2020-06-28 07:55:21

@Wing of eternity, I know the musical of les miserables very well and can sing a lot of it, me being a tenor. I've not read the book, though I have read hunchback of Notre-dame a while ago.
Again worth reading, but waaaaay too long winded unfortunately, also very much full of things Hugo himself was extremely concerned about at the time, such as Parisian architecture.
I also admit in Hunchback, it was pretty difficult to like anybody, even Quasimodo himself was a bit of a git.

@Dark eagle, it sounds like India is in a bit of a  mess there. I'm hoping that once the second wave hits, perhaps the government will pull themselves together. For the mean time though, my lady and I are just going to go on with the lockdown anyway, at least until the actual facts and figures show things are calming down a bit, since the last thing we want to happen is my lady to have beaten the cancer only for her to get corona virus.
On the plus side it will probably result in me looking like Tarzan of the apes by the time we're finished given I'm doing zombies run every day I can, running and lifting weights, and also not attending the barber for obvious reasons big_smile.
For my lady this isn't such a bad thing since her hair needs to grow out post chemo (yes, she did have to wear a wig at one point), but in my case, I already have the real orlando bloom style shoulder length wavy hair, although mine is extremely dark brown verging on black not blonde.
Soon enough, I'll have to get some hair bands and tie it back in a pony tale again. I did this for a few years on one occasion, however was persuaded to stop by a director who told me that it was okay in stage productions like pirates of penzance, but not in other things.
Since however stage productions are right out now (and have been for a long time due to the UK's crappy attitude to the idea of blind people on stage), it really doesn't matter.
And hay, I sort of like the idea of having big hair again big_smile.

@mirage, hope your feeling better, and i'm sorry you had to go in too hospital. When my lady had to go for the scan, apart from being nerve wracking in terms of what the scan was for, the logistics were also extremely difficult, since getting a taxi at this point would be a really bad idea, and even hospital transport seemed dodgy.
it finished up with my dad coming over in a car with a literal barrier of sheet plastic between the front and back, and my lady changing clothes on the way, as well as of course washing her hands.
The worry wasn't the hospital itself, since obviously that's getting regularly mega cleaned, but walking from the car to the hospital entrance, especially since my lady would need to hold someone's arm.

So, hope everything went okay.

For us, we're still busy continuing doing what we're doing, for me that means reviews, a bit of gaming on slay the spire, and more game of thrones, although season 3 doesn't quite have the momentum of seasons 1 or 2, though it's still extremely good.

With our dreaming and singing, Ceaseless and sorrowless we! The glory about us clinging Of the glorious futures we see,
Our souls with high music ringing; O men! It must ever be
That we dwell in our dreaming and singing, A little apart from ye. (Arthur O'Shaughnessy 1873.)

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@Dark Eagle:
Where are you learning this programming thing? I am asking because I am also interested in that.
Also, It's the month of July, so someone make this chat unsticky already.

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