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Crafting kingdom tips and tricks.
This guide has some tips and tricks for the game crafting kingdom. I hope they can be of some use. I have been playing the game for over two years, and some of these tips can really help you out.
When manually producing, or just using one slot, audimated or not, double tap the produce button really fast. It will produce faster.
Don't listen to the hints about resetting, especially at the start of the game. Try to complete as many quests as you can before resetting, that way you will have more to do, and more rewards to gain in one run.
Once some slots are audimated, reaudimate them frequently. That will help you dearly, as it will produce more of a given material, and help you sell more.
Expand you're storage as much as possible. The more storage you have, the longer you can leave the game to do the producing with out you having to check up on it. I always spend a lot of my coins on storage, especially right after a reset, it helps me greatly.
If you want to get lots of treasure chests or video rewards, while you're slots are producing, audimated of course, wait on the world map screen. You will get rewarded for waiting, trust me.
Visit the princess every day. This wasn't really true at the launch of the game, but now, the princess can really help you out. Not only will she boost you're sail prices, but she will also give you coins or gems. The higher the sail prices get, the higher her rewards will be, so visit her every day.
Those are all my tips and tricks, I hope they help you guys out.

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