2020-02-14 00:12:12

Hey guys!!

If anyone interested in this than check it out. And I'm pass this out to everybody making music. Just encase nobody on this mailing list.

I wanted to pass along this message from Marc Sabatella who has been instrumental in making MuseScore accessible using JAWS as well as when using other screen readers.  MuseScore is an open source and free program for creating and working with professional looking musical scores.  The latest version of the program which now works with JAWS can be downloaded from

You can also find out more about MusceScore at that URL.

Below are the release notes for the JAWS scripts that work with MuseScore.

MuseScore JAWS Script

This script provides full support MuseScore using the JAWS screen reader. To install, visit the
Releases tab, then download and run jfw_musescore.exe. This will install the scripts in your local JAWS folder as well as an uninstaller you can run to remove them should the need arise.

There are no special functions to learn in this JAWS script. They merely help make sure MuseScore actually functions as expected with JAWS. For more information on using the accessibility features in MuseScore, see the httpsmusescore.orgenhandbook3accessibility section on Accessibility in the MuseScore Handbook.

We are very deeply indebted to
Doug for their assistance in developing this script!

Thanks to Marc and Doug for making this all work!


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