2021-03-20 06:53:38

Hi Guys

I'd code this myself, but I'mm a mobile and web dev, and im not that good with games.

I was playing blind cricket the other day, and I imagined an online cricket game, something like real cricket for the sighted. Players could choose teams and play full-on series' or just quick matches. In the summer, the Indian premier league could take place, and players could compete for a prize.

This would not be a game in which there's a requirement of reflexes, more like the BG 20-20 cricket game where strategy is required to manage your team. I know, there's battrick. However, I want to make a non-browser game for the PC or a mobile.

I'm looking for a dev who could help me out in this. I'll provide the sounds and the ideas. I'll also test the whole thing. I would pay you, but I'm a minor and can't do that as of now. Thus, all work will be voluntary. This means that I will not be pressurizing you to take time off to make the game.

Finally, if the game is released, all credit will go to the devs.

If anyone's willing to help, you can write here with your E-Mail addresses.

Thanks in advance!

Well, looks like android's better because of customization.
I'll switch to... Oh wait...
Google just nuked Multifinger gestures on my OnePlus! Mad! Mad! Mad! :(((
I'll just go back to my IPhone then.