2019-05-16 18:23:47

Hey and good evening.

so, I recently discovered that apparently some blind people are able to play diablo 3 or at leased, they play parts of the game.

As someone who is interested in those loot hack and slay games, I looked a bit at liams live demos of the game which do not sound that bad.

But, I want to get in some more opinions of other gamers who played that game as well.

I would get it for the PC, so, would you say it's worth getting? If the majority of the game is to find paths and doors, something like run around 20 minutes to find an exit, with the gameplay only beeing there for a minute or so before exploring continues, I wouldn't consider getting it.

So, how have your experiences been and would you say I should get the game?

Greetings Moritz.

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2019-05-16 18:53:19

I'm pretty much wondering the same thing. However, if you're planning to get it on pc, you cannot move using the arrow keys or using a controller. You need to use the mouse. Apparently some people were able to use a script to use WASD to move around though.

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2019-05-16 19:51:17

Yeah, pc is completely and totally out for us. It's a lot of fun, but I would say if you don't plan to play in a group, I wouldn't bother since you'll need a lot of help managing gear and abilities. I love the game though.

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2019-05-18 03:43:53

I've found I needed a lot of help, and the game's random nature can really be frustrating. Currently stuck at a point where I have to find some lost items. Not expecting to be progressing much further, but it's still been pretty fun.

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2019-05-18 14:33:52 (edited by TheBlindSaiyan 2019-05-18 14:37:11)

Could you explain the features that make it playable for blind people?
For example, if I got it, could I still get fun from roming round certain places and killing enemies who come to me, if that's a thing in that game?

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2019-05-19 00:02:39


I played around with it for two days now, i must say it is very impressive. However i have to explore around quite a bit to find something. But i was able to find the cellar and the first "boss" without much of a problem, and i really was on my guard while playing.

But i have a few questions for myself:

1. which button is used to let me select a waypoint to teleport to?
and 2.
After killing the mother which created "this horrors" mentioned by the captain, i have to talk to the captain once more, i think i am a navigational newbie, but i haven't much luck finding him. I asume that i have to talk with lia afterwards, but will lia by on the same spot as where i encountered her first? Or is she at a different location?

I am curious on how it will fare for me liam, i must say that i really enjoyed watching you play, while i saw a few facts which could be or are a trouble to deal with, you none the less pulled me over the boarder to get the game as well and try it out. And as said earlier, i am loving it, however it takes quite a bit of time to play and get used to.

Greetz mike

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