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Hello all,

I'm looking for another Bluetooth keyboard after my Logitech K760 seemingly died out of nowhere. I can't connect it to anything and putting it in light does nothing. What keyboards would you guys recommend? I'm looking for one that lets me switch between several devices, has a replaceable battery, and isn't too expensive.

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2019-02-15 12:34:42

Hi! If you like braille keyboard, I'ld suggest the BBREK. I have it and it's fantastic; plenty of possibilities and it's very fast and responsive. If you want a Qwerty one or a PC tipe, I'ld suggest the Jtech keyboards: very light and portable.
Hope this helps.
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wow, very interesting. i have more ideas here but will definitely check out the ones from post 2. You can also read the whole thread because its got other interesting things about typing.
I tried to locate the braille keyboard mentioned but was not succesfful. Also, the keyboards you are referring to are probably the g tech ones, not the j tech ones.. the g tech were the only ones I could find. Yeah sure it rolls up which is convenient, but its still a fully sized keyboard, so meh

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