2019-07-12 15:32:22

hey, are there any developers on here who may know enough python to make a basic dialog box with buttons, edit boxes, combo boxes, radio buttons and so on? if so, would any developers be willing to make an easy-to-use dialog-box for send-to-braille so that people don't have to keep editing .bat files? this would include
1. ability to choose input and output files, or choose a folder to batch-translate a folder full of files. choose a source and destination folder.
2. ability to choose the translation table from a combo box. just put the list of valid translation tables into a combo box and let the user choose their table.
3. make sure it works on both 32-bit and 64-bit windows.
4. have radio buttons for forward translation source document docx, epub, etc, to braille, and a radio button to choose back-translation.

I have a folder full of files I want to translate to grade2-ueb I want to batch-translate them and I am unsure as to how to modify the send to braille bat file. a nice GUI graphical dialog wrapper for send to braille would make this process so much easier. thanks.

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