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In this article, I will teach you both methods of planet cracking, with the classic planet cracker, and with the new turbograv g51 planet cracker.
Note, the turbograv g51 can perform both methods of planet cracking, while the standard planet cracker is only capable of the old style cracking.
The advantages over this new method is that now, you can quite literally rip out an entire pocket of minerals and receive payment for the contents, where as with your standard planet cracker, you could only withdraw a few minerals at a time.
Let's go over the classic planet cracking.
You will need:
1 mineral scanner,
1 hand held teleporter
First, you will want to grab a planet cracker, they cost 6000000 credits. The acceleration is horrible, so be prepared for that.
Go to bakuan5 to fix that if you want to, or even perform a few upgrades.
Next, head to a valid planet with minerals, something like sinak.
Enter coordinates 600000, 600000, 600000 into your auto pilot console.
Next, make sure auto pilot is indeed engaged by going to your helm console, then select toggle auto pilot. Pressing enter should turn it on, as when you buy most ships, it is turned off.
Now, if you haven't already, undock, and enter speed 5000.
Now, wait. This could take a while, so sit back, relax, maybe chat with players, and eventually you will arrive at sinak.
Once you arrive, wait until the ship comes to a complete stop. Next use the teleportation system to beam down to sinak, but remember to link your hand held teleporter to the ship prior to doing so.
Next, scout around with your mineral scanner. Jot down the places you are told where minerals were found. Then, when your done, beam back to the ship
Now, go up to Engineering and gravity control, and deploy your gravity field generator.
Then, your mineral locations handy, enter them, 1 at a time, into the gravity field stabilizer.
If all goes well, you should receive payment, and you are ready to go at it again. However, if nothing happens, you most likely entered the incorrect coordinates.
When your done, retract your gravity field generator.
And, if all went to plan, congratulations!
Now, the new style of planet cracking, which is exclusive to the turbograv g51 planet crackers.
If you haven't already, go grab one. They are 14000000000 credits. So, yeah. It will take a lot to work your way up there.
You will need:
4 gravity tethers, available on sinak
1 hand held teleporter, if you don't already have it
Next, make your way up to sinak again. When you arrive, beam down, and go buy yourself some gravity tethers, you will need minimum, 4.
I don't really recommend you crack there, so beam back to your ship, go out to deep space, something like triple 25000000.
Then, do a search for planets which can be done from your sensors. If your sensors find one, set your auto pilot to travel there.
When you arrive, survey the planet which can be done from sensors again. You will often get a list of coordinates where minerals are located, and you will be paid for your research.
Next, beam down to the planet, remembering of course to ensure you have a link to the ship with your hand held teleporter.
Now, listen carefully, as things are going to get a bit involved. Go to where minerals are located, and deploy a gravity tether, 1 to the left, 1 to the right, 1 up, and 1 down from the pocket of minerals.
You can do this for as many pockets as you like, provided you actually have enough to complete the process.
Now, head back to your ship and go to the bridge.
Once there, find the gravity generator console and select enter coordinates. This will set the cracking site.
Now, head to deck 10, which is your gravity tether deck. Deploy each tether, in order, from 1 to 4.
Once done, head back to the bridge, and select begin planet crack operations from the gravity generator console.
Your ship will enter the atmosphere of the planet. When your ship arrives at the pocket you set, it will rip it out, and you will be paid in full, the contents of that pocket.
If you have any more places you want to crack, set these from your gravity generator console and re deploy the tethers, on deck 10.
When you are done, and all went to plan, congratulations! You probably just made mega millions!

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