2019-02-14 17:13:48 (edited by nidza07 2019-02-20 13:51:36)

Some news! Read them here

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2019-02-17 19:16:17

I have to say, I'm impressed. Nidza07 the support you're providing since reading through these pages of posts is outstanding! Again, I've yet to download the client, or visit the sites. but you guys seem to be answering all the questions and again, providing great support along the way.
Keep up the good work! Nice job! I'm sure I'll take the plunge into Tiflo space soon. *grin*

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2019-02-17 23:29:54

Thanks, it's my pleasure to help and to hear such a comment. Indeed, the lack of support was a primary reason for opening this new topic.

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2019-02-19 14:57:53

hi, i have a problem
i registored on the new website
good, i found that it wants onfermation from my phone
well, i can't reach my phone
my labtop charger died
i went back today to registor but ti said that the mail is in use
means that they send my a code to my mail
and i turned on  2 step varification
and i  can't not reach my mail or my phone,
how can you help me?

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2019-07-02 21:01:54

Hi. Since the last time, there's been quite a few updates in the new client beta. Here is the unofficial changelog. As always, the download links in the first post still apply. If you already have the client, it will automatically update when you launch it.
Authorisation: It is now only possible to log in using the new social.tiflo.space site
General: You can now view notifications inside the client
General: You can now add friends
Games: You can now turn on spectator mode. When you are in a table, if you join, it is on by default. Press shift plus enter to declare you are ready to play, or do it from the context menu on Android. If you create a table yourself, it is off. To turn on, at least one person must join so he can take the table master.
Games: Now possible to play with toys by the rules mentioned already.
General: You can get 1000 toys for testing each day. Keep in mind that as soon as testing is over, all toyses will be reset to 0. This is only a way to test all the features and report bugs and wont be possible in the final version.
General: Added the invisibility cap in the client. To use once, you must pay 100 toyses. Press ctrl i for usage or open the main context menu on Android.
General: Added the history of transfer of toyses. Here can view every decrease and increase of toyses as well as the reason. To use, press ctrl r or use the main context menu on Android.
General: It is possible to edit your profile from the client. To use, press ctrl p or use the main context menu on Android.
Other bugfixes
Known issues:
When using the client for the first time, you will be asked to input your nickname if you want to play games. Here, profile editor will open. At present, there is an issue if your Windows is English, possibly other languages as well. When you are asked to type your birthday, normally you should input in the format dd.mm.yyyy, however the input field is auto completed based on your Windows date format. In case your format is for example, dd/mm/yyyy, please change temporarily your date format to Russian, restart the client, fill the birthday and then you can change it back to English or whatever it was set to.
If you need instructions for this, let me know and I will provide them.
This does not apply if you are on Android.
Alternatively, if you use Android, you can fill the date on Android, save, and come back to play on Windows.
Mile by mile: Fixed a runtime error when entering a game in progress
Mile by mile: Fixed the inability to change game settings

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2019-07-03 00:51:07

Gonna download it.

Well, just my electronic part, if you need it. If you like my posts, thumbs up to me. I'm just happy for being here! Oh yeah yeah.

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2019-07-08 18:44:13

But how to registere? When I click on registere in the client, it takes me to a Russian website. Please help, because I don't know what those Russian words mean?

Hi, I am Urh. I am a 12 years old guy from Slovenia. If you want to add me on twitter, you can do so. I am @urhaccek. You can also add me on skype: My skype username is [email protected]

2019-07-09 11:39:08

If you can help, it is very aprisiated.

Hi, I am Urh. I am a 12 years old guy from Slovenia. If you want to add me on twitter, you can do so. I am @urhaccek. You can also add me on skype: My skype username is [email protected]

2019-07-09 18:00:20

hi Urh, the web page's tiflo.space.

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2019-07-09 18:48:24

Hi. I have posted a link in the first post to register on the new site, which should link to the English page. Additionally, the bug where it takes you to a Russian page will be fixed.

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