2021-04-01 23:49:12

Hmm. Sad to see you go. I will not call you the best moderator or any such trite oddness. I will say that you were thrown into the deep end and told to swim, and I think the results were punishing for you. Despite that, or perhaps because of that, you did improve greatly. I can greatly respect growth and improvement regardless of who you may be. All the same, I hope you recover. Mental fatigue is never fun and I hope you continue to do well at whatever you work on. Perhaps that RPG you mentioned? LOL!!! Either way, good luck.

I have a website now.

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2021-04-02 02:47:58

So Musicalman basically stole the post I wanted to write and took credit for it.  shame on him!
Anyway, he, and others said everything I would like to say and put them more eloquently than I could have.
Take care of yourself and stay safe out there!

I'm probably gonna get banned for this, but...

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2021-04-02 04:41:12

Whatever you do man, all the best for you. Sorry to see you go, but health is important, after all.

Discord: Socheat#4885
My Facebook profile

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2021-04-02 07:09:27 (edited by defender 2021-04-02 07:21:18)

Cheers man: *clinks glass*

You did your best, but you just aren't built well for community engagement at this point in your life I believe.  That's okay, most people aren't.
This decision is probably best for everyone (especially you) but who can guess long term what the effects will be...  I can't say I'm super confident in any current staff member's leadership skills at this point, but I'd be happy to be proven wrong.
Major props for sticking to the job and your morals for so long though despite the abuse.  You've got some steel in your spine for sure and no one (not even your biggest detractors) can deny that.
You got thrown in head first and nothing you could do for the longest time was good enough.  I wouldn't wish that on any mod.
At times I felt like throwing you through a wall it's true, but I definitely still value the discussions we had as well, even some of the arguments, and you gave me some much needed faith in the left.  Besides, I honestly doubt that I would be much better a few months into adminship.
I won't say thank you because I do genuinely feel that as much as you kept the community afloat in a technical sense, you also helped to damage it further, though certainly not on your own.  That said, I recognize and appreciate your sacrifices and I stand by you in the wish to keep this community alive.

Good wishes and seeya around!

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2021-04-02 08:08:27

good by, jade sad

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2021-04-02 08:41:03

i'm verry surprised to be honest
after this post

Jayde wrote:

LordLundin, it's nice to see how you really feel.
I am responding only to say that no, I am not resigning. I don't really feel the need to trade point for point with someone exhibiting this much personal bias. Especially not someone with as sordid a history as you possess.
I've made mistakes here, it's true. But most people seem to enjoy my presence here, and most don't seem to have nearly the same problems you are presenting. As such, all I'm going to ask is that you kindly don't represent your own personal beefs as if they reflect the views of the majority of the community.
Now, if you want to curse me out, yell at me or otherwise unload, I invite you to send me private messages to your heart's content. I'll even promise to read them.

Noone is perfect as you've said.
i wish you good in your future

2021-04-02 08:44:26

If ll does send him damning messages, I want to see Jayde's snark reactions. Maybe that can be his first livestream?

I'm probably not making much sense in this post. Fuck English and my inability to use it affectively.

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2021-04-02 09:02:43

Heckin' heck, Jayde! Bad timing!

We've had disagreements here and there, but I think at this point it is very obvious -- both to you and to several other folks -- that I quite appreciate(d) you as an admin, and definitely still do as a person in general. So, while I'm in the minority here, I will miss your moderation. Sometimes too soft, sometimes too heavy-handed, but at least always there and trying to keep this place running. Is Defender right, when saying that you just aren't built for community engagement? Perhaps. But given what a shithole this place can be, I am unsure if anyone is.

It's both sad and funny, seeing all the complainers and haters finally "win". I wonder how it'll go from here. Will they be satisfied now? Or will they -- with much shock, I'm sure -- discover that Jack and Dgleks ... um, and Aaron, that is ... are just as willing to enforce the rules? I don't know, but I do get the feeling that the toxicity of this place will not go down at this point. Hope is out of stock; where can I buy some again?

But as far as your mental health goes? Yeah, definitely the right decision. And I hope even your physical health improves somewhat, now that there is one less source of stress and exhaustion in your life. It's great that you've decided to put yourself first. Perhaps this will be enough, or perhaps you'll find that it's better for you to take a break from the forum completely for a while; either way you will be missed, and either way I'll think you'd made the right choice.

I'd love to contribute a long and thoughtful post like Musicalman did, but the inspiration just isn't there today. This'll have to do. So people, go to #24 (and other posts as well, but that one especially), read and thumb up. smile

Take care, Jayde.

I join the ranks of those that have decided to leave this forum. Time will tell if I will be successful.
Curious about the Code 7 stuff that used to be here? https://forum.audiogames.net/topic/4010 … or-code-7/
Don't forget to be awesome.

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2021-04-02 11:04:02

I am just wondering about something here.
There is no definite confirmation that Jayde is in fact stepping down. People brought up the theory that it is an april fools joke and interestingly enough, none of the staff team or Jayde himself gave a final no, this is not a joke, this is serious.
We all know how well Jayde is with words and adapting to a situation, he himself stated in a topic that he managed to be a completely different person on an online game back in the day. So, what tells us he isn't pulling our leg with this one?

In case this is serious and you are really leaving as head admin, it was a good run.
we might have our problems and I guess I'll never stop enjoying teasing you here and there, but overall, it was a pritty good run, although my critizissm from earlier in the year still stands up to a point.

Greetings Moritz.

Er nahm sie dann ins Stoßgebet,
der Kirchturmpfal zum Himmel steht,
Der Wein geweiht, die Erde bebt.
Dem Herr seih nah im Stoßgebet

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2021-04-02 11:27:04

So like, are you going to still be here, just not a moderator?.

Discord, pkpkpkpkpk#8930. yeah it's stupid, but it's a stupid name for a stupid person, so.

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2021-04-02 11:35:52

You are right, @SightlessHorseman. One can never be 100 % certain that Jayde isn't pranking us, or even pulling a Brad. However, Nocturnus put it quite well:

Nocturnus wrote:

I don't believe this is a joke.  If it is, it's a joke in seriously bad taste, and at the end of it everyone who sees it as such will be screaming for his resignation, in which case Jayde will have shot himself in the foot anyway.

I highly doubt Jayde's stupid enough to go pouring oil on an already raging fire. Sure, I suppose if he'd have gotten a particularly large amount of people being like "No, Jayde, we adore you, come back!" that could be used against LordLundin and the others. But it's a highly risky endeavor. If that was his goal, then it would've been safer to complete it by doing what LL suggested; by making a poll asking people if they wanted Jayde to resign. Using an alt, of course.

April 1st can't save you from everything. Something can only be written off as a prank if you can see it being funny. And given the current situation on this forum, I can't see even the ones among us who'd be OK with Jayde staying laughing about this one. Not given the way it's written, at least. And yes, Jayde's perfectly capable of being funny.

Look at post 10. I think that seals the deal that this isn't a joke. Joking about mental health is something that a social worker absolutely wouldn't do. And given all the many, many fighting-filled topic recently, what's more likely? That an admin (someone who generally hates drama) figured there wasn't enough of it and decided to start some, or that he is honestly exhausted?

I join the ranks of those that have decided to leave this forum. Time will tell if I will be successful.
Curious about the Code 7 stuff that used to be here? https://forum.audiogames.net/topic/4010 … or-code-7/
Don't forget to be awesome.

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2021-04-02 16:11:46

hi jayde, i just wanted too say that thx for all that you have done for the forum, and, when you werr a admin, i'm sory if i sed anything that, made you sad, or unhappy just wanted to say thx for all of it
whereever you are, have a nice life, Generous angel
never seen your rank, see you Generous angel, roflflflfl

Inspector, you've obviously learned too much about me. I can't have that. Not even in my death

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2021-04-02 18:24:29


Sorry to see you go, but I can't particularly blame you. there comes a time when you hit the breaking point. I had that las tyear and realized at the end of the day I felt like I was trying to sweep back the entire ocean with a broom.
It's the same reason why I've just taken a big step back from the forum in general. I'm simply just tired.
Thanks for all the work that you've done. Surprisingly me and Jayde have disagreed on some things, but I feel like he did the best job he did given the circumstances.

Much less active on this forum than in the past.

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2021-04-02 19:45:41

It's April 2. I'm still not on staff. So no, this was not a joke. In the interest of full disclosure, I'll tell you that yes, this was intended, in its infancy, as a prank. However, literally within minutes of me saying I wanted to do this, it very quickly became evident that there was a lot more going on than me wanting to have fun. That's when I realized that all those annoying feelings I was dealing with weren't just making me frustrated; they were making me angry, they were wearing me out, they were grinding me down.
No, you don't have to tell me that a prank like this would have been in seriously bad taste. I know it full well. Perhaps this will indicate to you, if nothing else has, that it was high time for me to take a step back.

There may be a point where I speak with the staff team, a few months or more from now, to see if I'm still wanted on the team, if I feel I'm in a position to help. That time is not now. For the moment, this hiatus is permanent. We'll see where things are in awhile. You can be rest assured of one thing, however; if I say I'm done with something, I'm done with it. It is never my intention to toy with people's emotions.

I'm not leaving entirely, but I'm done being a punching-bag. Yesterday, in particular, really woke me up all the way to the toxicity in this community, and to the fact that not a single one of us who has volunteered to assume responsibility has earned even a tenth of the vitriol we've been splashed with. I won't ever try and downplay my mistakes, not for any reason, but I'm also not going to see myself as weak or inherently not built for community engagement. I've done advocacy of this nature for several other places in my lifetime, and not once have I ever gotten this sort of kickback, so I can only conclude that it's a feature of the community, not of the people trying to maintain it.

I hope that this community continues to flourish under the guidance of the remaining staff members. I trust their judgment and their intentions; you should too.

I am sorry to anyone that I have hurt or upset. I am not sorry for trying to do the right thing.
I am sorry for giving people bad impressions when I first came here. I am not sorry for having human emotions and expectations.
Most of all, I am sorry if my leaving is letting anyone, staff or member alike, down. I am not sorry for doing what is best for me.

I'm going to respectfully ask that if you have anything else to say that might be construed as negative, you take it up with me personally. I'm going to further request that staff be ready to close this topic if it starts to spiral. This is bittersweet enough for me as it is.

Check out my Manamon text walkthrough at the following link:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/z8ls3rc3f4mkb … n.txt?dl=1

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2021-04-02 20:52:19

wo! this could be the first time ever that people turns prank to a real thing big_smile

Thumbs up

2021-04-02 20:53:30

I am really sorry it had to come this way. I almost always agreed with your mod decisions and feel like you have done great as a moderator. But, as others have said, I can obviously understand why you want to quit. Sometimes, the tone here is really awful and honestly quite depressing. Thank you very much for doing this for so long.

We are pleased, that you made it through the final challenge, where we pretended we were going to murder you. We are throwing a party in honor of your tremendous success. Place the device on the ground, then lay on your stomach with your arms at your sides. A party associate will arrive shortly to collect you for your party. Assume the party submission position or you will miss the party.

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2021-04-02 21:24:35

Kudos for having the strength to walk away from a bad situation before letting it burn you out. I respect the moderation team for doing a job I couldn't. I don't mean moderating a community. I mean stepping into a community with no support or participation by the system admins, a community not used to many rules, and trying to make it work. That's a whole lot harder than just moderating a place. You have to really believe in this place to try to keep it running. That's hard enough to do at times, so congrats for going above and beyond and shouldering the burden of running it. smile

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2021-04-02 21:57:40

Wait just a techno minute: Is just a joke and or something is wrong with me?

Just discovered Mars vision!

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2021-04-02 22:15:24

Solution for fixing the community. One by one we all become a mod, with only 1 mod change at a time. As time goes on, we will feel the stress, and realize what this community is like. After most of the members have gone through this conversion, the community will be uniform and united.
Lol this is a terrible solution, but sometimes, crazy works.

I'm probably not making much sense in this post. Fuck English and my inability to use it affectively.

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2021-04-03 00:17:16 (edited by LordLundin 2021-04-03 00:27:56)

Thank you Jayde. We'll see what comes of this ... but as a person I've got nothing against you. I wish you nothing but the best in your future endeavors, both on and off this forum.
You know I was going to leave on a humble note until you decided to blame the community sighting your vollenteer work elsewhere. Did you consider for a moment that it was your own mistakes that made people angry at you? I hate this because I feel empathy for you and you did better than I could've done as a mod, but that sorta language is exactly what puts people off.
And for people who think I have it out for Jayde, while I certainly never liked his moderation or what it has done to the forum, I've also agreed with him on multiple occasions.  Of course people think differently ... but their fault for not reading I suppose.

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2021-04-03 00:54:14

@44, heh, make simter an admin and watch the power trip

Who has any time for the letter h?

Thumbs up

2021-04-03 01:50:55

Look, I don't care whatever the hell is said about you man, I personally have loved your spirit of always doing what you thought was right, and I respect that. The world does gift people who have put a group before themselves, and I hope you get back the riches you truly deserve.

Well, looks like android's better because of customization.
I'll switch to... Oh wait...
Google just nuked Multifinger gestures on my OnePlus! Mad! Mad! Mad! :(((
I'll just go back to my IPhone then.

2021-04-03 01:55:34

nah perma banned accounts don't get this chance. In fact anyone banned in the past and present does not.

I'm probably not making much sense in this post. Fuck English and my inability to use it affectively.

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2021-04-03 06:05:23 (edited by pool 2021-04-03 06:19:38)

hi Jayde.
I really  didn't  see that coming. you have shown great strength and willpower to work with people who were constantly punching you. if Jayde says he needs  rest, things are truely bad. I wish you all the best in your future, hope to hear more from you!

allow me to speak more,
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2021-04-03 11:14:46

Warm wishes for the future Jayde, even though you did give me a caution a couple years back smile.
Good luck, and stay positive!

Though our eyes may fail, our ears prevail!
User Karma, every little helps

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