2021-02-17 23:50:53

I have problems with 3.3. I'm jumping. Jump. Jump. Jump. My hands have already started sweating, but I jump. Jump. There is no way out but you know what I'm doing? I jump, jump. boooooooooooom! wtf? I do not know why people like this stage, but I'm stuck.

Maybe you will make me slightly happy if you put the first like

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2021-02-18 22:33:46

There is more to 3.3 than jumping. You need to be jumping pretty much all the time, but there is also a fair bit of platforming especially in the first bit.

I had to play that stage about 30 times before I could complete it successfully. You need to explore with your camera to know the layout. This will probably slow you down too much to complete the level on time, but if you memorize the platforming, you won't need to use your camera in future and you can just breeze through it.

Even if you know the way and do it as fast as you can, you'll probably only get through it in the nick of time. on my best runs, I only have like 15 seconds left. So it's a challenge!

For now I won't provide any spoilers, but if you insist, I will.

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2021-02-21 07:04:45

i've got like 54 defense, and the turrets still do like 10 12 dmage, each time they hit me, sure jumping works, but there getting hits. and the droans, take like 1 damage, and that adds up. lol.

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2021-02-21 11:57:00

hi. heare is something that you need to know about dodging drones in 2.3.
do not go to 99 or 120.
the turrets will hit you if you go there.

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2021-02-21 22:50:37

you will never believe it i'm stuck on 1.1 without a vat, so guys with the machine gonna be end of the level, kicks your face in.

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