2018-03-31 00:39:09

first, to the admin of the forum. I was unsure where to put this. So apologies in advance.

I'm here to review the mud Classic 6dragons. It is a wonderful mudding experience with nice staff and helpful players. the multiclass system is well balanced . It allows you to pick either one, two or a tripple-class character.. Each race, and there are quite a few has  it's strengths and weaknesses. for example shades make good thieves because they have the inherant ability to pass through doors that are locked. 

There is also a cafting system which is pretty cool. You can gather your materials and have the coice of four trades. Mongthem blacksmith being one of them. I'll let you find out hte other three trades yourself.
Aside from the day-to-day combat since the mud takes place in a war between the forces of good and evil there are seiges that you can participate in to gain glory points which allows you to train up stats. .
finally. I have to gush about hte sounds in the msp support. the mud currently has a sound support ofr mushclient nad a lynux client called Tin'tin i believe. and we are working  on more options for client users if you don't like either of those mud clients.  New players are always elcome and encrouraged to give us a try
On ascale of one to ten. I give this mud an eight.  I don't normally like multicassing but this mud has made me want to try it. out. I've not been disappointed so far. 
Hope to see you all there at some point. ask for Baine. and I'll do  what i can to help you out.

Thumbs up +4