2019-01-13 15:36:33

Hey there. my name is James, I like audiogames and watching movies.

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2019-01-14 01:39:53

Hi james, you are now unrestricted.

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2019-01-15 06:18:38

Hi everyone,

My name is Ryan, I look forward to engage in discussions and to learn from one-another.
My hobby's are Dungeons and Dragons, video games and music.

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2019-01-15 16:05:29

Hi ryan, you are now unrestricted.

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2019-01-15 20:34:17

I'm Fawaz, A computer science student, I am not into gaming world that much, but I like to try some games from time to time.
however, I have addiction of playroom, I've been there since 2011, (my user name is Fawaz).
other than that now a days playing Great toy robbery.
also tried crazy party and few other games, and a lot of games back in windows xp times.
great to be here.

"Stay hungry, stay foolish."

2019-01-16 02:07:26

Hi Fawaz, you are now unrestricted.

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2019-01-16 16:13:56

hey this is madhusudan from nepal, a high school student, small youtuber, works at a radio, writing poems and of course always love to play audio games.

Thanks and regards.
Visit my youtube channel to dive into accessible tech tutorial.
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvVJNv … 9wXunGvl9A

2019-01-16 19:07:27

I am prateek from india, a gamer, student, and a youtuber.
I like to interact with new people and I would love to gane access in audio games forum.
and, I want to be updated with the gaming community as well.

allow me to speak more,
katch me on twitter
if audio games play throughs  and tutorials fascinates you then,
katch me on YouTube

2019-01-17 00:03:57

Hi to all the community.
My name is Rob, and I am from the UK.
I am a big fan of dragon ball Z fighting games, as well as action titles in the Audio Game list.
I'm sure we'll all get on, and become friends smile.
Thanks, that's all from me for now smile

Though our eyes may fail, our ears prevail!
User Karma, every little helps

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2019-01-17 02:25:27

To the 3 previous posters, you are all unrestricted.

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2019-01-17 22:31:33

I'm 26 years old, have been blind since birth and live in Belgium. I stumbled upon this website by accident while searhcing for an alternative way to download audiodescribed TV shows.

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2019-01-18 01:18:37

Hello all,

My name is Paul and I'm a big fan of NASCAR racing and interactive audio games.

Looking forward to posting on here about games, racing, etc, etc.

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2019-01-18 17:55:51

Both of you are unrestricted.

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2019-01-19 04:23:38

Hello everybody, my name is tyrone thompson, TyThompson29 is my username here. I am a blind gamer, and looking for new audio games to play on both my PC and IPhone.

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2019-01-19 11:37:57

Hi everyone! My name is tornadoSuplex! Well not my real name, just the name I use in forums. My real human name is Franklin. My hobbies are listening to extreme metal music, reading military fiction novels, watching professional wrestling, programming and computer science.

Initially I don't care much about games. Mainly because I have no idea accessible action games existed. A year ago, my brother, who is an avid gamer, recommended a game he found called A blind legened. While it does not made me play games for real, I was surprised and amazed by the experience. For one, I have no idea people are creating binaural or 3d games! It would seem there are accessible games far more exciting than normal text games I encountered earlier. And so I began browsing this site in search of more games. Today, I am currently playing the already mentioned A Blind Legened (https://www.audiogames.net/db.php?id=A+Blind+Legend), GMA Tank Commander (https://audiogames.net/db.php?id=gmatankcommander) and 3D Velocity (https://www.audiogames.net/db.php?actio … 20velocity).

I have been browsing this forum for a long time. What made me actually signup is the fact that I believed I have achieved a personal achievement. For the first time in my life, I have managed to complete a game. I managed to finnish 3D Velocity! This might be a small thing for many, but I found this game to be terrifying. The 3d audio made me feel I am actually a real pilot. The experience of trying to evade missiles launched from below while  locked in a dogfight is unreal. I have been playing TDV for maybe  less than 6 months and I couldn't finnish it. Today I finally did. Probably my first post in the forum would be to ask you guys for a review. Luckily Audacity didn't screw up and I managed to record everything. I usually record games I played because I found that the perspective of an observer is different from someone directly in the situation (I.E. you never feel the tention and terror when you are observing, but you can relax and analyse your tactics without getting killed).

After that, maybe I get to interact more in the forum. Some devs asks for suggestions on their games. Maybe I can contribute.

My dream games. Preferably all in 3d surround sound or binaural sound.

1. A submarine/destroyer simulation game like Lone Wolf, but more modern.
2. Helicopter/gunship simulation game. Helicopters encounter somewhat different threats from fighter aircraft.
3. A wrestling simulation game. Everything mainstream seems to be inaccessible.
4. Accessible anime card games, not just basic card games.

Thanks for reading!

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2019-01-19 16:49:34

Hi,  my name is Dean.  I've browsed this site for years but thought i'd register as I enjoy playing audio games.  I started off playing games like shades of doom from GMA years ago.

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2019-01-19 16:54:10

Hi, my name is Amanda, CheekyMonkey on most multiplayers, various names on muds but don't play many of them anymore. I've found a few cool games from this site but only recently registered.

I prefer RPG style games, and have been playing Paladin of the Sky, Manamon, and A Hero's Call lately. Haven't managed to get Survive the Wild to work properly, and found a huge major bug in Castaways 2 that has unfortunately meant I can't play any further. I do also sometimes play on RS Games and Crazy Party. I've found some cool games, and they seem to be getting better as the years pass. I'm looking forward to finding more Paladin and Hero's Call style games in the future.

Would also be interested in beta testing, or even doing some voice work for upcoming games, so I'll be watching out for those threads. Looking forward to getting to know some fellow players.

2019-01-19 18:57:13

Hi guys, all of you who have posted below my last post are now unrestricted.

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2019-01-19 22:38:50

hi all. My name is Cisco. I am a 14 years old guy who lives in Italy. I started play Audio games when I was 11 . My favorite audio games are Top speed3, toomb hunter, that i don't play because i don't wanna buy it and ff or firefight. hope to talk to all of you in this forum! see you, cisco.

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2019-01-20 01:24:52

Hi, i am a new player of castaways2

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2019-01-20 12:52:38

Both of you are now unrestricted.

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2019-01-20 16:39:34

Hi, my name is Kostiantyn. I'm game developer, and i'm working now with new audio game.

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2019-01-23 02:21:38

I'm Damien Garwood, formerly known by a bunch of other surnames (families are great aren't they?), gamer, tester, developer and otherwise collaborator.

2019-01-23 12:22:32

Hi daygar, you are now unrestricted.

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2019-01-23 14:38:37

Hi I'm Lore, I'm currently looking into creating an interactive game for the blind and wanted to meet people to help me achieve this. Currently working on the ways I would like to see this happen and what I want to tell

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