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To anyone that has clicked on, hello! My name is Stevie and I'm currently at uni studying games design. I've got a project to design a games console that does something in an interesting new way. My idea was to design a console that caters to people with visual and auditory impairments. As such I'm doing research into ways that has already been done so I'd like to ask the community some questions.

Are there more efficient systems for audio based games, in your experience? If so what are they? If improvements could be made to the current technology what would you suggest?

Thus far I've found one main system that sounds very interesting, which is the Racing Audio Display, but I wonder if anyone here has anything else I can look into.

Any and all replies are appreciated.

Thank you all in advance!

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2020-02-15 12:43:56

I think you would get more responses by posting this question in the "general game discussion" forum'

My sample packs and resources can be found in the "website" link below this post.
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