2019-05-16 18:57:16

Hi guys,
So I've been playing awesome homer especially recently, and I notice a problem. For whatever reason, the game tends to freeze up when you die. I'll give an example:
"In level 3, with 80 shots, you destroyed all 30 projectiles."
Nothing else happens. It doesn't continue speaking and it doesn't go back to the main menu, etc. I'm running the standalone version from the ag archive. I'm running windows 10, and using Zira as my tts voice.
I then have to press alt f4 to close it out. However, the program doesn't fully shut down, just the window. So I then have to alt f4 on my desktop, press escape on the "shutdown windows..." dialogue, and alt f4 on the "awesome." window that appears in order to close the game completely. I have to do this process *every* time I die.
Does anyone know what could be the issue?

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2019-05-17 14:13:41

no, but i had the same problem with this game, how ever only on windows 10, on my main windows7 machine it works just fine.

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2019-05-17 18:47:34

Yeah. I remember it working on win 7 as well just fine. Not sure what changed.

Twitter: stevo399
Website: stevend.net
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2019-05-17 20:42:46

Hi dwarfer.
If you are using windows 10 I'd say it's probably windows 10 and vb6 conflicting with each other somehow. You should talk to aprone, he knows all about vb6 and might have a good solution for you.

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