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Alt-Frequencies is a really interesting game by Accidental Queens, the makers of A Normal Lost Phone. You need to listen to radio stations on time loops and copy messages to then send to another radio station. A big part of it is listening closely to figure out what each radio station is offering or looking for. It can be tricky at times, so this walkthrough guide should help you if you get stuck.

Chapter 1, It’s Monday!

Winston seems to be our main contact. We need to find someone who knows all the secrets. Scroll through the radio stations and listen just for fun.
To solve the puzzle, tune to station 85.3 News One and record this question from Fred Peterson:
Then go to 100.1 FM Talk Radio and upload the question to ask Mr. A. None. He tells you that there are empty frequencies that seem unused and if you record a particular sound, you can decode the frequency and reveal its true nature. He also mentions using the sound of broken glass to decode a frequency. That’s a clue!
Now tune to Pirate Radio station 105.9 FM and wait for the “brick falling on pavement.” It sounds like glass! Record it and it will automatically be decoded and you’ll reach Winston! That’s the end of Chapter 1.

Chapter 2, Students, Experts and Tall Tales

You start the chapter on Pirate Station with Winston. He wants you to copy a message from him and find radio stations that will air it. So first, copy the message about Amal McMillan.
Next, go to Campus Radio Amentos 95.7 FM and inject the message. They’ll be willing to air it, even if they’re skeptical about it. Then copy Jenni saying, “Are we being lied to by the government?”
Then go back to Talk Radio 100.1 FM with Ennis B. and upload the snippet to ask the dog Sadie if we’re being lied to by the government. Then copy Ennis B.’s comment about there being nothing wrong with lying every now and then.
Go back to News One 105.9 FM and inject Michelle’s message into the interview between Fred Peterson and Charlie Thomas. And that’s the end of Chapter 2!

Chapter 3, Police and Politics

First, copy the stabiliser sound from Winston.
Then, go to Unknown Frequency 110.1 FM and wait until you see Detective Turay’s name. Upload the stabiliser sound to unscramble the frequency and hear what she’s saying. Copy the message about some citizens being immune to the time loop.
Now, just send that message to your favorite radio show. I’m not sure if your choice affects the next chapter, but you do get a different achievement depending on which you go with.

Chapter 4
Part 1, The Raid

This is an easy section. You first need to copy the message from Winston telling Jenni to open the letter.
Then go to Campus Radio Amentos 95.7 FM and upload the clip so Jenni hears it. Winston is her dad! Now, you have the option to copy either Jenni’s message or Kaya’s message. Neither one is wrong, really. But you get different achievements for each. You can thankfully replay the chapter to get both.
And last, go back to News One and upload the message to Fred Peterson.

Part 2, The Vote

Go to Campus Radio Amentos 95.7 FM and copy Kaya’s plan. First, grab the message that starts with “One.” Then send it to News One.
Next, copy “Two.” Send it to Fresh FM.
And last, copy “Three” and send it to Talk Radio.
And that’s it!

Chapter 5, Loop well, we’ll meet again

Choose whether you want to stay or go. Then copy the lyrics from the song on Campus Radio or Talk Radio.
Then send the message to Public Announcement 105.9 FM to tell them your decision. And that’s it!

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