2006-09-07 17:23:52

hi, I'd like to mod this game but there is no offline version. is it possible to put a downolad link up? one mod i could make is you having to avoid spaceships that shoot at you.

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2006-09-07 19:02:29

Due to the Shockwave content it is not possible to mod the game...shockwave is one online package with all the contents inside.

2006-12-01 17:03:40

ah, that's sad. it would be nice if there was an off line version, but creating it would probably take some time and i take it that you guys are very busy with game maker. perhaps in the future it would be an idea though.

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2007-02-23 18:21:14

I like that idea as well.

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2009-02-13 18:16:43

hello, I actually have the tools to make an offline, projecter version. All I need is a link to the DCR file. Once I get that file, I can make the offline version and post it to sendspace or something like that. Once I get that DCR file... Happy curbing LOL... Bye.

2011-06-12 22:20:33


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2013-03-19 18:43:45 (edited by Starc12344 2013-04-10 16:25:48)

I actually have the tools to make an offline.


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2013-08-06 08:57:40

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