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What! What do you mean I can't procrastinate! It's 36 Celsius out here and you casually barge in waving a wooden sword in my face! Shouldn't you be gathering more wood or something? OK, fine. I guess you have a point.

With the holidays in full swing in most of the world, it means that many developers find themselves with more free time than usual, time that gets devoted to developing new games!

First of all, if you've been hanging around social media lately, you might have noticed a lot of people posting their scores from this game, which has been taking the community like a rock storm. And if you've been living under a rock... Well, you couldn't have been. Because in this crazy party inspired world rocks kill you if you're under them.
The game in question is simply called Oh shit! something you'll probably be saying a lot once you start playing this simple, but incredibly addictive arcade collectathon. The previously mentioned falling rocks drop point pickups as well as powerups which will help you avoid said rocks as well as cannons shooting at you and pits appearing on the ground. If you do well enough, you just might make it to the online scoreboard!

If after all that you're feeling nostalgic, or just want something more complicated, take a look at Mason Armstrong's updated Remake of Tomb Hunter originally from USA Games. Available to preorder for 50% off, the game will include 30 levels of side scrolling platforming goodness. You'll have to jump across pits, both empty and fire filled ones, deal with reanimated skeletons, snakes and spiders and pick up ancient scrolls, treasures and potions along the way. Not sure if the game is for you? There's a 6-level playable demo for you to help you decide!

If this is still not complicated enough or you just want more story with your skeleton killing, there is now a playable demo of Planet Saga coming soon from Galaxy Laboratories, a open-world action RPG with side scrolling dungeons, crafting and combo mechanics, full support for modern Xbox controllers and lots of story. If you want to give the game a try be sure to set up the JGT NVDA ad-on first, which also recently received some updates adding a local cache making the translation faster and requiring less internet access.

Sticking with games with story,
Echoes of Levia: Soulbound was just released on every platform imaginable, both desktop and mobile. You wake up to find your village just got attacked and plundered by pirates, and yourself stuck in prison with a talking demon inside your head as your only companion. Now you must get out, save the villagers and figure out what's going on by exploring the world and defeating various enemies.

If you're taking advantage of the weather and going out, with your iPhone the only source of information and entertainment, don't worry, we've got you covered with Knight Commander from Woodside Apps. The game can be described as what would happen when castaways and crafting kingdom had a baby. You are the chief of a new town and have to manage your people. Have them go out and gather resources so that you can build new buildings, sell goods and defend yourself if you get attacked. But don't forget you're dealing with people. And people need to be fed and have a place to sleep. If you don't provide that you'll be out of a job. And maybe also a head.
The game is fully accessible and includes has plenty of music and sound effects. All of your underlings can be customised with your very own names and pictures. The game includes no in-ap purchases, so apart from the $2 you pay for the game any other upgrades, which there are many, can be bought with in-game currency. With continuing development and many new features planned, this is definitely one to look at.

And that's just the biggest new releases. As always, definitely make sure to look at the New releases forum for everything else. There is also plenty of optimism to be had for accessibility of mainstream games, with Madden nFL 19 retaining the previous game's accessibility features while adding new ones like narration for the main menu, so there are definitely some exciting times ahead!

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