2019-05-31 19:38:04

Is there any way How to get the crazy party script, like open sourced crazy party? Regards: Marco

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2019-05-31 19:46:23

No because it is not open source...

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2019-05-31 20:08:43

lol no

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2019-06-01 11:23:58

wait wait  now i understand correctly?
He wants crazy party source? no you can't get.

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2019-06-01 12:39:54 (edited by AlirezaNosrati 2019-06-01 12:40:10)

Ask one of the devs, they can give you the source.

it's challenge not chalange

2019-06-01 17:24:07

In order to protect code, developers(programmers) compile or in a simpler word, pack them into a file which on windows, has the .exe prefix. These files are called executable - it means files that can be executed on your operating system. So if you found an executable file with no source code around the file or on the web, You can say this application is closed source, it should remain protected and getting the source in any way is not legal. However, there are people who decompile(unpack) the executable files and get the source code. When an application isn't marked as open sourced on the web, getting the source code from said people is not legal either.

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2019-06-01 21:33:05

first, you can't get the source code, you can get how it works.
optimizations, linking, packing/encryption will help the developer protect the source code.

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2019-06-04 16:35:17

@5 good luck!

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