2019-01-23 22:29:30

Hi LoreGold, you are now unrestricted.

2019-01-23 22:30:49

Hi, folks.
My name is wolf and I have been dabbling in audio games for years. I am over the moon that I finally was able to create an account here and hope to chime in on things, especially Swamp related. My dream is to one day soon even write my own games for all you to enjoy.
Happy hunting,

2019-01-24 06:50:08

Hi, I'm James English, English gamer with sadly no game creation ability.

2019-01-24 12:34:44

Wolf and James, you are both unrestricted.

2019-01-24 19:45:16

Dear Sirs,
Please accept my apologies as I did not understand correctly how to present myself from the first time. My name is Kostiantyn and I live in Kyiv, Ukraine. In my free time I prefer to play audio games, at the present time I am passing the "Blind Legend". In reality I was so interested in the topic of audio games that had a strong desire to create my own one and now I'm developing it.  I would like to share it with people who prefer audio games not less than me, receive feedback as well as improve the game after them, so that it would bring more pleasure to everyone. Apart from on this forum it I would also like to find like-minded people and communicate with them in the future.

2019-01-25 14:05:38

Hi Kostiantyn you are now unrestricted.

2019-01-25 15:25:12

Hello everyone  thanks for adding me Steve

2019-01-25 16:34:50

arqmeister wrote:

Hi Kostiantyn you are now unrestricted.

Thank you very much!

2019-01-25 19:02:40

OK let’s try this again,  my name is Steve I am from Johnstown Pennsylvania USA.  I have never played an audio game before and I am looking forward to see how it’s done.  I am also interested in reading and participating in the forums.  Sorry if I didn’t do it right the first time but I had a hard time finding the directions this site is not easy to navigate thank you Steve

2019-01-26 02:15:37

Hi Steve thanks for the information, you are now unrestricted.

2019-01-27 15:50:34

Greetings everyone,

I'm Semih Budak and I've been playing and coding games for a long time. Recently I've dabbled with binaural audio a little, and wanted to post a proof-of-concept game of my own design.

Hope to see you in a few days while I patch a few things and make it user friendly beta.

2019-01-27 18:22:00

I use this name in swamp too.
my favorite games are shadow rine and a heros call, I've finished them. My favorite video game is Resident Evil 4, maybe I'll try to complete the paladin of the sky soon.
I'm noob in the rest of the games for some reason

2019-01-28 13:38:28

hi all. ok my name's Camron. I live in Australia and like audio games. I am 31 years old, I like generally online and other types of games for I've a few of Jim kitchens games. hope I can laugh with everyone for I would like to make friends. hope you can all help. thanks

2019-01-29 12:47:47

Hi all,
I'm here as a student at Northumbria University who is currently completing a project on the creation of a 3D audio only adventure game, and am here in order to bounce ideas off other users and get some help with requirement capture for my project.

2019-01-29 14:41:45

All posts below my last one, you are all unrestricted.

2019-01-30 05:47:55

Hello my name is Michael and I am here because I just love audio games.

There are two types of people in this world. Those who think they can't and those who think they can. They are both right.

2019-01-30 12:43:16

yo all, hey glad to be part such a awesome company. I love audio games, I also like working on project's, but before I start working on something, I'd rather have a laugh, talk about games u all play, how to get them and the up website of course, and any review's and walkthrough's I'd love to download them and split my sides with the entertainment I 'm sure they give the listener. aw man, anyway just a question, why is this restricted? I'm not a weird person at all, I'm just a cool person who lives in UK I'm totally blind, hard of hearing, but that's all sorted now anyway so yay. I have various entertaining stuff on my computer, but I hope joining u all will help me out. but I no this is annoying, but why is this restricted? I only asking that's all. anyway, hope to be un-band soon, from carl. or as most people no me as crazy carl. lol so I can say this message is from me crazy carl.

2019-01-30 13:12:53

Hi. My name is Sovs. I’m not really sure what to write lol. Uh, i’m a danish guy and i‘m basictly here because i love audiogames i guess...

2019-01-30 14:09:22

Hello, I'm a twelve years old totaly blind person from Slovenia. I really like playing audio games, so I want to join this forum. I also play piano and I am a fan of computer programing.

2019-01-30 14:28:00

awesome mate! I so love piano and keyboards they are cool. but hey once I get side splitting on this forum, I'll feel so happy inside. lol I can't get your name done for my stupid thing classes as an error. anyway I just love to do absolutely anything.

2019-01-30 15:17:32

Once again, all posts below my last one, you are all unrestricted.

2019-01-30 23:22:23

Hello all! I've recently been introduced to audio games by a dear friend of mine so I'm eager to learn more about them and join a the community!

2019-01-31 16:59:54

Hi Malechai, can i get a little more information from you? What are your favorite games so far? Is your friend a part of the forum? Just a little more would be helpful, thanks.

2019-01-31 19:27:29

arqmeister wrote:

Hi Malechai, can i get a little more information from you? What are your favorite games so far? Is your friend a part of the forum? Just a little more would be helpful, thanks.

Of course! My friend is user zkline. I've been working with him the last couple of weeks to help get the accessibility scripts working for X3. He has yet to introduce me to any specific audio games but we'll get there.

He has introduced me to starmourne and other such text based games but we've been having a lot of fun with X3 lately.

2019-02-01 00:03:07

Hi all,
My names is Boris Baracaldo and I'm a developer currently working on accessible games during my free time. Most recently, we released Ear Hockey on the Windows Store and I'm excited to get closer contact with the community to share news and collect feedback smile

A little bit more about our project can be found on our blog.