2016-05-23 00:10:27

For anyone stuck I strongly recomend this

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2016-05-23 01:09:02 (edited by Diego 2016-05-23 01:09:36)

Hello guys!
Congratulations Sam, the game is fantastic!
I have a suggestion:
The possibility to the game detect  automatically  if the screen reader is active. If not, can sapi
to be used.

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2016-05-23 02:56:20

OK, after reading through most of the points here, let me just say a few things. First and foremost, to those of you who say that there is no point to games Like Redspot and RTR except killing isn't exactly accurate. With team play, you can coordinate attacks on enemies and turn it  into a simulated mission system. In mainstream FPS games, you do far more than just kill enemies. You go on hostage rescue missions, capture enemy bases, obtain the opposing team's flag, defuse bombs, and much more. The fact that this game is still in beta seems to be lost on most of you. Secondly, games like Ultrapower that saved a character's inventory over a long period of time became virtually unplayable because of the massive imbalance it inevitably led to. Just as in mainstream FPS games, there is no character leveling system; so if you're not happy with that, play Swamp or STW. Finally, the global sounds are there to add a more realistic aspect to the battle field. In real combat, explosions can be heard from a distance, so this concept has been quite well executed here. the only suggestion I would give Sam is to make them less audible at greater distances.

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2016-05-23 03:00:02

yeah it's not so much the fact that we have the explosive sounds and things, it's just the fact of how loud they are when at huge distances from you. they need to be a bit more directional and volume to distance based. it would also let you home in on a battle field if you can hear in what direction all the explosions are coming from.

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2016-05-23 03:18:12

it would b nice if they were positioned like 3d. i don't really know how to explain it.

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2016-05-23 09:03:11

Hi! I agree with those who think this game should sound more 3D. Yesterday I've tried to play, but it was really hard to understand what was coming from where. Also, can we have a sort of radar to identify walls etc? Just to help new players to figure out better the map instead of getting lost. Thanks

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2016-05-23 10:47:03

I also would like to suggest a radar that can help us ditecting other players and shooting them. Meaning that if the player is in target which is shootable, a radar sound plays. Also those explosion and fighting sounds everywhere are really annoying and confusing.

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2016-05-23 10:55:25 (edited by Slender 2016-05-23 11:00:36)

@57 Yes, I second that. While all the fighting sounds really add a nice war theme, this game is, at this moment, a case of information overload. Bomb sounds, horns, flame throwers coming from every which way, it's hard to know what's what. Am I being shot? What's that thing coming at me? Am I about to die? What's that robot thing? Where is it? Overload, overload is how I'd describe this game at the moment. On the topic of horns, though, they do confuse players who are new; at first I thought someone was sending me a message or something, but it was just a horn. Fun, but confusing at the beginning. In short, it still needs improvement.

Who threw the big green talking wheel? It's been demanding that I find whoever injured it for the past several hours.

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2016-05-23 11:37:27

hi guys.
i have some tthings i will mention now so prepair to read a long post hahaha
first, i like that thing with the 3d sounds, it will make the game more realistic and more fun and intresting to play

that thing with the sounds if a player are near you is a thing i don't like, it's a fps there you have to be careful and if there is a sound when players coming near you it will not be fun to play. the most fun with the game is that you have to be careful so noone don't kill you.
an other thing i want to mention is that some of the keys in the game are stewpid. sorry sam but they are, if you are moving with your errows it's hard to pres p and o all the time. here is my suggestion  how to change it.
make so letter a, s or d show you the players and the tracked player. q and w should be to tern because now the keys are not good at all.
also i didn't get how to avoid rockets all time, anyone know it?
sam, also after you changed that thing with the items. now items stopp beeping sometimes for few seconds and this  is a noying thing when you are trying to picking up a item, if you can fix it it will be greyt.
also the thing with the teams, if someone is in your team you can't hitt them, it should also be greyt if there is a character for those who are in your team if they are near you, for example, *sito is strait in front, so we know that the person is in our team.
keep up your good work sam

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2016-05-23 11:44:17

as for the comment about overload, well, i'll have to admit, that actually makes it more realistic. it's just the fact that you're hearing explosions that are way over on the other side of the map. lol. if i'm in the middle of a battle zone, it's going to be overload. that's war guys. 99% bored, and 1% pure, screaming fear. ahahaha

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2016-05-23 13:51:54

Nibar to avoid rockets jump backwards until the rocket is gone

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2016-05-23 15:18:43 (edited by stargate 2016-05-23 15:21:27)

Hey there Sam.

  I'm really liking the game so far. I wanted to mention a few bugs I've noticed.

1. While in a jet, you can't jump to the beginning or end of the chat buffers.
2. While in a jet, you can go AFK and still control it.
3. While in a jet, you cannot control the game's volume.
4. Also while in a jet, the tracking features don't work.

I also wanted to suggest a change to the key config. I think it'd be cool if we could use shift and arrows to turn, and x and z in place of o and p. I think this would really simplify the key layout and make it much easier to locate players and shoot them.

One more suggestion I just thought of. This one is about AFK people. I'm already seeing people abuse the AFK feature so I tried to think of a way to solve it. I think that in order to activate the AFK timer, there shouldn't be any other players around. If other players are close enough to see the person trying to activate AFK using the p key, the timer shouldn't start. Then once the timer starts, if someone gets close to the player before the three seconds are up, the timer should fail and they shouldn't go AFK. This would make absolutely sure that they're not just typing AFK when they're losing and running until the timer is up. Unless they're able to stay out of range of the other players long enough for the timer to start, they shouldn't be able to go AFK. On second thought, I also think this would be cool in Survive the Wild's PK system.

  Thanks a lot for the game. It's awesome so far even though it's still in beta.

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2016-05-23 15:43:21

So, after playing the game for an hour or so, I will throw my thoughts out here.
The thing with the sounds, well, we have that already, but I also will suggest that they should be directional and should change in volume if they are far away.
Also, either that player near you thing is broken, or everyone stands together and I can't find anyone, at leased I often have problems finding the other players, or maybe I have forgotten something like a keystroke.

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2016-05-23 15:53:58

Been playing since it came out like everyone else and yeah I have a few thoughts too.

1. the game is extremely verbose. I would really like a way to turn off all the messages about someone getting killed. it's too much I don't need to know. When trying to see who is around you or track someone, it is very annoying to continually have it interrupted with a sentence about how someone died. I get it adds flavor to the game, but the ability to turn those off would be nice. if we can't turn them off then an option to have simple messages would be greatly appreciated. so it just says X killed Y, or X killed Y's robot. just who killed who, not a sentence on how they died.

2. Yeah, the sounds, oh the sounds. Everyone keeps saying how on a real battle field you would hear them, yeah of course you would but they would be no where as loud. if someone shoots a rifle from 400+ feet away you are clearly going to hear it, but it isn't going to be as loud as if it was 50 or 20 feet away. and the rocket sounds, yeah those are crazy loud and not much difference from how they sound right next to you vs far away. . Also it is very confusing and a bit much hearing a blood sound every time someone gets hit on the map no matter how far they are away. that wouldn't be heard, and it leaves you constantly thinking you are getting shot. maybe a personal sound you make if you are being hit, either you or your shield; if making it so we don't hear someone getting shot from 500 feet away isn't an option. overall more customization of the sounds would be so much appreciated, if some want them up then turn them up, if you don't then turn them down. also would be nice to get a little ping or tone if we get a kill, some times it is hard to hear the sound someone makes when they die.

3. I was expecting the keyboard layout to be different than STW since STW isn't a straight PVP game. since red spot is, it is perplexing to me as to why the key to see players around you and to track a player is P and O. these need to be pressed by the right hand, and in any pvp game your right hand should be mainly used for movement, so you can track and see who is around you with the left. it is really a pain to have to stop and hit P or O to see people. . The best thing for this would be to add a key config, I don't see why we can't set our own keys, that would make so much more sense. everyone has different preferences and I would think it would be more crucial in this game more than another to be able to customize your keys. The problem isn't just having to use the right hand to track and see players around you, but having to use Q and E to turn. I have wondered why these keys were picked since the release, they don't make any sense to me at all. something like that should be on the home row with the left hand since they are important keys for movement and the home row is naturally where everyone's hand rests. All this could be fixed in one swoop if there was a key config for everyone, then all are happy with their own keys for everything.

4. the rockets. I'd suggest a couple things for these. either they are nerfed, or they are not made to auto aim. I've asked and got 3 different answers on how to avoid them, none of which have worked. as it seems, you can get good, kill people with all weapons, but if they have a rocket just put down a mine and kill yourself before they can cause you are screwed no matter what. If there is an actual way to have a chance of avoiding them that would be nice to know. even though no matter what I personally don't like the idea of something that auto aims in a PVP  game, if there is a known way to get away from a fired rocket that would be nice to know.

5. the team system is completely broken. I had a team with 4 people on it, then suddenly there were 15 people on it and that made the game unplayable cause damn near no one online could be killed. then if you remove people, go offline and come back online all the people are on your team again. also not being able to remove people if they are offline makes it hard to change your team. We need a way to remove ourselves from a team so we can get off one and make or join a different one. Also the ability to name our teams would be nice. then the team affiliation could be shown in the team listing. It would allow for some team wars if two teams want to go after one another. it would add a really cool de mention to the game instead of just running around shooting people.

6. it would be nice if we could track how many kills we have. a number that resets every time we die, and a way to look at that on an in game listing or leader board. so you hit a button and it reads off like the f1 player listing, only in order of most kills since last death. just the name of the player and the amount of kills would be all it requires. would also make people targets who are alive longer and give some action and a competition to see how far people can get. also a related thing, have you thought about kill streak perks like COD has? just tossing that out there if player kills since last death are tracked, the system would be in place for that.

7. The option to have it so when right control is the fire key, left control no longer fires. when you are running around or doing anything your hand is on the right arrows, and because the game is so verbose you need to constantly stop your screen reader from saying stuff. if you it left control that shuts it up but also fires your weapon, this is no good if you have something with limited ammo drawn and you just shot off your last shot or couple shots trying to get your reader to stop going on about how someone was killed.

8. a conformation to exit would be much much appreciated. when the game lags out like it tends to do, if you are in the track a player menu and hit escape twice not knowing it is lagging and trying to get out of the menu, you find yourself exiting the game and losing everything you had collected. I've been the victim of this more than once and it is really frustrating.

9. yeah there's a lot here, but most important for me is the key config, the crazy loud sounds, and the verbosity of the game driving me crazy with stuff I don't need to know.

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2016-05-23 16:01:18

i've found a bug. I was on afk, a claymore exploded, and i lost health. I honestly don't mind the map wide sounds, but some sounds need to be explained for new people and stuff. I, still, can't figure out one map wide sound. Yes, you should be able to turn them off or down, and for those of us who only have a numpad, you should make it so shift page up and shift page down adjust the game volume

stw is a game i play sometimes. If you would like to check it out, go to

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2016-05-23 16:09:10

shouldn't their be something where it helps you find the bridge and other places on the map?

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2016-05-23 16:12:23

Since everyone's talking about the sounds, I'd like to give my thoughts. Like some other people have said, if they were directional it would make a huge difference. It would be cool to hear fire and explosions off in the sitance. I'd prefer that to having them not play at all. Then we could hear the direction of where people are fighting and go join in the fun.

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2016-05-23 16:33:00

can someone explain how the jet works? does it go in the direction i turn?

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2016-05-23 16:55:19

Hello, for starters:
Please read the guide in the articles room. It's really going to help, don't forget to clikc thumbs up when you read it because the guy did a good job describing the weapons and stuff. As other people have said here, please provide an toggle  for  those far weapon sounds and make them dynamic. When I go play this game and quit after 20 minutes, I swair I hear wining in my ears sometimes. Those sounds make hearing information difficult as well.

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2016-05-23 18:57:57

Well Sam, looks like you've got some work ahead of you.  Work on the suggestions put here, and I'll try this game out.  Especially Smoke's suggestions as they all sound really good.  Good luck.

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2016-05-23 19:23:34

Well, I guess he will definately work on those sugestions, please keep in mind that this is still an open beta version, it's the first open beta, so changes will come in the future, I am sure of that.

Hömma, willze watt von mir oder wie, weil wenn nich, dann lass dir mal sagen, laber mir kein Kottlett anne Wange und hömma, wo wir gerade dabei sind, dann iss hier hängen im Schacht, sonns klapp ich dir hier die Fingernägel auf links, datt kannze mir mal glaubn.

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2016-05-23 20:39:17

can someone tell me how to aim at people when i'm in the jet?

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2016-05-23 21:22:06

Having spent some time with the game, I enjoy it more than I thought I would. That being said some things could definitely be improved.

Since a lot of what I think was already said here, I'll just say that, the distant battle sounds definitely need to be worked on. The sounds you're using for distant explosions sound waaaay too close up. If they were more muffled and panned in relation to you they would make for useful orientation aids. I would also work on the keymap, move the tracking keys for nearest player and your selection to Z and X so you don't have to move your hand. Also it would be very nice if the track nearest player key produced a ping just because the messages you get are incredibly verbose. Lastly, I'm not sure how possible this would be but it'd be really nice if the tracking menu was sorted by distance to make picking targets easier.

The Jet isn't as useful as it could be because half the keys don't work, you can't open the tracking menu or even check what direction you're going in. It would actually be really cool if it had a targetting system (just keep beeping if there are visible players near, because as it stands I mostly use it as a means of fast travel because I can't hit anything.

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2016-05-23 21:25:54

Can you please add a speech interrupt feature as well? I cannot track players with sleep mode because other notifications get in the way.

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2016-05-23 21:32:47

Would it be possible to add a robot that we can pilot?

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