2005-03-27 07:52:56

hi, i

learned that how i can play sounds, loop them, increase their volume and...,

but i don't know how can i use them in the game. i downloaded the chaaper

patrol sorse, and i found it useful. so, can you give me another sorses? if

they be the trile, will be nice. because i want to learn how can i make

games registrable.
thanks a lot, parham doostdar. (will be parhamSoft in


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2005-04-03 13:19:10


really you don't like to learn me?
i'm going to make a company,

"parhamSoft", if anybody can write in visual basic, he can join as a beta

testor or he can help me in writing games. who wants to join us?

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2005-04-03 16:08:30


like to, but I want to learn Vb, but someone should write a better tutorial

of how to write a sample game from start to finish. That would really


Co-Founder, RS Games

2005-04-04 02:12:16

Hey all,

Can anyone tell me how to modify an open-source




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2005-04-17 23:20:31

There are several ways to play sounds in a game; one of the most

common is to use DirectX. You can find DirectX tutorials both on

blindprogramming.com and http://gpwiki.org/index.php/DirectX. If you're

looking for DirectX 9 tutorials (usable only with a .NET language,) try


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2005-04-24 13:05:10


there is not something special there. in the blindprogramming it's not for

the blind and in the other website it says that the page is empty. ok, so,

yourself are writing in VB language? how can you learn it?
thank you,


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2005-04-25 00:15:31

I use Visual BASIC.NET. There is an excellent book which will teach

you from the beginning called "Learning Visual BASIC.NET." You can get a

copy from Amazon.com, or if you're subscribed to a service such as Web

Braille or Bookshare, they should have it. You will also need an IDE. You

can write your code in a plain text editor such as Windows Notepad and use a

fre compiler, but an IDE really helps find errors and correct them before

you run your code. There is a Visual BASIC IDE you can get from Amazon.com

developed by Microsoft called Visual BASIC.NET Standard 2003. It is sold for

$94.00 US, which is really cheap for VB.NET.

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2005-04-29 09:48:20


does this book have the koads for game writing? thanks again!

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2005-05-02 17:14:45

There are only a handful of books that will focus specifically on

game development. Most if not all of these books, however, assume a moderate

handle on the language in question. You will need to understand the basics

of the language first (object-oriented programming, the syntax of VB.NET,

Etc.) before you can grab a book on game development and really understand

what is being covered.

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2005-09-24 21:20:43

Hi people.
I just have registered.
I'm very interested in learning game

I know a little of visual basic 6.0.
I'd like to know,

is Dot Net Framework?
What it does?

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2005-09-25 22:20:33


what's going on ,parham!,you are asking how to make games and how to put

sounds in games
mey I remember ya mate, you made an exelant game with

sounds,and there are not so menny books on game making
just use your dx and

vb knolege,use your brane to put that knolege together,and bang!

make games
oh and,you can go to :
for exeplant

tutorials on dx (one of them ritten by game making master munawar

best regards

2005-09-25 23:16:42

OK, Yakir
Thanks for your answer.
In fact I'm thinking about how to

work, but I'm also trying to find some tutorial, I'd like to achieve

things as Star Trek Final Conflict an like that, I'd need to know put my

knowledge together to achieve it.
I'd like to email you, can I?

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2005-09-26 15:45:06

you can add me to msn, it is:
[email protected]

be happy to help you ,though you must understand I have very little time so


2005-09-28 05:36:15

To make

a game with Direct X you need the SDK, software development kit. The current

version 9 from MS won't work with VB6 if you have that though.

BSC games

has the 8.1 SDK which will work with VB6.

The .net frqamework is for

internet use, don't confuse it with VB .net. Versions of the Microsoft

programming tools after 6 were given a tag .net, the .net framework si

seperate and shouldn't be an issue even for multiplayer.

Within DirectX

tjhere is Direct Sound which offers more options such as stereo or 3D sound

positioning, as well as Direct Input for getting input from keyboard or game

controllers. Ignore Direct Music, it's mostly redundant these days since

everyone uses DirectSound for that. If you want multiplayer there's also


DX also has Direct Draw and Direct 3D for graphics, but we

don't need to worry about these.

As to how to modify an open source

game, you need to know the language and the syntax for any SDK or API used,

meaning you'll need to know Direct X in that language. If you mean Audio

Quake it'll probably be written in C or C++.

To live by honour and to honour life, these are our greatest strengths and our best hopes.

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2005-09-28 12:50:03


this topic was written by me about 2 or 3 months ago, now i learnt

how to write programs lol. but well, it's not bad to read more  manuals,

specially when it's written by munavar!
parham doostdar, mp-soft,


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2005-09-29 06:51:31

OK, OK, a question.
If I'm using VB 6.0 I should use Direct X 8.1,

Well, that's fine, but, the Direct X SDK is something diferent of Direct

If I already have Direct X, Should I download Diret X SDK?
Direct X 8.1

is about 10 megabytes, Direct X 9 is about 40 megabytes, I read that Direct

X SDK is about 130 megabytes, It's right?
OK, thanks and luck.

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2005-09-29 09:25:06


X which you will already have is the runtimes, the bit used for running the

programs. The SDK, or software development kit, is basically a set of

programming guides and a special version of the runtimes whijch help you

locate errors in theory.

The normal runtimes are used by the average

gamer, whereas the SDK is used for development work. Help at all?

To live by honour and to honour life, these are our greatest strengths and our best hopes.

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