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Hey all
How does your life go in the midst of these difficult circumstances? Here getting out of home is strictly prohibited most of the time since curfew has been applied, so most of us spend most of their time at home. Well, my family and I try to have fun as much as possible so myself I'm between playing games, reading books, watching series and movies, browsing the internet and having fun with friends on social platforms, sitting with family, exercising etc. What about you? I hope you all are happy and in a good psychological condition if you're isolated at your home.
You know what, problem is that I've been playing all games since they were released so yeah, have nothing to satisfy my boredom and-or fill this damn free time haha. Honestly, a big new release is so much needed at these current circumstances. Currently, I'm sticking to Entombed, Crazy Party, Undead Assault, the QC Playroom where I do stay often, have bought Warsim yesterday and will give it a go at some point, BK3 is also in the plan as I might start a new save and play it from the begining although I did master and a lot play that one til the Legend of Aiin difficulty. Any more suggestions?

Hmm ok, you know what's the game of my dreams? As an RPG fan, I'd say that I wish for a dungeon crawling roguelike like Entombed where a randomly generated dungeon for you to scroll through its verious stages and fight enemies, with classes and jobs with different skills, techniques and spells to cast and learn. But what, with a complex and advanced realtime combat, and wow with like generated platforms, hazards and areas in a 2d sidescrolling style, something like we've seen in Planet Saga which is amazing, I really liked the complexities in its combat system and gameplay mechanics. That's in addition to randomly generated enemies, bosses, items, weapons, special items and quests for sure. That way you can form your own adventure with endless possibilities.
Enough for now, what about you? How do you spend your time during isolation?
Stay safe from Corona virus, and I hope this crisis ends well and sooner than later.

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Our blind community is unfairly treated, when it comes to games.

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2020-03-26 18:43:02

I would love to leave, altho i am generally staying at home because i am home schooling, and i am bad at walking out side alone so no big difference to me, and because i'm home schooling, i also have not that much friends to miss, altho i would love to have some. Hope fully when wacations wil hit, i wil be able to socialize a little more with going to camps, ETC but only if the corona virus stops ruining our lives and the quarantine and stuff wil end.

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2020-03-26 19:45:35

This topic already exists just under another name. Also finishing up school graduation events were canceled saddly but I'll still get my master's. Just watching Youtube, movies, TV, working out, and trying to finish up school. Just 5 more weeks not counting this one!

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2020-03-26 20:03:47 (edited by makenan53 2020-03-26 20:04:53)

Same situation in Turkey. Restaurants, shopping malls, barbers, everywhere is closed. And there is a curfew for people over 65 years old. In fact, people under 65 cannot go out of their houses too. The streets are empty. Students receive education over the internet with the distance education system.

2020-03-26 23:02:54

@3 oh yes, I wasn't aware of that and did notice that already soon after I posted this topic. Apologize for bringing up an already existing discussion smile.

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Our blind community is unfairly treated, when it comes to games.

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2020-03-27 18:07:01

Hi all, i am back from varcity. Shit that i can't finish the first symester, i thaught i could finish early, but still have a while to go on. I am just chilling at home, coding a little, listening to the TV with family, exercising with my mom, and eating a lot! Nah, jk i don't do the eating a lot thing, though it sounds fun. but yeah mentaly i think i can make it... let's hope so!

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2020-03-27 21:43:27 (edited by black_mana 2020-03-27 21:59:45)

reading book, watching movies, playing games, chiling,  learning, coding, etc all kinds of stuf, i did things i haven't be able to do  on a regular day, also trying to make time so i can study for my  final  semester on second year of hie school
a new system  was applied recently for  students  through a tv channel and  the internet to help them  study at home
here the   curfew   has bin applied to almost 12 states

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2020-03-28 01:16:02

The problem for me is, playing games takes a lot of focus that I don't have right now. Games I'm familiar with, like Crazy Party, are ok, though I've definitely been doing worse than usual because of worrying about things. That's why Dice World has been my go-to lately, you don't have to concentrate too hard to play that. The act of isolation itself isn't that bad for me, since I'm used to a more or less isolated lifestyle due to the area I live in, but it feels different than normal because of several circumstances.

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