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Hey, heroes! People have been asking questions about the game titan conquest www.titanconquest.com)
I was hoping that I could write an article to help you all save Earth from the evil titans. This is hopefully helpful, so, lets get started!

creating a hero

    The best way to create a hero, click on the create hero link whenever you first make your account. Select your class, and don’t worry about your region, it doesn’t change anything.

Starting out with your new hero

    First, go to the list of 4 items, and hit explore this area (5 left). Click on that link, and then go down to the a stranger, and do the story. Doing the stories is pretty easy. You’ll have to find out the answers on your own, this will not be a complete walkthrough of the game, just a helpful guide, you know? So do the stories, you can, get items to help you, and we’re about to  get started in battling!

Buying armor

    I would buy armor (from the class vanguard in the acropolis) and buy all the armor you can. It tells you, how much drachma they cost, and what they all give you. If you buy one with 4000 drachma, and then I wouldn’t buy the 2000 drachma of that same armor peace. Don’t worry about buying things from the weapons hop until you need ammo for your special and heavy, I would save up those for memories. If you buy weapons that’s ok, however I find them not worth the drachma for memories.

Battling, finally!

Now, to go attack things and get some items. Go to go somewhere else>earth>geyya vastlands>wherever you wish to go. Whenever you get kills, you get one location point per kill, until you go to higher areas and higher LP stat through gear and cores. You get items and memories for each kill, as well as xp and drachma per hit. Grind out, get some levels, and after a while go to my inventory>use all items. This will give you a lot of xp, drachma, and location points after a while. These location points help you go to higher area in the different planets you can go to.

enemies with shields

Some enemies have shields, where whenever you take its shield off (doing half dammage per attack) and then it gets a bunch more health. These do a lot more dammage, usually, until you get high defence  and you can grind off of them.

enemy teers

Enemies have teers, witch are the roman numerals above the enemy name, such as II, or V. These do mroe dammage, and have that roman numeral times the amount of health and shield, but give a lot mroe xp. I might of already described this, but i might of felt that its something not clear.


You win memeories for battles, and form leveling. They cost a small fee, and can be decoded at the codebreaker. These can give you gear to increase your power. Power goes into its rolls as wel as the deocde rank, witch you get higher by decoded more memories. The memories color depends on how many decode ranks it is, white is one, green is two, blue is three, purple is four, red is five, and yellow is 7 because it's blessed, so i've been told.


Power is just the more damage and defence you can do. There is a power leaderboard, as well as it appears in your heroes list on your profile. This helps you get higher stats on memories decoded until your power hits 20000, in witch it stops effecting it.

clans and gear sets

Clans are helpful. You can join a clan, and for each person in the same area you are, you get +10% XP and drachma per attack, per person. SO if you have 20 people in the same area, its +200% xp and drachma. Clan's have a clan shop, where you can buy a set of gear, with clan marks. You get a clan mark everytime you get a kill, after you join a clan. You can see who's in your clan and join a clannin the navigation menu.

Other shops and what they’re for

There are other shops you might not of visited yet, that can help you out as well. Here are what they are and what they do.
Post master: gives you items for completing missions, being online every hour, and for helping in a community gola/public event. The items you can et follow. Drachma sphere, lp sphere, lp orb, xp orb, drachma orb, lp minisphere, drachma minisphere, lp minisphere, vanguard mark, ancient coin, hp core, xp core, drachma core, attack core, defence core, evade core, crit core, any memory (from public events).
Vanguard quartermaster (unlocked at level 5 or so): can buy very good gear for vanguard marks, witch you can get for completing missions and other thigns in the post aster. I will not list every item listed, as there are many and they change every once and a while, its not often, but I would definitely save them for later.
Shipright: where you can buy lightships and bikes. Lightships can give you access to other planets (have to e unlocked at certain levels, as well as you have to have certain lightships to get other ones, you have to get them in the listed order!) as well as bikes, a peace of gear that can give you an extra perk to your stats while you ride it.
Black commissary (unlocked at level 10, only on Friday through Sunday using ancient coins, hundreds of them, you can buy extremely good items to help you on your quest. Currently only bikes, but it changes every week!
Codebreaker: this is where you decode your memories earned from leveling up and killing enemies. They take 1500 for white, 3750 for green, 15000 for blue, 30000 or so for purple, 100000 for red, and 500000 for yellows (only mount olmpis, level 99 only) all prices are in drachma. The prices go up the higher decode rank that you have in your codebreaker.
Weapon shop: for buying weapons that aren’t very useful, and ammo for special and heavy weapons.
Emblu/limited emblumms: not useful for us
Hero shops: opens a list of hero ran shops that have there own gear they’ve decoded.

Lightships and planets

    Whenever you reach level 15, you can buy a lightship that opens up the world called moon in the go somewhere else page. This area has stronger monsters, and strong titans in some areas. This place requires more LP to go to places than Earth, but gives you more per kill. More lightships exist to take you to different planets, however they become very expensive very quickly. If you want to do bounties, stay on earth for a while. They can give you more XP and drachma, as well as boosters and items to help you. The lightships tell you what items they require, and what level you have to be.


    Boosters are items, that you can buy in the matt/booster shop that give you boosts for a certain number of attacks. You can use, say, a drachma booster and drachma booster II for more of a boost, but if you use say two drachma boosters it won’t double the effect. Boosters have more of an effect, based on your level. The boost is the original (50% for regular, 999% for supers) times twice your level. SO a level 99 using a sup crit booster would get 198*999% added to their  critical stat, which is 1197% added to their  stat. These are not multiplied, but added to the stat associated with them.
The different boosters are below
XP booster: 50% XP or 50 attacks
Defence  booster: +50% defence  for 50 attacks
Drachma booster: +50% drachma for 50 attacks
Sup crit booster: +999% crit perk for 10 attacks
Sup drachma booster: +999% drachma perk for 10 attacks
Attack booster: +50% attack for 50 attacks
Defence booster II: +50% defence for 500 attacks
Drachma booster II: +50% drachma for 500 attacks
XP booster II: 50% XP for 500 attacks
LP booster II: +50% LP for 500 attacks
Attack booster II: +50% attack stat for 500 attacks
Super crit booster II: +999% crit perk for 50 attacks
Ghost cloak: invisibility for 100 attacks, you can’t be hit.
Regenerator: regenerates a small amount of health for 100 attacks.
XP booster III: +50% XP for 2000 attacks
Drachma booster III: +50% drachma for 2000 attacks.
Defence Booster III: +50% defence for 2000 attacks
Attack booster III: +50% attack for 2000 attacks.
Enrage Nullifier: enemies cannot be enraged (deal a lot of extra damage) for 500 attacks

Bazerker  charm: enemy enraged for 500 attacks
Enraged and critical hits
An enemy can go enraged, witch makes it do a lot more damage for a short period of time, unless a charm is activated. This gives you 4 times the drachma and XP per attack while its enraged. Enraged charms and ghost cloaks are a good way to grind later on for titans.

Any final tips that I have for you

Well, I think this is most of the information that you need to get started, and then you can ask any questions in chat or read any other help you might need.
I do, however, have some final tips for you.
•    Get a stack of items, and then use them all at once until level 30 to get levels and drachma quicker
•    Don’t buy weapons, only worry about armor.
•    Don’t sell any memories, decode them for a higher decode rank. This will mean you get higher stats when you decode memories later on.
•    Cratos farm once you reach level 99, so you can get more drachma for mount Olympis and the uNerWorld.
•    Join a clan, and ask them to help you by parking there for a while.
•    Play the game on mobile, and use the website on a pc for chatting. I find this easier, and if you need to do both at the same time, you just ask the developer, firestream if it is ok. He said it was for me, so I’m pretty sure if you ask, he’ll be ok with it. Just don’t abuse it and play on two devices at once!
•    Read the code of conduct, and ask a lot of questions if you have too.
•    Stay on Earth for bounties, witch give you items, boosters, XP, and drachma for completing them. Jus tkill a certain enemy in a certain amount of time, and bam. They reset everyday, and are unlocked at level 20.
•    Don’t worry about buying anything from the black commissary until your level is a lot higher and unless your willing to buy or spend a long time grinding for ancient coins to buy from them.
•    Split tap slowly for easier and quicker attacks on enemies in mobile.
•    Passed level 50, you should be able to participate in public event. They are just really high healthed enemies that everyone attacks. Use your highest attack on them and try to get on the damage leaderboard!

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