels, the later ones are longer and split up into many sub-areas. As a result, it is longer than one might think.

You made a game better tham it, the unic new thing is the sounds, but
the objectives is like every side scroller: kill and jump!

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2015-10-16 17:00:48

Agree with everything Seal posted in post 45. Bokurano Daibouken 3 and Shadow Line are proof that decent sound design and gameplay can all be achieved in audio gaming. I would gladly pay $30 for either of those games, in fact I would make donations to those two developers to contribute to supporting their developing in the future. I know that many people haven't played these games because f the need for a translation addon, and translation is something I would love to see... unfortunately, it's something that will have to happen slowly, if at all. I tried the demo of this game and got pretty bored with it rather quickly as well. The music, though good is overshadowed for me by voice acting that doesn't seem as well-delivered or written as other games I've played. And enemy sounds jjust don't have enough... punch to them. Stabbing with a knife doesn't have the sounds I would expect it to have... I wouldn't say this game has a horror theme, more a halloween theme... which aren't quite the same. When I hear the word horror, I expect to be scared... and the game, while it makes use of some horror conventions, just isn't all that scary. I also agree that there can never be too many side scrollers, but side scrollers should and need to take examples from games like Bokurano Daibouken 3, because that is the most complex audio side scroller we have right now, and shank from the mainstream scene for similar reasons. Heck, even the original Final Fight was more complicated than a lot of side scrollers we have... I would love to see a simple beat em up made in that style. but again I aree with seal... especially in action games, there needs to be some sort of way to execute combos, effective fighting maneuvers, etc.


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2015-10-16 18:04:22

I only managed to get about 4 lives up to level  3, I heard someone has managed to get 30 lives how is that possible? smile

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2015-10-16 18:08:23

I still have yet to beat the Gray Lady on Easy. I can sometimes manage to hit her a few times and once in a while I can even manage to ump over her and get away from her for perhaps a fraction of a second, but I can rarely manage to do it again. I agree wit te poster who said that while having normal ghosts kill you instantly may work it doesn't for that boss fight since you have practically no room to move thanks to her teleporting. I do like the game but this boss fight makes me want to tear my hair out!

You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

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2015-10-16 18:50:34

I'm going to buy the game soon. I think the criticisms are always welcome, provided they are constructive. Compare the audiogames with conventional video games seems very silly, in video games much more money and resources to invest, in addition to a much larger market buyers.
the issue price of the game is very relative. I think the price puts the developer, and then everyone decides whether to buy the game or not. For example, I would pay up to 60 dollars per ShadowLine, but I would not buy the AlienOutback as 35 dollars worth today.
So in the end it ends up being a matter of personal taste.
Greetings and thanks.

sorry my english, is not my native language.

2015-10-16 19:10:26 (edited by CAE_Jones 2015-10-16 20:00:54)

Re: Grey Lady
Jump. Jump twice, at most thrice. Any further than 2 or 3 jumps, and she'll teleport. If you just try running, she'll catch you.
[edit] Ah, the bow changes things so much. Now I have to deal with that cluster of pits, like it's SMB4-2 all over again.[/edit]

I can't decide if the rest of this is off topic or not, so fair warning:

Speaking of simple gameplay and Halloween-themed side-scrollers, let me describe the Haunted Mansion from the Disney's Magic Kingdom game for the NES. Full disclosure, this game has a disturbing amount to do with the original inspiration for LC. Also I never actually beat the Haunted Mansion or Pirates of the Caribbean.

First of all, this game does not throw in random floating junk for no reason. Keep in mind, it's a haunted mansion, with ghosts who can make things float for no reason.
I only ever saw 3 areas to this level: the courtyard, where you can walk on the garden wall if you want, the first floor, where there are a couple pits with falling chandeliers (IIRC, you had to jump on them when they rise back up? I don't remember for sure.), and the second floor, which I only ever reached like two or three times and don't have a good mental image of.
The enemies are all ghosts. There is one boss ghost, who sorta kinda floats around in the courtyard, giving you an opportunity to take potshots at him before the actual boss battle that I've never reached on the top floor.
I don't remember if all the ghosts instakill you, or if you get 3 hits or so.
You're only weapon is what appears to be a collection of candles that you can throw. Why? I dunno; it's NES era Disney, you're fighting ghosts, and it's a sort of ammo you can find lying around inside the mansion.
Since there is very little platforming, at least in the areas I played, it amounts to a 1.5D side-scroller, most of the time.
The courtyard contains some flower pots, which occasionally ghosts will pop out of, Pirahna-plant-style. The garden wall is not completely flat; it rises and falls at some parts, and these are mostly sloped, rather than separate ledges (unlike the numerous similar walls at college grumble grumble at least going to class was a platform game). You reach the door and press something (up) to go inside.
The first floor is flat, save those two or three pits. There are windows and mirrors and other pieces of glassware lying around, and lightning starts flashing from outside. One of the cooler bits was that there is a mirror that shows your reflection when you get close to it. (I think, if you stood there long enough, a speech bubble saying "HELP!" would pop up by your reflection's head.)
At the end of the first floor, there's a floating chair or something you must jump on, and it carries you to the next area. I'll note that this isn't just a NES limitation; Streets of Rage 2 has a level in a 3-story arcade building, and these have very obvious staircases / rope ladders leading to the next area, but it doesn't even animate your character moving toward them, and instead just does a fade-through-black transition.

I'm not sure if the Haunted Mansion was so difficult because it was inherently difficult, if it was my vision, or if it was me just being bad at games. Maybe I forgot to try it, but IIRC, you couldn't really jump over most of the ghosts, the way you can jump over just about everything in audio games of a similar style. Or, if you could, you had to time it just right, because the ghosts had actual dimensions. (Audio-wise, giving enemies dimensions is still a problem; how can you know their shape and your relative position?)

(Pirates of the Caribbean was a platformer, Space Mountain was a Bop it style navigation thing, and there was a Thunder Mountain mine train and an Autotopia car race, which had lava in it for some reason.)

I'm not sure if it's fair to compare the Haunted Mansion to Hell's Castle. One is longer, more complex, and has better sound quality. The other is short, simple, 8bit, and way more challenging. Hmm.

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2015-10-16 20:03:38

Just downloaded the game and will try it soon, and will eventually buy it.
Well, opinions are different, and that's ok. I personally like side scrollers due to their simplicity. You don't have to memorize thousands of keystrokes and you may not get lost easily while moving, since there's only left and right direction.
If we talk about game design, such as levels, enemies, weapons and such, how much the game will be funny or boring depends not just on a developer, but also on the end user (player). Since I'm not just a gamer but I'm also developing software from time to time, I'm sure that there's no developer who can make a software or game for free or a lower fee that will meet everyone's needs and expectations. Who likes it will buy it, who doesn't will not.
Also, let me give some examples:
Perilous Hearts, though unfinished, is a good example for me how side scrolling game can be funny to play, so if it's a side scroller, it doesn't always mean that it's boring. For me, this game is awesome. But there's certainly someone who's gonna say that it's boring to play.
But, let's go back in time a little. The well-known BSCGames title, Pipe2Blast Chamber, is the game where you just hammer the pipes and fight enemies, electricity, steam and barels, which are the same on each level. However, this is still one of my most favorite games and I like playing it even at this time. Remember, it costed 34 dollars when it was alive. It even didn't have so realistic sounds like we have in games now adays. And as I noticed, many people liked playing it.
But, let's get back on-topic. I'll certainly try to play a demo. After that, I can make my decision to buy it or not. That's what I did with Psyco Strike and all other games that I've purchased. If I liked the demo, or if I listened to the Let's plays for a certain game, if I like it I will buy it for sure. I'm also one of those who likes to support a developer, because I know from my personal experience how much time and efort development can take, as well as how current situation on the audiogame scene is bad.

2015-10-16 20:08:51

I'm very calm in fact. what anoys me is, that some posts here, where writen before even testing the game. and everithing is right about having opinions, my posts in fact, are opinions too. but before that, some people need to think for a second, and don't start a flamewar because they think the game will be too short, due that it is a sidescroller.
about bk3 and shadowline, theyre fantastic games, my fabourites, but not everyone can make these kind of games, due to resources, time, etc.
hey, ng3 razor's edge was really hard, i've finished it and even unlocked 40 scarabs but... with that game i think i was close to throw the ps3, the controller, TV and even the computer out of the Windows, for frustration and for the heck of it!.

bokura no daibouken 2 by yukionozawa. installer:
https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/897 … _setup.exe
bokura no daiboukenn 3 by yukionozawa. download page:

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2015-10-16 21:19:25

For all of you:

Resources and cash isn't something IMPORTANT when making a game, seriously.
I've seen before a single person studio making video games crazy as hell for... nothing, for free. There are many situations where A cash and resources is only a good way to mask other things. Ofcourse NO OFFENCE, but just observation.

Someone can tell me what ELIAS engine is doing there? I know the power of it, I actually hear it in the video games and knows what it can do, in this one, it's not doing anything.
If someone will tell me the cash is a priority and he will deliver me the best sounding game with nothing good besides it, i'll just ignore it and will choose 8-bit style game with depth and excellent gameplay instead but again, only a opinion here.
Well, I think i posted everything I wanted here. Developers, gamers, you can agree or not, you can take from it something for the future plans and productions or throw it absolutely, it's okay for me. I hope you'll not get me wrong and like I'm someone who is just critisising things without any arguments, I have arguments and their are no weak for sure.

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2015-10-16 21:35:22

Agree with seal again. Bokurano Daibouken 3 was coded and tested by probably 3 or 4 people, using mostly royalty free stuff according to the credits. Shadow Line was developed by a bigger team, but most of that is due to actors again according to the credits. Sure cash and resources are a factor. but not as big of one as a lot of people make it out to be.


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2015-10-16 21:47:06

When it comes down to it I don't really care if people buy it or not. Do I think it's ridiculously overpriced? Yes I do. Do I make up the entire audiogames.net community? No I do not.

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2015-10-16 21:56:58

Resources and cash matter. They aren't the end-all of game quality, but they certainly don't hurt.
And, well, the word "resources" is doing most of the work. Conscientiousness and programming skill and enough free time for coding are resources, and rather important ones. Having friends or partners or the ability to gather helpful volunteers is a resource.
You either have access to resources, or you have to buy them (assuming they're even available. I don't see anyone selling Executive Function enhancement anywhere I can buy it).

My plan is still as it was: release free stuff with what I have, hope it's good enough that people will then be willing to fund improvements, use Crowdfunding when prior funding can't be avoided (say, if my skills are not up to the task, or if I need to hire a team--because I am not sociable enough to be able to summon a team for free--etc).
If I really had no choice but to sell things, it'd have to be seriously mainstream quality before I'd consider charging $30 or more. (Of course I'm working on something like that. I have always been working on something like that. I have also always been failing at it, because my brain is a self-destructive disaster trying to pretend it can make things.) If I had to charge for LC, assuming it turned out perfectly according to my imagination, I'd be very reluctant to go over $25. I rather hope it won't come to that, though.

The thing about The Gate is, you can tell that the music, SFX, and voice work were probably paid. I looked up  what I could when I was planning for LC, and concluded that $400 for a game-sized role, assuming we're not talking Hollywood Games, would be a decent pro average. Since we're probably going to work with artists who aren't in so strong a negotiating position relative to the abyss that is the blind economy, I'd be willing to bring it down to $100 + lots of begging, if I had to. I'm not sure what Aaron paid or how many actors, sound libraries, etc are involved, so let's just air on the conservative side and assume he managed to keep the budget below $1000 (an admirable feat--compare to the budgets for Q9 or Perilous Hearts).
Assuming $30/sale (not necessarily--during October, the reduction, along with taxes and transaction fees, probably means we need to add a bit to our final number), that means we're looking at over 30 sales to break even. Keep in mind the market we're dealing with. Over the past 3 and a half years, DLE has only sorta come close to twice that (But to be fair, everything from VG Storm blows DLE out of the water; it isn't even a contest).
I wouldn't want to pay $30 for most of the PC audio games that cost $30 or more. Sara, maybe. I'd still kinda like to, if I had enough money to spare. But if we're trying to... ah, wait, let's try a better illustration:
https://mariancall.wordpress.com/2015/0 … rter-math/
Even games prior to the N64 had teams working on them. I remember being kinda horrified when the Toy Story game came out for Sega Genesis, and the first copy I found was $70.
Nowadays, anyone who can afford Unity and similar such programs is already leagues ahead of an audio game developer in the resources department. They're leagues ahead of professional developers only 20 years ago.
Resources is the key word. Cash is just the balancing resource - if you don't have enough of something, sufficient cash should be able to make up for it.

And, judging by the state of audio games? We are universally wanting for resources.

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2015-10-16 22:10:56

True that, and that's how I should've phrased it... I don't mean to write off resources as a whole, but it blows my mind how the Japanese developers, with similar seeming resources and what sounds like less cash spent, can produce games the way they do. shadow line could easily have been a late psx era jrpg, and BK 3 could've been a late 90s or even early 2000s action side scrolling platformer. Where's the difference factor here? But this is going off topic, so I appologize.


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2015-10-16 22:49:04

hello, just to add my two cents here. I like the game. If I had a way of getting the full version,, I would, just to see what it would be like. Because one thing I've noticed is that new enemies and obsticals were continuassly introduced as you moved up levels... even in subregions in level 3, new enemies kept coming! I beat tlg losing about 3 lives, but that was it. I do think that its slightly overpriced but I'm still gonna buy it as soon as I can. Currently my parent's credit card has expired, and I would need to get permition first. But then I'm surely bying it.

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2015-10-16 22:58:12 (edited by musicalman 2015-10-16 23:00:35)

I definitely agree with what Assault is saying about the game's horror vs. Halloween theme, and this was in essence what I was getting at in one of my earlier posts. Also, Sightless's and K Jones tips for the grey lady were certainly helpful, I managed to beat her on medium fairly easily once I mastered taking double and triple jumps and trying to account for the fact that the bow has a limited range. It can't hit stuff which is too close or too far away, the enemy has to be in a sweet spot. Right now the hardest part for me on medium is the dog ambush on the end of the level, I ended up wasting 3 lives getting through that part.
Also, a few questions. From one of the posts in this topic, it seems you can hord items, because someone said they heard another person getting 30 lives. Is it possible to do this or would you have to outright cheat? From my experience extra lives especially don't respawn once you get them, unless you reload from a save of course.
Also, a suggestion for the devs. Have a keystroke to check how many arrow pouches you have, and also another keystroke to use a med kit. I really dislike tabbing through inventory in a do or die situation, and is one of the problems I had with Psycho Strike and Perilous Hearts if I remember correctly, though my memory may be failing me.
The gremlin who shoots arrows at you at the very end of level 3 is actually very easy, I'd venture to say that if I made it there on nightmare, I could probably still beat him. Just stay on one side of the screen, keep your bow loaded with arrows, and when he shoots, immediately shoot back and jump. Your arrow will hit him, and his arrow will fly out from under you. He always shoots when he is a certain distance from you, I've never had him attack me from close range.
I just purchased the game but have not started looking at the additional content yet. I'm pretty excited to get started though. In fact as soon as I submit this post I'll start a new game on easy and see what comes of it.

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2015-10-16 23:00:56

The difference obviously is skill, but it also comes down to what the dev had in mind. I think the best thing to do is to have him open things up for ideas depending how this game goes. Granted he can't do everything we want, and as far as I know this game was kept quiet.

My view instead of bashing a dev for what he doesn't do, try reaching out via email, get to know the person and get something going. Not just him either, but the other devs you think could do better.

Better yet, get inspired and code your own ideas, whether they be simple or not, and run with it, so that you can get what you and others are wanting.

Honestly I like this game since I'm still strategizing how to beat it, so there's that

Sorry for getting off topic, but the more people we have inspired to code, the less chance we have of being disappointed in things because each person would either team up or do their own thing. I'm cool with criticizing on how things could be emproved, but saying they made a horrible game and what it should have been is just a way to get programming. It's why I try not to post things like this unless a game won't run, because I'm not a coder, and I've also seen how things are run in developing an audio games, even though it was only with one company.

Again, sorry for being off topic, but I wanted to get that out.

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2015-10-17 00:05:07

Seems overpriced to me, $30 for the game, and from what I've caught from let's plays, there's no interest for me. Man I heard long sections of nothing but footsteps as they walked. So ambiance is what's needed. I don't have problems paying for games that peak my interest, one thing the dev might want to do is get some feelers out there to gauge the community's reaction to things, do you prefer better gameplay, deeper plots, more voice acting, etc. I personally thought the voice acting in Psycho Strike was better, but no first hand experience, just from what I've heard of the gameplay. If I'm honest, it sounds like a lot of psycho strike sounds plopped onto another game. Wouldn't surprise me to find out chunks of its code in there as well. Also Elias, do we really need that in a side scroller? I mean is it really needed or is it more a novelty. I will not say music is not important in telling a story, but you want to pick your battles. Do you want to make a game where you put everything you've got into it, a huge, what would amount to a tripple A title in mainstreaming, then hell yeah, go for it, because its gonna add to the overall feel. But that would lower the budget since you don't have to pay the licencing of it. You could also put a thing on the forum as other have done saying you're looking for voice actors, you could still pay them, but not the fee a professional would get, things like that. I'm not gonna buy something I feel isn't worth the money, I did that for Psycho Strike, and it was a mistake.

So I can only tell from what I've heard, that was up to the Gray Lady which was attempted and not finished, so I can't just say its bad, bad bad, and neither do I want to bash a game up and down, it does have its good elements.

Oh, and P.S. Is this gonna be another deal, no updates, no support like Psycho Strike, because that's gotta come to an end right quick, because when you pay for a product like that, you're damn well expecting support if you need it.

Anyway, that's my take on it, might seem harsh, I'm not trying to flat out say it sucks, but mostly not for me, so I'll pass. I do want to buy Paladin though when I can afford to.

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2015-10-17 00:12:05

of the 8 voice actors, 3 of them are people we know. THey probably understood the audio game market and probably didn't charge for their services, or charged a token amount, or something. Of the other 5, 4 of them are actors at a Georgia college, and the fifth is a professional actor with a website. This last actor plays Hades, who I assume is the final boss because, according to myth, Hades is the lord of the dead and ruler of his realm, sometimes called Hell.

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2015-10-17 00:25:33

Re63: The Japanese games doing better for cheaper isn't really that weird. The same is true in mainstream games, isn't it? ... well, prior to XBox and Halo/Modern Warfare, anyway. Sega, Soni, Nintendo, Capcom, Namko/Bandai, Konami... is Square Japanese? I'm getting conflicting signals in that regard. Whereas the west has Infocom (which ate Atari), Netherrealm/formerly Midway, EA, and whoever makes Grand Theft Auto. And what I know of Infocom comes down to "Zork, nothing I heard about for 20-30 years, then Call of Duty took over the world".
So whatever makes Japanese games work in the mainstream could easily be the factor at play in Audio Games, and the gap is more pronounced because of the market size and the fact that we all hear about how western games stopped being shoved to the side ever since Counterstrike and Halo really kicked off the multiplayer FPS cash cow model.
(On that note, I have it from a reliable source that arcades lasted much longer in Japan than in the west. An Audio Arcade just sounds like fun, at least until you realize that you couldn't hear anything because of all the other games playing simultaneously.)

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2015-10-17 00:47:46

Hello. So! This is horror game? wow. I must say one thing. the game is not horror, but the price. I am very sorry, but 30 dollars, and only 10 levels? hmm. no no. Sounds and music are great, but please. if you wana these money, tri made this game longer. no only 10 levels. I have finished the demo really quickly. 3 levels with one little hard boss, hmm. 30 minutes? so 10 levels for 120 minutes for me? As I said. I am very sorry for this, but this game should be scary only for kids. Sorry. One advise for all. Tri listen or play really horror games. Resident evil, the last of us, or tri watch any horror films. or tri made similar games like medi evil, or mortal kombat game.

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2015-10-17 01:04:12

Not everybody has access to those games. As for me I did buy the game. Took a little out of savings to do it but I can always put it back in next month. I finally managed to beat the Gray Lady and have made it as far as level 4 with all those falling rocks. I like the second boss, whom I call the King Gremlin for lack of a better name.

You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

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2015-10-17 04:41:58

Hi all. Just bought the game and am having trouble. even on the first level. Lol. I read the manual and when jumping over the holes, I followed the instructions. Jump and hold the right or left arrow to get across. But, it seems to not work. how to acomplish this. I did it a couple of times and was able to make it to the check point, then messed it up again. Can anyone please help? Also. Curious question. When even after you die 3 times, and you are presented with the main menu again, then you go to load a saved game, why can't it let you back at the check point? or does it do a major save after you finish a level, and only a miner save at the check points for the lives you have left? Is there a way to gain extra lives?

Thumbs up

2015-10-17 05:19:59

To jump over pits you're pretty much going to have to get right up to that second squeaky floor board and jump from there. The game doesn't save at checkpoints. It doesn't save at game over either. It only saves when you successfully complete a level. Checkpoint just means that if you die and lose a life, you respawn at that point instead of back at the start of the level. If you lose all of your lives it's a true game over, which means you start back where you last saved (at the beginning of the level). If it were as you suggest, that'd be the same as having infinite lives with no penalty for dying. From time to time, you'll come across extra lives as items.

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2015-10-17 05:42:29

There are a lot of fantastic mainstream games behind the japanese scene like popular dark souls, blood borne etc. We have Klei interactive, Labzero etc. A lot of fantastic professional or indie studios where the games are just showing a lot of potential and professionalism. The mainstream scene, especially indie showed me, the cash isn't something really important where gamers are making games for gamers!
The most sad is, when someone is making a game without any experiences, without any knowledge most of the times. No offence! but there are situations where I can see it clearly when I'm playing a game.

I know what mean getting a cash since I'm musician, sound engineer / designer but many times I can see someone is just choosing the easiest way to do something, and grab the money.
WHat about elias engine? well, it's there for nothing. This engine is supposed to make a music dynamic but I can't see any changes to the music during the gameplay.
I remember when I played mainstream game with friends in coop with elias. It was great experience as I noticed how the music changed during the gameplay and it was cool!

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2015-10-17 07:32:47

(My off topic rants are waaaay too long. Suffice it to say, I like the game, I beat the demo, I might buy the game if someone gets me a Paypal gift card for Christmas or something, but I probably won't be buying it during the sale. I'd consider the same for Paladin of the Sky, but I suspect that would end up like what happened when I bought Final Fantasy VIII.)

At seal: How many of those games are made using tools and resources that aren't available to us? (Unity, RUBE, Flash, and I don't even know what other programs there are out there for the various aspects of the development process, but if more than one of those examples involved a single programmer who also just coded the graphics in OpenGL, I'll make a paper hat and eat it.) If you're a sighted developer and you're not a super awesome code monkey with lots of attention span to spare, it hardly matters, since you can just import like 3 libraries (or one, since someone probably put them together somewhere), run the editor, and literally just draw your game, and only delve into the nitty gritty code and such for super special things.
We have nothing like that. At all. Even if we use the mainstream libraries, any of the convenient stuff that comes with them is designed specifically for someone who can instantly see what's going on and probably uses the mouse as much, if not more, than the keyboard during the development process.
Yes, there are people out there who code things by hand. But there are so many who just... don't, that there are entire university courses about game development where the students aren't expected to know anything about programming by the end (you'll recall that someone posted here a while back, asking about accessibility in such a class).

You pretty much must be one of the super dedicated types to pull off anything comparable, if you're blind. ... Wait, no, back when I could see well enough to Powerpoint, I still couldn't see well enough to get much use out of that big box of game development tools I bought that one time. ... This was 2001. It had a visual editor. "3D" was in the title somewhere. (3D Game Studio, I think?). The Microsoft Visual Studio was easier to use (at least I could see the different panes, not that my programming knowledge was anywhere near enough to take advantage of them, and yeesh was it annoying to get Jaws to read the 3dGS manual. Then I screwed up the video drivers somehow.).


The skill and patience and dedication required to make a decent game is much higher if you're blind. You need look no further than the vast gulf between games made by the blind and games made by the sighted. Indie devs, just so we aren't using big companies Vs individuals as though it's a fair comparison.

We lack resources the sighted take for granted. Some of us lack more than others. Those with the least lack can make higher quality things at a lower personal cost. Should those with the greater lack not even bother, since there isn't any apparent way to offset the lack?

(I apparently lack things like "Why didn't you just look up an online getting started guide with some programming language back in 2001, you idiot" sense. Hahahaha, wait, no, I *did* look up a getting started with game development thing in 2001! While I was at the School for the Blind's summer thingy, even. ... I'm going to go see if I can find that thing right now. ... Yes, and the copyright actually goes back to 1992, daaaaang. http://toontalk.com/  ... and, wait, what's this, low vision accessibility features? I knew I should have gotten this thing in 2001, but nooooo... -_- Oh, and it *did* say that it had speech support back then, too. ... Also I might have just bought 3DGS shortly before that and a lot of similarly priced games and was in no position to talk my parents into getting a $50 thing I found on the internet. )

What was I saying? Umm, I want Audio Unity. I really liked Powerpoint because it was kinda like I could make games with it. So I made games with it, but then they kinda lost their appeal because I couldn't see the screen anymore and never could draw people all that well anyway. Anybody want some Pizza rolls? Leave a comment on this webzone if you want a pizza roll.

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