2019-05-06 05:43:55

so i'vv herd that there's a game developing engine; all so nown is the sonos g d e; wich I have dounloded is grate
i'vv try it for the firsth time and it sounds like easy to lirn: if anybody of you have the totorials for it; let me no in this topic: have a nice day;

remember; it's mike from most a g's
leave me a thums up if it's helpful!

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2019-05-06 06:16:44

You can find the Sonus tutorials [here], there's a tour mp4 audio recording, and the rest are text tutorials.

-BrushTone v1.3.3: Accessible Paint Tool
-AudiMesh3D v1.0.0: Accessible 3D Model Viewer

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2019-05-06 17:56:01

In fact. I have a txt document with all tutorials compiled into one file. Here's the link.
https://www.dropbox.com/s/vd3a2njezcvni … s.txt?dl=0
Hope you enjoy.

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2019-05-06 23:52:30

what's the download link for this programming langwich?

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