2012-07-14 04:35:31

donut be sorry just wanted to report lol
oh my gaud it's 7 a.m here dam it... i can't wake it up more... ima sleep ill try this later

that was sooo so so fun

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2012-07-14 04:35:49


I was alive with negative life. like, -20, -16, even -40!! - I was still alive. Just to you know smile

But this game totally rocks.

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2012-07-14 04:36:14

You know what you could do? make everyone mortal and make me a god, I have a super powerful gun that's a machine gun and kills things with 1 hit, and my health bar is also frozen at 100.  Muhahahahaha! smile

I'm  impressed with this game actually, though I only played for a little while, love the sounds, the weapons, etc.

I'm probably gonna get banned for this, but...

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2012-07-14 04:40:57

That's odd... because my sapi isn't reading anything either. Wonder what the problem is...


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2012-07-14 05:12:20

Hi Ghorthalon And everyone!
First of all you quite rock  man!
I was test it in my night time I even not get any sleep at all lol!
It's look very exciting.
By the way if I become know how to play your game already.
I will help you to spread your game to blind commmunity at here as well.
I will do a podcast of your game in my language too.
Anyway keep up a good work.
Even though it's have a bunch of error with me right now.
I hope it's will be solved soon.


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2012-07-14 05:15:38

Oh my goodness, 55 posts in 5 hours?  This... this is madness!  smile

Ok, lets see if I can keep up with this one better than I was able to with swamp; guess I better start downloading.  :d

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2012-07-14 05:17:01

Never mind, I'm dumb. lol I was using a sapi in the wrong language. Japanese, to be precise. Got it working now and must say it's a lot of fun. Would like music in the game though... and another issue I'm having is the sounds themselves. Sometimes I find that i' hard to centre an enemy because the sound of the gun is in stereo, so it sounds like the sounds aren't coming from the centre even when they are. Maybe I'm just nitpicking... it's just now I find I have to petty much keep turning until I hit someone, and even then sometimes I find that though I can hear shooting, I can't hit them even though it sounds like they're in the centre of my field.
Last thing. Are you going to make the arow presses turn a certain number of degrees? Because right now... it seems like it's just moving however many degrees it wants, which kinda makes it hard to target exactly. Other than those few issues, it's a blast to play. Can't wait for more weapons. big_smile


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2012-07-14 05:21:02

Downloading it right now. Even though this is just a baita it will be so much better than audio quake!

Audio game king

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2012-07-14 05:34:29

ahoy there
as everyone else,I have been looking forward to this too,but ,quietly.:d
just downloading it now and with this slow internet,I do hope the update comes in patches....
from what I've read so far,later when the bugs are a bit ironed out,it'd be awsome to have a keymapper.so that I can have swamp controlls!=d
either way,man, awsome work  keep it up.just sitting at the edge o my sofa and waiting for it to download....

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2012-07-14 06:02:39

hi dragon.
yes ok about joystick.
man let me tell you one thing.
everyone knows very well that the game is in beta, and beta is for this very thing.
we were all that  pressed you  to throw the game in the forum without giving you the time to at least half of these bugs do not exist.
dragon let me tell you one more thing.
your game is the best game that i play   this forum.
is simply amazing!
Please do not worry about anything about the bugs, because everyone will help you  and  have the patience to give you the time it takes to get the game playable.
this game is brilliant and we all expected this a long, long time, and you   was the first to achieve this our dream, so we'll help you out and wait the time it takes to fixed the   bugs.
the sounds of the game are phenomenal.
I can only regret that some people feel uncomfortable with your success.
the spotlight is for everyone, not just for someone.
long life to the dragon.

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2012-07-14 08:01:06 (edited by ahmad 2012-07-14 08:02:07)

hello all and, mister dragon
well well well,
i was going to go to  sleep but well, i said to my self let's check twitter!
after i saw that the game has been released on twitter?
something in me  was tellin me to download the game.

and now! i'm  downloading. no sleeping for me.
anyways, great job gorth. keep it up bro
and i'm sure you'll fix all the bugs
we just, need pationce people.
i hope it'll finish downloading soon.
cant waite to try it out.

reguards, ahmad. aka ryok.

music is the life.

2012-07-14 08:04:57

just wondering, could someone give me a few tips on keys? as in what do you guys find easier, the asdw or the arrows

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2012-07-14 08:16:21

Hi gorth, it's defender, I'm really sorry I couldn't get my voice in to you in time, but can you add it into the next update please, I'll give you a db link in this comment, anyone can download, though it's nothing special, the file is 175 mb in 7z format, and unzipped it's 357 mb of 44.1 khz stereo, wav quallity amazingness.
Could you please put something in your new releases thread if you get it so I know for sure you have it, thanks.

here's the link, but it's still uploading for about 45 minutes as of 11 13 pm pacific standard time on Mwa ha ha, black Friday

https://dl.dropbox.com/u/13243224/Voice … efender.7z

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2012-07-14 08:17:13

damn! this is awesome! realy nice work, gorth! i'm your bigest fan! but i have a little question: i played with bots, and, do you know? they don't want to make this beeping sound. you know, players' beeping sound, like a radar. i heared it, when you played this game in multiplayer. but bots don't want to beep. is that normal?

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2012-07-14 08:33:18

Hi Ghorthalon,

From what I have heared, you did a very good job.

But now i am coming up with my strange Sapi5 problem. Maybe you remember it from your last little game.

Meanwhile I tried lots of fixes for my problem. I checked the registry, reinstalled the microsoft Anna voice and the sapi5 modul itself etc., But rTR wouldn't come up, if I clicked the RTR.exe file.

Other programs, like Aprones games, entombed or hatreds Audiowars however have no problems using my Sapi. I am having no further Ideas what to do about it.

Maybe Aprones programs are using a different way of access to the sapi modules? Overall I am not actually shure that it is a Sapi5 problem. It is just a guess, as my NVDA also can't use Sapi5.

best regards, Stan

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2012-07-14 09:38:43

how the heck do you use the q damage item affter you get it

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2012-07-14 10:39:35

this is a great game and if you haven't tryed it out i really think you should.
if the map creater comes out everything iin my map wil be smashable or as much as posible.
i love smashing things!

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2012-07-14 11:27:34

@troopanum it just lasts for a while and increases your damage by 4
also, has anyone found the weapon that's for 0 yet? it the only one I haven't got at least once

"I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow in the knee."
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2012-07-14 12:40:45

wow gorth. it's  3 pm already here. i haven't slept yet. since the last night.

i had alot of fun.
well. it was my first experience with such a good audio game...
also... i got 110+ kills withiin 2 hours!

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2012-07-14 12:43:58


OMGOMGOMG how am I supposed to respond to so many posts... I'm just going to see what I can remember. You all rock! Haha.

Weapon number 0, is called Uncle Susi. There. The rest you need to figure out for yourself. Haha

This negative-health bug is a server check failure. I will fix this in a bit.
There is no music in the game yet, but keep in mind, this is almost alpha still. I will add music later. smile

The bots don't beep. In fact, the bots behave nothing like real players would. That's why you should, by all means, play online.
Stan, I'm truly sorry but I have absolutely no idea why this is happening. I've sent you the debug program, and if it would have something I would be able to fix, it would have come up there.
Do you, perhaps, have another computer to try this on, and see if it works? sad

Thanks for all of your comments!

I've just now noticed how socially incapable I am. Lol! I'm absolutely overwhelmed by all these posts... big_smile

Keep it up!

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2012-07-14 13:27:11

Lol, this thread will achieve swamp epicness soon. Interestingly enough, i find myself grabbing for the mouse controls like i would in swamp it would be cool if you could add the option of walking and shooting with the mouse at some point, it has a level of acuracy, especially when aiming that is quite smooth. Love the sounds in the game. I was also wondering if someone could post the list of weapons, that would be helpfull.

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2012-07-14 13:32:03

I haven't posted anything here on this topic, but i've been watching it since the beginning. I have some question, you don't have to answer them if you don't have time, or you don't feel like it, hahahahaah.
1. What is the megajump, exactly? Also, does it take all your health away over time?
2. About the server program, has it been released yet? Also, exactly what does it allow us to do? Can we controll the game mode or the aAI or something?
I have more questions, but I won't bother you anymore right now, haahha.

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2012-07-14 13:40:43



Well, all of the mouse's buttons are used already, so making the walking would be a bit hard. big_smile
But I'll try to make a key mapper anyways, so...
Glad you like the game! I'll make a weapon list soon.

@livrobo: TO your questions:

Megajump should take your health away, however it fails to do so in online mode. Basically it gives you a boost of ... Energy or something? That makes you float in the direction you've pressed, either I forward or K backward. Useful for avoiding fire.
2. The Server program will allow you to:
1. Set server name,
2. Set Server MoTD,
3. The game mode,
4. The port to play on,
5. The maximum allowed number of players,
and 6. The map to play on.

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2012-07-14 13:53:37

So, after playing it a bit I must say I really enjoy it! I seem to get owned quite a lot, but even that's fun once I get to pay whoever killed me back. LOL
I haven't found any major bugs, apart from that which was already brought to your attention.
Very nice job!

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2012-07-14 14:56:13

I find that the negative health freeze bug can be broken by trying a megajump, curiously enough.

I am definitely getting owned far more than killing anyone, hehehehe.
Do you plan to add the ability to check one's kill-to-killed ratio at some point?

Hm, I find myself using the arrow keys most of the time, somewhy.

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