2019-02-10 22:26:24

The point is not to put everything in your deck. You will have a hard time if you play like that. The point is to focus your deck on something. I have said this many times before, but I have rare use cases for even 80 cards as drawing something you need in a given moment is hard.

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2019-02-11 00:49:07

nidza07 thx for answer. Now it is more clearly, I will test this card.
I think 80 cards is ok, now when people have 80 cards, probably they will be defeated. They have a lot of different cards but nothing special.
Heh you can increase deck limit, because good players probably will have only 6 cards maybe 70, but when someone will create very good deck with 100 cards, congratulations for him.
But I have different problem, when I have 40 cards in my hands, this is very long time to check all.
Is it possible add 2 options?
1 When your oponents play, you wait, and you can't use arrows, but it would be greateful, If they play and I will move arrows betwen my cards.
2 fast way to check how many cards do you have from all your proffesions, for example, when you have 50 cards in hand, you press 1 and you get information: you have 10 normal cards, 10 grass cards etc.
Sory for my english, if something is not clearly, I will write again.

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2019-02-11 17:25:41

About the decks, I don't have many 80 card deck.
One acception is a mirror ghost, (link to the past/link to the past/muddy explosion/demonic drawing/blasted shock) deck that I have.
I only put 80 cards because the mirror cards take lots of space but they make the deck possible.
Most of my other decks are focused on other things, I have 1 that is geared towards using rock golem and smashing things.
I did make an ally deck too, but if I run out of allies than I'm not very dangerous. smile

My tactical battle scripts: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dzsmqv2pgqvu1 … h.zip?dl=1
Currently, one of my favorite games is Trimps.
So I'm the Trimper Trooper!

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2019-02-11 19:33:22

Same, I have a normal/fighting 80 cards deck which has Passive Intervention and Iron Hand that can work well enough, but the others I tried to make generally take too much time to get going. Also the only strategy I can think of for targetting an ally with offensive cards is to attack him physically for moderate damage when he has Bleeding cards, to emplify Blue Blood or whatever he wants to use. Has been used to great effect during Tiflojuegos' Crazy Cup, but I would have to watch it again to be sure.

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2019-02-12 22:23:24

what is the pathfinder?

I have the following games:
0 Weeding the Woods
1 Across the Sewers
2 The Underwater Cave
3 The Mortal Swamp
8 Simon
9 Arrange the Sounds
10 Speedy Reaction
11 Working Waiter
12 Descent Into the Mine
13 Strange Pools
14 The Princess's Garden
16 True or False
17 Electrical Path
18 Hammer the Nail
19 Catch the Duck
20 The Cannonball's Slope
21 Bombings
22 The Cursed Doors
23 Protect the Duck!
24 Toxic Clouds
25 Sailing Across the Lake
26 The Haunted Forest
27 The Chasm's Cave
28 Volcanic Zone
29 Batting Time!
30 The Princess's Kittens
31 Space Invasion
32 Labyrinth
33 Spatial Vortex
34 Parachute Descent
35 Electric Labyrinth
36 Picking Flowers in the Woods
37 Coloured Buttons
38 The Bonus Deposit
39 The Queen's Treasures
40 The Sticks Game
41 Harvesting Plums
42 Mastermind
43 Minesweeper
44 Memory
45 Guess the Number!
46 Store the Dishes
47 Close the Shutoffs
48 Run! Jump! Jump!
49 Killing Mosquitoes
50 The Eel's Haunt
51 The Duck Snapshot
52 Hungry Penguins
53 Dangerous Beach
54 The Bookmark
55 Accompany the Duck!
56 Fire!
57 The Rainbow
58 Rolling Balls
59 Unstable Platforms
60 The Bat's Chasm
61 Diving for Pearls
62 The Jellyfish Bay
63 The Coconut's Beach
64 Perilous Corridor
65 The wasp's lake
66 Buttoned Doors
67 The Stopwatch Corridor
68 The Hedgehog's Path
69 The Mushroom's Path
70 Climb the Trees
71 The Frisbee's Beach
72 Dangerous Frisbees
73 It's Raining Flowers!
74 The Princess's Aquarium
75 Across the Lava
76 The Locked Bonuses
77 The Butterfly's Tree
78 Balloon Popping
79 It's Raining Bonuses!
80 The Maddening House
81 The Hunting Ants
82 The Cursed Place
83 Buoy's Beach
84 Underground Facility
85 Waterworks
86 the Robot's Swimming Pool
87 The Haunted Cemetery
88 The Zombie's Mansion
89 The Diamond Mine
90 The Troll's Enclosure
91 The Troll Snapshot
93 A Race Through the Woods
94 A Race Through the Beach
95 A Race Through the Volcano
96 The Stingray's Pit
97 Labyrinthine Reef
98 Extinguish the Wick
99 Count the Sheep
100 Take the Cows Back!
101 Searching for Pheromones
102 Zombie's Carnage
103 Building a Path
104 The Castle's Windows
105 The Forest's Bonuses
106 The Peaceful Mountain
107 The Windy Peak
108 The Bouncing Ground
109 The Stormy Summit
110 The Fireclouds
111 The Strange Cylinder
112 the Crab's Island
113 Mycological Walk
114 Measuring Trees
115 Railroad Management
116 A Path Across the Cactuses
117 Snake Charmer
118 Pasturing the Camel
119 Salt Unloading
120 The Wells and the Galleries
121 Cut Down the Cactuses!
122 The Polluted Beach
123 Robot Quality Control
124 The Falcon's Snapshot
125 Desert Express
126 Crush the Moles!
127 A Drawing on the Sand
128 Mirages for Bonuses
129 Drip Drop
130 Thirsty Mountain
131 The Pyramid's Doors
132 The Haunted Pyramid
133 The Dragon's Scales
134 The Metallic Welding
135 The Cold River
136 Bonuses on the Ice!
137 A Peaceful Descent
138 Slalom's Descent
139 The Snowball's Road
140 Cut Down the Fir Trees!
141 Transport the Penguin
142 Glacial Lake
143 The Stalactite's Cave
144 The Frozen Mansion
145 Sliding Between the Buoys
146 The Snowflower's Path
147 Polar Bears Hunting
148 Treasure Under the Ice
149 Chased on the Ice!
150 Boreal Forest
151 Making a Giant Snowball
152 The Flying Boat
153 Jumping Penguins
154 The Mountain of Crevasses
155 The Bomb's Lair
156 Destroying Walking Bombs!
157 The Mountainous Gorge
158 Imprisoned Penguins
159 Marking the Road
160 The Castle's Bonuses
161 Butterfly Powder
162 The Princess's Gifts
163 The Polar Beach
164 Road Reparations
165 Catch the Rats!
166 Tree Pruning
167 The Castle's Wall
168 Exercise on Calligraphies
169 The Musical Doors
170 funny bowling
171 The Top of The Skyscrapers
172 Ant Traps
173 The Princess's Letters
174 Aquarium Photographer
175 Crossing a Studio
176 Bonuses on Travelators
177 Destroy the Small Cars!
178 Small Car Driver
179 Road Crossing
180 Count the Cars
181 The Electric Tower
182 The Braille Test
183 The Imprisoned Fish
184 The forgotten cold room
185 Paparazzi's madness
186 Bonuses in the clouds
187 The frisbees of peace
188 Powder recipe
189 Clandestine arena
190 The clocks of the village
191 Bicycle path
192 Beneficial cloud
193 Bridge construction
194 Turn the die
195 Horse jumping
196 The rainbow road
197 Storm on the rainbow
198 The rainbow tower
199 Colored flowers
200 Dew for butterflies
201 The haunted ruins
202 Cannonball throwing
203 The bulls enclosure
204 Crystal rain
205 Hidden palace
206 Commando of cats
207 Numbered slabs
208 Pollination of date palms
209 Bonuses and bulls
210 Crossbow shot
211 Extraterrestrial beach
212 Extraterrestrial volcano
213 Log cut
214 Bonuses on the asteroids!
215 Explode the rocks!
216 Ghost ship
217 Fortune ship
218 Atmosphere analysis
219 Conversion of large distances
220 Circuit cleaning
221 Life under the ice
222 Questions for an astronaut
223 Radiation accident
224 Manual take-off
225 Hyperspace jump
227 Magnetic vortex
229 Small bridge for duck

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2019-02-12 23:05:22

Internal BGT object I think, used for AI?

My tactical battle scripts: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dzsmqv2pgqvu1 … h.zip?dl=1
Currently, one of my favorite games is Trimps.
So I'm the Trimper Trooper!

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2019-02-14 11:23:50


Thank you, I'm glad you like the game. Indeed it can seem strange that the board mode is the original mode of CP but it's the more neglicted one. But justly because of that, it's the oldest part of the CP code and it probably needs a serious rewritting. So I have to find the courage to do it lol, but of course knowing that players like this mode can be an additional motivation.

Usually a bigger deck isn't an advantage. Bigger is your deck, smaller is your chance to have a useful card. So I think that 80 cards is currently a good limit.

I don't think it'll become possible to use a support card on yourself. If you have a completely support deck, you take the risk to become inefficient if you lose your teamates.

@Hayri Tulumcu
The pathfinder is indeed an internal feature of BGT. It's used to find a path in a map. It seems that sometimes this feature crashes the game, like in the cow mini-game for example.

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2019-02-14 15:58:33

Regarding battles, I do believe shift enter could be useful. For example, if you have cards that do some damage, but also increase the stats of the player they are played against, that might be helpful if one of your team has anything up their sleeve which that could be dependent upon.

Concerning board games, it would indeed be awesome if we could see any new updates on those. I used to love playing them, but after a couple of times, I simply lost interest. After I had unlocked all of the boards and gotten familiar with them, they were just all of the same in a way, so I do have some suggestions to improve that situation:
The most obvious thing, of course, is to add new boards. I like the castle board best so far, just because it has the greatest number of different squares to land on, so it gives the player some variety.
Battle could also be implemented. This would make the board game the mode that combines every aspect of the game in one, if you add microgames, which I’ll come to in a moment. However, the rewards of battle might have to be tweaked a little, because increasing one player’s coins by 20 while the other loses that same amount could decide the whole game, or maybe that's just what that mode needs?
As minigames are already a thing, maybe add some squares that have microgames. If you manage to find the ruby, you could get five coins as a reward. Or maybe make the reward for microgames vary, so one time you get five coins, another a gem and yet another a blue crystal, but I actually prefer the other idea, because the latter would make microgames too similar to gift squares, at least when you think of the reward.
Custom board games. Add the ability to unlock custom board games in the rewards room. This could enable players to decide on which mini- or even microgames could come up on a specific board, or it could even go as far as letting the player decide how many squares and which squares are on that board. However, you would have to be careful to limit the amount of how often one particular square could be used, because it wouldn't do to have a 40-square-board consist of 40 gift squares, as it would make getting gems way too easy - maybe five gift squares at maximum?

Errare humanum est!

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2019-02-17 23:57:34

SO I have beaten all the worlds including the space world but I do not see an option to try to unlock mini games. Has this option been removed?

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2019-02-18 00:34:03

No, definitely not. However, make sure that 1 you have 25 gems, and 2 you have at least 100 minigames unlocked.

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2019-02-18 01:38:15

yes, I have more than 100, almost 200 infact. I'll have to see if it shows up when I have 25 gems, but my friend can't see it in the rewards room and I know that he has more than 25.

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2019-02-18 03:04:34

How does the moderator mode work? Pressing control F1 turns it on or off, and pressing control with the number keys randomly moves players around. What else can I do? Also, what does alt F5 and Alt F6 do? They speak numbers.

I'd also like to know how the option to unlock one minigame works. I have 184 games unlocked, and about 30 gems, but the option doesn't appear in the rewards room.

Grab my Adventure at C: stages Right here.
You may access my NVDA Remote, Three-D Velocity, Sound RTS, and Road to Rage servers by using the address christopherw.me. Road to Rage uses the default 6789 port.

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2019-02-18 16:33:53

About moderation, what it does is disable chat and prevents players from switching teams to disallow spam. Pressing ctrl with numbers will randomly make the selected number of teams. For example, pressing ctrl 2 will create 2 teams, 3 is 3 teams and so on. Alt f5 and f6 adjust the pitch shifting when something is behind you. Try it in minigames and you'll see the difference. Ctrl f5 and f6 adjust the pan step.

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2019-02-19 11:30:52

@chris you need to get a win on every world to unlock that option, there's 16 worlds in game currently and you need 20 gems to use the option, it'll bring you a map like the world maps and you go play games that randomly appear and unlock them by reaching 10 points, i think there's 5 games that you can unlock in each try

it's challenge not chalange

2019-02-24 10:20:42

So I'm gonna go ahead and ask a question in here that may or may not have been answered. I've looked, but not exhaustively.

What the hell do the symbol cards do?
Seriously, you use them, and it gives you two new symbol cards in your hand, which are supposed to power up major symbol attacks or...something? But I don't see any such cards. So...what?

I'm just starting to re-earn cards again. Just unlocked the steel gym. It's a pity fire doesn't come before steel, or ground. I'm going to have to do a fire-fighting dealy, I think. Either way, I'm currently working with a sort of grass-fighting deck. Nice work on making grass a little better, BTW; Ent is mean if you set it up properly.
Are there any other improvements I should look out for in, say, the last year? The changelog is quite vague.

Check out my Manamon text walkthrough at the following link:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/z8ls3rc3f4mkb … n.txt?dl=1

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2019-02-24 10:59:34

Hi, as for the symbol cards: One use they have is with the major symbol cards, which are cards like smash symbol, explode symbol or deadly symbol, which get more powerful the more minor symbol cards you have. But I've seen some people use minor symbols as a cheep filler to level up a secondary type, since it's very easy to keep those cards and they are all level 0 in their type so can be used at any time.

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Sometimes I'll go "Bad bar",
But in the end its always bar, ahem beer, ahem bar! beer bar!

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2019-02-24 11:24:23

When using a ground type deck you can also try using earth symbols to power up gravitational wave.

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2019-02-24 15:02:50

i heard something about hardcore cooperative battle
also i'M seeing a wierd thing in the autoconnect menu and its called
*combatEquipe =
what is taht
and if is there a mod like that how can i unlock that one?

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2019-02-24 15:42:17

hi, yes cooperative battle hardcore gives you more cards, and i think that combat equip is team battle.

it's challenge not chalange

2019-02-24 16:03:47

how can we unlock them then

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2019-02-24 16:53:13

That mode is offline exclusively, the fact it is in the auto connect menu is just a bug. Yes, it means team battle with bots, and you need 6 gems and all arenas completed.

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2019-02-24 17:27:29

nah i meean the hardcore mode of that cooperative  BATTLE

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2019-02-24 17:35:06

I know, I answered the other question. There is nothing special about hardcore except that you are battling 1 more bot, and that you need to unlock it from the rewards room. Once you do, you can win more cards.

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2019-02-24 17:51:19

the thing though i dont see that option in the rewards room,

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2019-02-24 18:00:17

Speaking of hardcore, how exactly do you unlock it for minigames? Do you have to have all of the worlds completed before you can unlock it?

You should've gone for the .net ...

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