2021-02-18 13:55:02

so, I know that we can make bootable USB useing programmes, but while trying to make a bootable partition on my hhdd that is connected by an externil sata to USB box it  doesn't even se the hdd's partition. talking about the programme rufus, while the OS itself could read and write from all of the hdd just fine
I do not have a USB drive on the moment because my only one broke, so i'm now only with 2 hdd's that could be connected by USB
anything I could do to bern an OS to a serten partition and boot it?

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2021-02-18 16:51:25

well, you can't just burn an OS to **a partition**, the entire disk must be bootable, the first sector of the disk needs to be changed to contain exactly 512 bytes or so, and to end in 0xaa55, that's the signature for the bios that that device contains bootable code. So, as you realised already, you can either make the entire volume/disk bootable, or not at all, no middleground as far as I know.

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2021-02-18 16:55:47

You can have multiple bootable partitions on one disk but it takes some doing, and I'm not sure how it works anymore.  Essentially you install a boot manager as the bootable partition and then it knows how to find/show you the others on the same disk.

Doing the whole disk as bootable should work fine and if it's not, it's probably the bios not being able to see it and you'l need to poke around in there to find the boot order and/or what devices your computer can boot from.

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