2021-04-05 09:25:13 (edited by SightlessWolf 2021-04-08 12:50:31)

I have figured out how to run empire MUD on windows
This is a simple way and may not be the best way, but it works
please note: you should not get the branch it links you to. THis is outdated and no longer used.
Instead, get the beta-dev branch which is the latest version
download that, and extract it.
Note: for people who don't know, the mnt folder is actually the drives, so you can cd c and b and whatever from the wsl terminal
now, onto the actually getting it running

get wsl, windows subsystem for linux
do this by going to the start menu and typing turn windows features on or off.
When you did that, check the windows subsystem for linux checkbox. And click the next/finish button.
It will get you to restart the computer, do that
Now, go to the microsoft store and download the ubuntu distro for wsl
When it finished, go to cmd and type "ubuntu"
wait for it to finish, it uses a fair bit of disk space
now set up your account and when you are in the terminal,
sudo apt install gcc
if you get errors, do sudo apt-get update
now, sudo apt install make
then, Finally, refer to the empire MUD readme, and install as normal -- congratulations, you have now got your very own empire MUD!

If I forgot to clarify something, which I probably did, since it's late at night, let me know. Also, if there are any faster ways that other people know about that I should be using in stead of this one, post here about them!

My sample packs and resources can be found in the "website" link below this post.
Sightless Wolf, AKA rory-games