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I'm curious about something. I figured this room was an appropriate place to post this considering it's about the website itself, though let me know if it's not the right place. I checked Audiogames.net, and it appears there are 388 logged developers in the database. It seems only 377 of those in the list are valid because 3 of the entries are blank and show all the games in the DB when clicked, and the other 8 are Truesoft, Yukio Nozawa, Oriol Games, Adora Entertainment, ESP Softworks, PBGames, and Darkflyer-Productions/MTG-Studios. All 8 of them either changed their names or go by both. BTW, if there are more developers in that list that aren't valid, let me know. If we count the developers we have on the forum, that brings the count up to 380. I will include all the forum developers in the list below. The actual point of the post is for me to find out how many of these people still make and maintain their products to this day. I compiled a list below. If you can, please let me know if I missed someone and I'll update my list. This is for a project I'm working on.

  • Jeremy Kaldobsky also known as Aprone. He's still developing Swamp and comes out with games from time to time, but isn't active on this forum.

  • 2mb Solutions. Currently working on a game engine.

  • AppA11y. Maintains and actively updates Dice World.

  • BPC Programs. I'm not sure if he counts, because he hasn't updated his games in a couple years, and I believe any updates that do come are partially from the community. That being said, his last post on the forum was 2 days ago, so he is active as far as I'm aware.

  • Choice of games

  • Camlorn. He's definitely active on the forum. He has not posted any games, however, he's still developing for the forumites and thus I count him in the list.

  • Cloverbit. I believe they're doing stuff but I'm not quite sure.

  • dentinmud internet services. Developer of Alter Aeon.

  • Ebon Sky Studios. Currently developing Sable and Crimson Eclipse.

  • Galaxy Laboratory

  • getinthedamnbox. Hmm, I think so, but I'm not certain.

  • GMA Games. Just came out with 2 games this year but aren't active on the forum.

  • Goodwolf studios. Developer of Code 7. I don't think they post on the forum much if at all.

  • Grey. Developer of Coremud.

  • Ims-productions. This is Ivan Soto. He's definitely still around.

  • Kid friendly software. Last I heard, this guy's still alive and kicking.

  • Mason Armstrong. I just saw a post from him last week.

  • Morokuma. Didn't he release something just last year.

  • mohamed sulaiman. He develops stuff and is active on the forum I think.

  • nyanchan games. He also made something last year, right?

  • Oriol Games and Oriol gaming zone, as I believe he goes by both. Released games on IOS.

  • Pragma

  • QuentinC

  • RS Games

  • Samtupy productions. No longer active on the forum, but still contributes to STW last I checked.

  • Special Magic Games LLC. Developer of the Sequence Storm Rhythm Racing Game. I've never seen a forum post from them

  • Stevo. Developer of Oh Shit. I haven't seen a post from him since November of 2020, but that's under a year so it counts.

  • Zarvox. Makes tools for specific games, and working on a private engine in python.

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You wrote orio games instead of oriol games. The developer of rs games is Ryan Smith if you want more detailed info.
You didn't add Ivan Soto, Mason Armstrong, Tunmi, and Stevo, the one responsible for oh shit. There is also the devs of sable if you want to count those guys over at Eban sky studeos.
And you forgot about me, Zarvox! I haven't released any games per say, but 2 tools for games. Rhythm rage level creator in bgt and sequence storm announcer tool in python. I am working on my own private engine in python, useful for more than just gaming. For now, just put my description as makes tools for specific games, and working on a private engine in python.
You should also mention Camlorn for his synthizer library, and probably other tools I am unaware of. He isn't the only dev who has made libraries for the community either.
For video game devs you have Daniel Lemon developer of Sequence storm, and Good Wolves developer of code 7. There are also various devs new to the audio games scene that you can check out in the new releases room.
You should consider putting contact links if that matters to your project.

I'm probably not making much sense in this post. Fuck English and my inability to use it affectively.

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Thanks Zarvox. I didn't forget about you guys, but the reason I didn't include yawl at first is because I only counted the developers that were logged in the database. It seems that while you, Tunmi and Camlorn are in the forum, your names aren't in the database. Also, I didn't count Ivan Soto, Mason Armstrong, or Stevo because I haven't seen anything from them in a while so I didn't consider them to be active developers. If it turns out they have been active and I just haven't realized, just let me know and I'll put them in the list. I can try to update the list a bit later today when I fully wake up and I'm at my computer. Thanks for the help.

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2021-03-18 14:27:38

yeah, mohamed sulaiman is me, And I'm indeed working on something in beta right now in python, But it'll take a while to come to the release state, And I'm active as you can clearly say lol.

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I believe Ivan might still be developing SBYW or something. Mason is active. Not sure about Stevo.


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2021-03-22 22:34:17 (edited by Dan_Gero 2021-03-23 01:43:28)

OK. I have updated the first post with the information provided. I still need to gather more information, but for now this is fine. I need to find a way to create a database that people can contribute to, because posting all of this in a forum topic and manually editing values by hand is cumbersome and will eventually lead to inaccurate results. I'm going to use Microsoft Excel to make this and I will upload the results to Google Sheets so people can contribute whenever needed to insure I don't get this information wrong. If anyone knows of a better way to do this, feel free to advise. Also, contact information won't be necessary; the main goal is to figure out how many developers there are on AGNet, how many are actively maintaining their projects, and how many are active on the forum itself.
Update: The spreadsheet is ready! Anyone with this link can edit the spreadsheet, so if I got something wrong, feel free to edit it and fix my errors. It's not complete, but we can always add things to it as needed. I will update the first post to reflect these changes.

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