2020-03-26 16:19:59

So I've recently started to play this game.
I just need tips for example what is the use of the barracs? I have barracs at level 2 but don't know how to use them. Could someone help me, please?

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2020-03-26 19:39:17 (edited by Dark 2020-03-26 19:39:49)

I don't remember the barracks specifically, but buildings are used automatically and give generalised bonuses.
As to what to do, the best plan is pick a project and work it out yourself. If you look at the task list for your people, you will told what tasks require what, whilst if you double tap and hold on the various items in the food/tools section you'll be told what you need to make them, btw, this also works on buildings and most everything else in the game too.
Contracts can be helpful,  but beware of disasters.

Also, use teams of people to keep the energy of your population syncronised, and make sure you don't get anyone injured or exhausted since getting them out of hospital can be difficult and costly.

For war, make the best weapons you can, when I last played the battles weren't a major part of the game, just attakc whenever you see the "army is smaller" button, and remember to make and equip people with as many weapons as you can.

In general I don't think there is really a goal to the game other than fulfilling quests and contracts and just seeing how much you can build, but it's very addictive none the less.

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