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Note, I will be referring to IPA files several times throughout this guide. An IPA file is simply an IOS app package.
Note 2, this also works for ipad.
There's a post in the general games discussion forum, but I figured I would try to simplify this for the people who don't get it. First, you need the link to download the apps. You can find that elsewhere. Second, you need the Cydia impactor tool. This does not mean you need a jailbroken phone. Before you begin, you need to create an app specific password if your Apple ID uses 2-factor authentication. Try to do this on an apple device if you can. It will be easier to get the password. Follow these steps.
1. go to www.appleid.apple.com and sign in.
2. Find the security section.
3. Under app specific passwords, click generate password. 4. Create a label for the password, then click create. 5. Copy the password to your clipboard.
Note, instructions from here on out are based on a Mac. Windows may be slightly different. , Follow these steps to install the software.
1. Connect your phone to your computer.
2. Launch Cydia impactor.
3. Open the menu and select device.
4. From the device submenu, choose install package.
5. Select the .IPA file you want to install.
6. When asked, enter the email address associated with your Apple ID, followed by the app specific password you generated earlier.
7. Wait while the software is installed.
Note, if the software refuses to run because it hasn't been verified, go to settings, general, profiles and device management, and click your Apple ID under device management. Finally click the option to verify your certificate. There you go. Your apps should be installed. You'll need to repeat this process for each game. Have fun.