2021-02-21 13:42:54

i love both parts of manamon, Eurofly from Štefan Kiss, wordl of war for example, but there is more games I like. I loved road to rage and when I was younger i play alien outback.

2021-02-21 19:21:56

@czechdude you are now unrestricted.

2021-02-23 10:23:22

Hi everyone! My name is Jack and I have just found out about audio games and would love to be a part of this community.

2021-02-23 13:48:51

@jackbonson what types of games would you be interested in trying?

2021-02-24 22:53:17


My name is Randal Bachin. I'm an iOS app developer, currently working on an audio game and interested in recruiting some folks to do some beta testing.

Funderstruck Software


2021-02-25 15:13:58

@RandalBachin you are now unrestricted. I look forward to finding out about your new iOS game!

2021-02-25 19:15:31

Hello. I purchased manamon 2 and would like to complete manapedia by the help of trading with other players but unable to post on the thred due to account restriction. Please let me in. Thanks.

2021-02-25 21:50:38

Hello! I love audio games, they are one of my favorite hobbies
I met audiogames.net through a platform QuentinC's playroom   called    , for there they used to talk about this page, and then I went here

2021-02-26 09:05:08

Hi. My name is Gilbert. I like to play audio games. I am also trying my hand at making youtube gaming videos. Right now, I am working on Manamon game videos. You can see them on my youtube channel which is GilberttheMeow1. When I first made my account in the audiogame.net forums, there was nothing to tell me that I should go here to this topic to introduce myself. Anyway, I finally found this topic so, Hello. Can you please unrestrict me? Thanks.

2021-02-26 13:53:45

@togonon_gemar, @bauticrac, @GilberttheMeow you are now unrestricted.

2021-02-27 15:55:04

hi all!
my name is majid hussain, I am 28 years old and I am blind.
I love playing entoombed, trimps and warsim in any order.
I love tinkering with lap-tops testing out new linux distributions and modding windows.
currently I am on windows 10.
I used to go tandom rideing many moons ago, but moveing to loughborough for a few years put pay to that, and covid has put a cabash on any other planns I may have had.
I love the shannara series a greate fanticy read.
I can be found on twitter should you wish to find me @mhussaincov.
Majid Hussain

Yesterday 04:03:18

Hello My name is christian, or sanctum, my nic name. I would like to partisipate in the forum, and chat like the ohters in diferent topics. thank you

Yesterday 14:43:03

@majid2020 you are now unrestricted.
@Sanctum what games do you like to play?

Yesterday 16:27:28

Hello, my name is altiren, and have been into audio games for a while now. Have been into a lot of text based games, gatewayed threw alter aeon, then things took off from there, currently playing manamon2, and wish to contribute on that front. Not sure if this is still active, I really hope it is. Thanks in advance.

Today 01:24:25

I'm Mumbo, and i develope small games in my spare time. Right now i'm working on an only audio Mahjongg-game. I would like to use this board to get feedback and expand my knowledge about audiogames smile