2019-05-12 05:52:09

Hey everyone.
So the title says it all.
The Music in Eurofly is very wonderful. And I love how you can add your own. For example: Three friends of mine live in New Jersey, and they created a song together. So on my machine, I have the game set up so that whenever I fly into New Jersey, that song plays. And if you walk through the map, you can set levels 3-7 to play certain music that you want. So for one of those friends in New Jersey, I have it play his Harmonica Composition that he made for whenever I fly into his County; (In this case, that is Level three.)
So feel free to talk about the  music in this game what you all have experimented with on your machines.

But what I want to know is" Who is the music for Israel by? Whoever is singing in that piece of music has a beautiful voice! And I' assuming that the language is Hebrew. But I don't know Hebrew at all. So I do wonder what she is saying.

John Follis

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